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When Love Comes To Town ....Part 6

It had been one week since Ben was out of town.Claudia was hoping that after all this had died down ,that he would infact change and become a better person, but deep down in her heart she knew that it wouldnt happen.Larry had been spending most of his time at the studio working, not leaving any time aside to do other things. He had been thinking about Claudia and had picked up the phone several times to call her, but knew it wasnt worth it.He also thought about the fact that if he called and her 'husband' picked it up ,there would be trouble and he didnt want to be apart of that.Courtney, Claudia's sister had decided to take her out ,being that she had been in the house to long, so they decided that they would go to see a movie, have dinner then go to check up on Zak to make sure he was staying out of trouble.As they walked in , they could see that the bar was crowded and being that it was a Saturday , that was a perfectly good reason for it, and also being that there was a football game on, a bar was more likely to pull in more fans than anything else. Zak was standing behind the bar table looking up at the game when the two ladies distracted him.

"Hey tall , balled and sexy, game going good?" Claudia said as she sat down on one of the stools.

*Zak took his eyes off the game, realizing that it was Claudia and Courtney whom he had eyes for, he began to smile*

"Well hello there strangers ,thought u 2 forgot about me," *he leaned in closer to them*

*Courtney sat there looking at his built body*

"Who would? U've been working out a lot since the last time I saw u," *she smiled as she felt one of his arms*


"Well being that the last time I saw u and u were impressed by the way I looked , I thought if I worked out more I might get a second date *he winked*

*Claudia looked at the two of them, not pleased that she was kept out of their secret date*

"The two of u went on a date and didnt tell me?"

*Courtney looked at her smiling*

"It wasnt like we planned it or anything, I was in the mall ,he was in the mall , we bounced up and decided to have dinner, come on sis u know I tell u everything, and besides u were busy with Ben,"

Claudia :-

"Oh so me being busy with Ben prevented u from telling me that u went out with Zak? The next thing u guys would tell me is that u got married," *she sipped the beer than Zak had poured out for them both*

*Zak looked at Courtney as he held her hand*

"Hmmmm there's a good idea, u and I married.....doing stuff," *he winked*

*Courtney laughed*

"Ur crazy, besides we gotta know each other more before we get married,"

Zak :-

"So is that an answer to my second date proposal?"

"Maybe, *she winked at him*

*Claudia sat there looking at the two of them*

"From the first time Ben and I met, and when I introduced u to Zak I knew something was gonna happen ,but being how bloody slow the both of u r... lord knows how long we're gonna have to wait until the two of u actually hook up," *she laughed out*

*Courtney and Zak joined in*

"So how is the jackass anyway? He had "business" to take care of?"* Zak asked*

*Claudia looked at him*

"It's funny how u and Ben talk about each other, he said he's willing to change after this month is over and how he wants to end this ugliness btw u too,"

"Ha! *Zak replied* we'll see .....it would take a miracle to change that bastard, I warned u about him before u got married, ur to harden,"

"I'm not harden ,I fell in love with him, he wasnt like how he is now u know, maybe it was just a cover up, *she looked at him* I'm this close to ending this marriage with him Zak , this close,"

*Courtney looked at her sister*

"Claudia, u have to do what u think is right......I told u that before, the man treats u like if he's ur master and ur his dog, he hardly let's u leave the house, he keeps talking about mom and dad, if I was u, I would have done kicked his ass out,"

"I know....but,"
*Zak interrupted her*

"U've been married to him for 3 yrs now sis in law..... and it hurts me to see the way he takes advantage of u, and don't give me that ur in love with him crap because u and I both know ur not. If u wanna waste another 3 yrs with him being not happy, living like crap go a head I'm not telling u what to do,ur a good woman. I mean we're brothers and look how he acts with me.

*Meanwhile Larry walks up to the bar ,with a girl , hand in hand*

"Hey Zak......how bout another round,"

*Courtney looks at the man and seeing who it was ,she went crazy*

"Omg..... it's ...it's....*she kept hitting Claudia to get her attention*

*Claudia finally gave up and turned around to see who she was talking about*

"Larry Mullen Jr *her face brightened up*

*Larry looked at her not believing that he was seeing her again ,after all this time thinking of her*

"Well...Well, thought u went into hiding or something,"

Claudia kept staring at him ,not even noticing that he had someone with him:-

"No....I ummm I've been busy,"

*Zak came back with the drinks*

"Oh no...... guys please no fighting or bad words tonite,"

*Larry and Claudia laughed*

"Nah man... it's cool *he looked at her* isnt it?"

