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When Love Comes To Town ...Part 9

Claudia and Ben had walked into their house around 2pm. She hadnt any much sleep the nite before and her mind was clouded with what had happened btw her and Larry.She had this terrible feeling inside her , and she didnt know if she could look at Ben and pretend if everything was ok. She knew that she had to put last nite behind her ,and focus on the day ahead and try to make the time she had with Ben great , and focus on planning his party.Ben looked at her as he made himself more comfortable.

"Babe r u ok?"

*Claudia looked at him*

"Hmmm? Yea ,yea I'm just a lil tired," *She walked over to the couch and sat down, Ben followed her*

"What u've been doing to make u so tired?" *Ben asked as he placed his arms around her*

*Claudia looked at him*

"Oh u know , keeping the house clean ,running around doing stuff, but I promise I wont let the tiredness interrupt what I have planned for u tonite,"* She smiled as she ran her fingers throu his soft hair*

*Ben smiled as he played with her hair*

"Oh????? u have something planned for me tonite? I wonder what that could be my love,"*he gently kissed her neck*

*Claudia looked at him*

"U have no idea what I've come up with ,I mean it's been a while since we've u know....been together and I miss that and being that ur back home for a while I wanna make our first nite together special,"

*Ben brought his face closer to hers*

"I've missed us being together too *he kissed her passionately*

*Claudia looked at him ,remembering the kiss she and Larry shared last nite, she quickly got up and went to pour herself some water*

"U know Ben , I really want us to work this marriage out and I'm willing to do everything I can to save us , but I need u to help me,"*She sipped some water*

*Ben looked at her as she stood at the table*

"I know and I want that too , do u think I actually like leaving u or don't miss u?"


"I dunno ,sometimes I feel like u do ,u pack ur bags every 5 days and head out ,leaving me in this big empty house,"

Ben :-

"It's not like I don't ask u to come sometimes,"

*Claudia looked at him*

"What could I possibly do when ur in a conference room ,or doing business? Go shopping, try out new restaurants?"

"Well ,yea that's what the other wives do, Claudia u don't even like going out with them, so I give up on asking u,"

*Claudia smiled at him*

"U gave up on asking me a lot of things, but don't worry about it because when ur away ,I'm here playing the good wife, which makes me wonder how much of a good husband u play when ur away?"

*Ben looked at her ,trying not to lose it*

"What is that suppose to mean? U think I cheat on u when I'm away?"

"Do u?"

*Ben stood up*

"U know what I'm not even gonna discuss this with u, look we're both tired , I'm gonna go take a shower and go to bed, I really thought we were coming back Claudia ,but u had to ruin it ,"

"I ruined it? all I asked u was a simple question and u cant even give a straight answer, now tell me Ben what am I suppose to think,? It's either a yes or no,"

*Ben pushed his hands into his pockets*

"Is this about Janice? I mean u see her coming out of the same plane with me and that crazy mind of urs begin to work,"

*Claudia looked back at him*

"Well , she has been flirting with u ,she has more than once tried to separate us and now I see u coming out of a plane with her after u said and I quote "That u want to be far away from her as possible," so tell me something Ben did u hook up in the plane or in Australia,"? Because the way she looked at u and the way u were smiling at her ,I would bet $50 dollars that u slept with her,"

*Ben looked at her*

"When would u ever trust me,when would u believe that I love u and noone else, how many times do I have to prove that I want u?"

*Claudia looked back at him*

"When I can really believe that u've changed, Ben ,I'm like ur trophey wife, u show me off to ur friends and use me for ur own pleasures , when would u treat me the way I'm suppose to be treated ,like ur wife ,the love of ur life,"

*Ben walked closer to her*

"Starting now *he grabbed her and kissed her*,"

*Claudia pushed him away from her*

"That's ur ans? U think the best solutions for all hard marriages is making love?"

*Ben looked at her*

"That's twice since u've stopped me from kissing u, it's over isnt it?"

*Claudia looked back at him*

"Not if u want it to be, and I'm getting really frustrated because I am the only one who is making an effort here ,while ur screwing someone else ,that's not fair Ben, how does it make u feel to see what I go throu honestly??I'm hurting inside and u dont even know it,"

*Ben looked at her and hugged her*

"Oh baby I'm so sorry ......I do wanna work things out , I love u and I wanna be with u, let me show u that ,let me love u again, let's be happy how we were the first few mths we got married,"

*Claudia looked at him*

"U think that's possible?"

*Ben looked back at her*

"I dunno ,*he reached into his pocket and pulled out a black box* but I'm willing to give it a try *he got down on one knee* Claudia it would be an honor if u would marry me all over again,"

*Claudia looked at Ben ,unable to speak, unable to move,"

"Ben ...I....I dunno what to say,"

*Ben looked at her*

"Say what ur heart tells u,"

*Claudia looked at him and smiled*

"Then my heart is telling me to say yes," *she smiled*

*Ben smiled as he grabbed her and hugged her and kissed her*

"I love u and I promise u I'd be good to u baby I promise,"

*He lifted her up and took her upstairs*

Would He???????
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