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Old 01-16-2004, 06:28 AM   #1
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YAY Dream Bono finally accepted me!!!! And then I got U2 hugs!!

Well I had a couple of dreams in which I tried to get Bono's attention and he always snubbed me as if I wasn't there! However, Edge always acknowledged me. In one dream he played for me, and in another I was at a U2 performance, and Edge came down and led me to a place right in front of where he was playing. So Dream Edge was good!

And then I had this one where U2 were at this big convention thingo I was at recently, and I remember thanking them for coming. I hugged them- Larry and Adam were shirtless!!! And then Bono led me to this house he had in the jungle, and cooked for me (which is difficult because I have a heap of dietary restrictions and allergies etc) and then there was a knock at the door, and I opened, and it was two people who had come to see Adam's daughter (!?) But Bono finally accepted me, I was really stoked, and the Larry hug ooooooooooh

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Yeah, I remember you'd mentioned those dreams on Zootopia. Sounds like you had a really good one this time!

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Nice dream..... strange though about ppl coming to see Adam's daughter.......
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Old 01-16-2004, 02:19 PM   #4
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and oooooooooooo about larry and adam shirtless.....
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Old 01-17-2004, 02:42 AM   #5
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Hehe, cool. .

I've had two more Bono-related dreams within the last couple of days...it's about time. . I already shared one in the recent Leather Day thread, but last night I had a dream in regards to the new album (most likely due to all the chaos here within the last couple of days, LOL). All I remember of it was Bono in the studio, singing and messing around with whatever it is musicians mess around with in the studio...I can't think of the word right now...those boards. It was an ad for the making of their new album...apparently it was going to be shown on T.V.

Unfortunately, the date for it to air was Nov. 8th (not saying they would've still been working on the album then, just that a documentary on the making of it in general would air then). . But then again, that was just a dream, and I don't take much stock in my dreams, since not many of them make sense to begin with, so... However, I did hear a little bit of music from this ad in that dream, and from what I recall, it sounded good. .

So take from that what you will.

That being said, I still have not had a romantic dream about Bono (or any of the other guys). Not a single one. And that kinda makes me mad. Hmph.

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Old 01-17-2004, 09:29 AM   #6
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I want a U2 dream!
"the percentage you're paying is too high priced as you're living beyond all your means, and the man in the suit has just bought a new car from the profits he made on your dreams"
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Old 01-18-2004, 04:08 AM   #7
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i've had u2 dreams...lots of them...
one I remember was where my family and i moved to a french-speaking country (gee this sounds like real life!) and Bono was working for us. (he didnt look like Bono, tho. but it was him. strange how dreams work that way)
anyway, i dreamed i fell in love with him and he said to me "Will you still want me when you turn 18?" Strangely it was around my 18th birthday....
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Old 01-21-2004, 05:53 PM   #8
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Lol that's funny! As if life suddenly gets weird at 18...
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Old 01-24-2004, 06:36 PM   #9
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Originally posted by Sue DeNym
Yeah, I remember you'd mentioned those dreams on Zootopia.
I thought they sounded familiar!

(I remember I used to try to analyze ppl's dreams on there... Ironically not as "dream chaser" but as "burninghalo" )
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dream out loud!

congrats to you AU2n!

Been lucky to have a few romantic, even quite steamy dreams about Bono over the years [usually i get him or Bruce, as far as the sexy R&R men I love from afar, vs people i'm around] The dreams don't last long -but at least they occasionally happen. The first one was around JT times, he was wearing slim black jeans and a snug, sleaveless knit shirt.

But I also get thrilled when I have my U2 concert dreams that me and my real >not dream friends< get to see them perform upclose!

you might say, oh-big deal, just close up concert dreams!

let me tell you why it's so importent to me! I have seen all my favorite Supreme Super-Groups close-up to Very-close up atl east once , usually more! This includes The Who, Bruce Springsteen. This is alsotrue for most of my next favorite level of bands <a lotof bands>, as well. But I & friends have never, ever been able to get excellent or even good seats for U2 never! Not in all the years we've been seeing them [1984] and we've been fans seen 1981!

maybe this upcoming tour will be the one!

huh,you're gonna laugh. I just realized the netcafe radio music was just playing a version of Day Dream Believer!

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