"Yea....it's all good,"

*Courtney interuppted them*

"Wait a min.... the two of u know each other,"?

*Claudia smiled ....*

"A lil"

Courtney :-

"U know Larry Mullen Jr and u didnt tell me?"

Claudia looked back at her sister:-

"U and Zak r dating and u didnt tell me, *she smiled*

*Claudia looked at Larry*

"Larry this is my sister Courtney, Courtney this is Larry ,drummer of u2, I should warn u thou Larry ,she's an Edge girl,"*she smirked*

*Courtney looked at him as she shaked his hands*

"That's nothing Larry..... before she didnt like u one bit *she smiled back at Claudia*

*The girl feeling a lil left out of introductions cleared her throat aloud as to make herself known*

"Larry looked at her*

"Oh.... this is Alex, she's a friend of mine,"

*The girls looked at her ,not liking the fact that she was there with him ,but still shook her hand in respect to Larry*

Courtney :-

"Ummmm I need to go to the ladies room ,to much beer *she laughed* I'll be back soon ,don't go anywhere Larry we need to talk *she smiled at him*

*Zak laughed as he followed her*

"I'm gonna go help ur sister......," *he winked at Claudia, George would fix ur drinks up Lars"

*Just as they left, Alex phone rang*

"Oh I gotta take this ,I'll be right back *she kissed Larry on his lips then walked out*

*Larry stood there looking at her*

"Clean ur drool up ,it's all over u," *Claudia interuppted him*

*Claudia looked at him surprised*

"Excuse me?????? why would I be jealous of her?

Larry smiled at her:-

"I dunno u tell me?

"I'm not jealous alright ,and u should know why,"Claudia replied*

*Larry took up her glass of beer and sipped some*

"Because ur married.... yea yea I know...u don't have to tell me everytime we somehow meet up to each other,"

*Claudia grabbed the glass out of his hand*

"Correct *she looked at him* it's kind weird isnt it ?"

*Larry looked at her*

"What is?"


"The fact that after that day we hung out together ,I thought that I would never see u again , not...not that I wanted too , and not hearing from u..... not that I wanted u to call or anything, here we r,"

Larry :-

"Well ...my my ....sweetheart have u been thinking about me?" *he grinned*

Claudia looked at him as she gulped down some of her drink :-

"Hmmm???? no.... well, yes I didnt hear from u so I thought that something was wrong,"

*Larry smiled and grabbed her into his arms holding her tight*

"Awwwwwww honey , it's alright I'm fine and it's ok.....," *he looked at her as he cleared away the strands of hair that were in her eyes* I've been thinking about u as well,"

*Claudia sat there looking at Larry ,wondering if he was a madman in disguise*

"U have? Why?"
*Larry still standing close to her*

"Because eventhough I've known u for a short time , I feel like we have this bond with each other and.... believe it or not.... I'm beginning to like u..... *he looked at her* as a friend ofcourse,"

"Wow *Claudia replied* I thought I was mad for feeling the same thing..... u know liking u as a friend ....and don't think I'm really mad or something but.....after all the fun we had that day, I kinda missed that... u know fun,"

*Larry looked at her*

"So then u agree that I'm a fun person?"

Claudia :-

"Yes u r," *she smiled* Mr. Mullen..."

*Larry smiled*

"Ur cute in some ways u know....... specially when u say "Mr.Mullen" very sexy,"

Claudia :-

"Well.... ur friend /date wont be to happy if she found u this close to me and I gotta get going," *she stood up with them very close to each other* where the hell is Courtney?"

Larry :-

"Ur going home to Ben?"

Claudia looked back at him:-

"He isnt back yet...... he's ...coming back on Wednesday,"

*Larry looked at her*

"I see...... *soon after Courtney and Zak came back *

"Where have the two of u been," *Claudia asked*

Zak :-

"Talking...... *he winked at Courtney*

Claudia looked at him :-

"Right....well *she grabbed Courtney* we gotta go,"

Zak laughed :-

"Alright.....I'll come hang out with u before the assole comes back *he kissed her then Courtney*

Claudia :-

"K cool *she looked at Larry* I'm sure we'll see each other again*she smiled at him*

*Larry hugged her*

"I'm sure we will *he then looked at Courtney and hugged her* reach home safe,"

Courtney :-

"We will," *they walked out ,while being admired by both Zak and Larry*

"Damnnn ," *Zak replied*

"Dammmmnnnn 2," *Larry added*

*Soon after Alex came back in and they went about their business*

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