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You've Got Mail Part 5

Okay here's the next bit. Let me know what you think.

Part Five

"….and she works as a secretary in Chicago." Bono finished.

Adam looked up from his paper and stared at Bono who up to this point had been madly pacing the room.

"Oh, I'm sorry, were you still talking?" The little man glared at his friend, but Adam only laughed. "So, you like her I take it?"

"Of course he likes her" Edge piped up from the corner, "he spends every spare minute on that damn computer chatting with her or leaving her little messages…I think someone's in looooove." At this Larry began making little kissey sounds from his perch on the corner of the couch. While Adam grinned into his paper.

"Hey! Watch it!" Bono declared, "she's a nice girl okay? I won't have you goons mocking our relationship." This only made the band laugh harder.

"What relationship?!" Edge gasped, "you don't even know her real name! And what would she do if she found out who you really are? Have you even told her you’re a musician? What does she think you do travelling around all the time?"

"Maybe she thinks you’re a truck driver" Larry suggested.
"Or a bum" Adam piped in.

"Let's leave me bum out of this" Bono muttered.

"Ah, but it's such a fine specimen of the human anatomy" Edge pointed out, "especially encased in that tight leather you seem partial to." Bono half-turned in an effort to better see the anatomy in question.

"Well, when you're right you're right my friend" Bono smirked, "but I told you I don't swing that way, let's keep your little fantasies to yourself huh?" Adam and Larry were by this time giggling uncontrollably as Bono walked up and smacked each of them upside the head.
"Now, if you don't mind, I have someone with a little intelligence waiting to speak with me." Bono turned on his heel and began to stomp out of the room like the primadonna he was sometimes accused of being. His dramatic exit was spoiled however as Edge reached out and pinched his bum as he passed.

"See ya later sweet cheeks!" He called as Bono grabbed his backside in protest, before continuing out the door.

Flipping the light switch in his dressing room, Bono walked over and immediately turned on his laptop. After scanning the latest band news on the U2 website, he clicked the icon and entered Zootopia.


Jessie opened the door of the microwave and removed her now-steaming mug of hot chocolate. As far as she was concerned this was the only way to relax after a stressful day. Mr. Smith had been on her case again about mis-filing his reports. As if she didn't know how to alphabetize! She had a sneaking suspicion that Mr. Smith's little lectures were just an excuse to get her into his office alone. She'd caught him leering at her a couple of times and was beginning to believe that the man might actually go in and mix up his own files just so he could watch her re-file them all.

"Men!" Jessie rolled her eyes, "they're all the same." She walked over to her fishtank and sprinkled a few flakes onto the top of the water. "You wouldn't leer at me would you MacPhisto?" The fish continued sucking in food flakes. "I didn't think so," Jessie continued, "It seems like you and this Bono guy are the only decent males left in this world….speaking of which…" Jessie sat down at her desk and turned on her computer.

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Ooh...getting very interesting...keep it up. .


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I love it! LOL@ adam and edge's comments.........we want more!LOL.
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