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You've Got Mail - Part One

Okay folks, I already posted this in Zootopia, but I"d like you opinions as well. I don't think I break any of the rules in this.... I hope you like it. Oh.. and sorry for the Zootopia-centric internet part. I'm sure Bono would like this site as well.

"I thought of you the shower as I washed away the sweat of another day without you, I leaned my face into the spray letting the fall of water cascade down my naked flesh and thought of the mirror beaded with perspiration and the air grew so thick I could scarce take it in I thought of you...while I lathered away the dirt and gently drew the razor up my bared calf and thigh I thought of you...Do you miss me?"

Bono drew back from the computer screen with a sigh...the longer he was on the road the more he longed to see her...these emails she kept sending certainly weren't helping any...and he'd tell her, but then she'd only stop sending them, and the ache they brought would only make their reunion that much sweeter. With a sly smirk on his face he leaned forward once more and hit the reply key....

*one year earlier *

"Bono, you coming?"

The sound of Edge's voice caused Bono to look up momentarily from the computer screen. "Yeah Edge, be right there..."
Edge rolled his eyes and looked at his watch. The last time Bono had said he'd "be right there" he had ended up waiting for another hour at least.

"We have to do the sound check and we need you," Edge tried again, but Bono was already ignoring him, staring at the computer screen intently and then suddenly bursting into laughter as something he read caught his fancy. "What are you doing anyway?" Edge asked, coming around the couch to gaze at the screen.

"It's Zootopia!" Bono said triumphantly. "See, all of our fans gather on this website and post messages. They even have little folders devoted to each of us!" Bono points at his own folder in glee. "See, mine has more posts then yours does...they must like me better."

Edge leaned closer to the screen. "So, what's your screen name then? I mean you aren't using your real name are you?" Bono laughed a little and nodded his head.

"There are so many Bono's on here, they don't know the difference...but every couple of days or so a wild rumour goes around the board that one of us is in here and they all start posting like mad! It's great! Here let me show you!" Bono moves the mouse rapidly across the screen, going through several pages before stopping and leaning back so Edge could get a better look. After scanning a few messages he looks back at the top of the discussion. "Wait a minute! Isn't that you?" He points at the name leading the thread. Bono laughs once more.
"Yeah!" his smile took on an evil glint, "so, sometimes I'm the one that starts the rumours...I really am the man," he gestures grandly at himself, "so who better to spread stories of my own appearance?"

Edge shakes his head at the little man now lounging back on the couch and grinning maniacally. "You're sick man you know that?" Bono laughs once more and quickly logs off the site.

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i got mail yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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