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When Love Comes To Town ....Part 5

It was about 2:00pm when Larry and Claudia left the bike show. They had been there from since 11 and was amazed at the different bikes that they had seen. For the first time in a long time, Claudia had really enjoyed herself and she felt free. Ben couldnt make it ,as he had to go to Australia on business ,which made the day a lot easier for Larry. He knew that she was married ,and knew he wasnt the type to come btw a marriage , but spending the day with Claudia ,made him realize that she was a really nice person ,despite her grumpiness and hoped that in the long run they could become friends.Being at the bike show all day made them hungry,so Larry had insisted they go to this Italin restaurant that had the best seafood pasta. They grabbed the nearest seat and sat down.

"So , from that smile of urs I can tell that u had a wonderful time," *Larry said smiling*

"Oh yea definately ,I cant tell u the last time I had so much fun like that ,and who knew u were the wild type ," *Claudia laughed*

"Hey ,what is that suppose to mean? I wild.....and I know how to have fun, I'm not always this grumpy person ppl say I am,"*Larry replied*

*Claudia smiled at him ,staring into his handsome face*

"Oh believe me, I know about that,"

"So... u don't go out much ," *Larry asked*

*Claudia sipped on some water the waitress had brought*

"Well ... not really , I mean I have friends but they r to stock up for me, they go to high class affairs,while I mostly like to stay at home and do stuff or ride my bike,"

*Larry looked at her , taking in her beauty*

"Oh I see....sounds like me, I'm a home guy , but when I'm ready to have fun ,I have fun ,no what I mean,"

*Claudia laughed*

"I could imagine,"

*Larry picked up a bread stick from the basket and began nibbling on it*

"So mind if I ask u a question?"

*Claudia looked at him *

"What type of question,"?
*Larry looked at her*


*Claudia looked at him*

"Come on..... what type of question,"?

Larry :-

"Don't worry about it, u might throw this glass of water on me if I did anyway,"

"Look I'm not that ferocious, only time I'm like that is when it's that time of the month or I'm not in the mood for any crap,"*Claudia replied as she sipped her water some more*

*Larry looked at her*

"So if I asked u what I was gonna ask u ,u wont smack me, throw water on me ,or yell at me,"?

*Claudia leaned closer to him ,their faces meeting up to each other*

"Well maybe if u ask me what u were thinking of asking me and depends on if I like the question or not I would or wouldnt ,but don't worry , it wouldnt be nice of me to be rude to u," *she smiled as she kept her face towards his*

*Larry's heart began to beat hard against his chest ,her perfume tingling in his nostrils , his eyes staring into hers*

"Ur a beautiful ,sexy woman ...very spicy I might add," *he smiled*

*Claudia laughed *


Larry :-

"Yes...... u know how to get what u want and how to drive a man nuts, I can tell,"

*Claudia looked at him surprised*

"How can u tell that?"

"U got Ben to let u come with me didnt u? I mean he told me that he never let u go out with any other guy but him, is that true?"

*Claudia looked at him*

"He told u that? Well actually.....I don't have to have his permission to go out..... especially if I'm going out with a male, so there's ur answer,"

*Larry sat there listening to her*

"Ok..... next question.... how did u and Ben meet and how do u go on with him leaving u all the time to go other places,"?

*Claudia smiled at him*

"Very curious rnt u Larry, first of all that's two questions , how did Ben and I meet? Let's see....I was at this charity function and he was the organizer for it, after the function was over , we started talking and that same weekend he and I went out on our first date and here we r now, *she looked at her ring* married, first 2 yrs was like heaven for us ,then everything went crashing down *she looked at him* ur next ans, his father is the owner of the company he manages so I knew that when I became his wife that he would be in and out and I got use to it, it's lonely but hey......what am I gonna do?"

*Larry sat there listening to her*

"Wow..... well atleast u understood , but ur a diff kind of girl to be with a manager for a company ,u like bikes and u like ur freedom , I guess different types attract huh?" *he looked at her *

Claudia :-

"Maybe so...... so Mr. Mullen... what about u???? got any girlfriends?,"

*Larry looked at her*

"No.... no girlfriends, I think the single life is best,"

*Claudia looked at him surprised*

"Liar..... come on ur a drummer for the best band in the entire world , girls scream ur name out during concerts and practically go crazy when ur showing off ur muscular chest, ur telling me u don't have any girlfriends?"

*Larry laughed at her reply*

"It's true..... I dunno I just cant find the right girl u know, I was dating someone but after a while she got tired of the famous life, one nite I got home,she was waiting for me with her bags packed, said she was tired of being in the spot light, I guess Adam and I have something in common,"

*Claudia looked at him*

"Hey...don't give up ,she's out there ,prolly waiting for the right time ,to come and say that she's inlove with u , I mean love is so crazy , u meet someone and for the first few months ur crazy in love with that person, but then , it begins to fade away and u get frustrated because u don't know what went wrong, u and Adam r great guys and love will come knocking on ur door ,sometime,"

*Larry studied her face, listening to the words that came out of her mouth*

"Maybe it will , or maybe love is waiting to rescue the person that's frustrated, *he kept looking at her*so do u scream out my name too?"

*Claudia looked at him shocked*


"U said girls scream my name out during a concert,*he smiled evilly* do u scream my name out too?"

*Claudia smirked*

"Nah.... most of the time I'm either staring at Adam or Edge on either side of the stage, or drooling over Bono wishing he would pick me to be on stage with him, ur to much in the back , why would I look for u when I already have three sexy men in the front, gaining my attention,"

*Larry threw a breadstick towards her*

"That's not funny! I'm way more sexier than the other guys ,u wanna see my chest to prove it to u?"

Claudia :-

"Oh please Larry that chicken chest?????? *she looked at him laughing* seriously.... u don't have to show me ur chest.... althou I would like to see it in person , I have 3 pictures with ur shirt buttoned down..... u look good,"

Larry looked at her :-

"Just good????? Or real damn hot and sexy?"


"Say it!,"

*Claudia looked at him*

"Or else what???? u'd make me walk home?" *she continued laughing*

*Larry got up holding a glass of water over her*

"Dont u dare me....because I will ,u know I've been planning this for a long time now," *he grinned*

*Claudia looked up at him knowing that he would indeed spill the water over her*

"Larry Mullen Jr..... u spill that water over me and I swear.....*she took the melted butter they had up* I will spread this all over u,"

*Larry grinned as he let 2 drops of water fall on her*


*Claudia looked at him*

"Big mistake man," *she got up and poured some of the butter on his shirt*

*Larry looked at the butter mark on his shirt ,then looked at her*

"Ur gonna be sorry...... *he grabbed her hands and poured the water all over her *

*Claudia stood there surprised ,luckily where they sat ,hardly anyone noticed what was going on*

"Larry......... I'm soaking wet, all I did was just leave a hand print on ur shirt,"

Larry smiled :-

"Yes! *he felt pleased* that's for the times u were mean to me,and the time u threw ur club soda on me, *he went back to his sit ,Claudia still standing there* So....shall we order now?"

*Claudia looked at him as if he was mad*

"Ur crazy..... u expect me to sit with my wet clothes and eat?"

*Larry looked at her*

"Well...... I gotta admit...u do look good with ur clothes clinging onto u, *he winked* if ur cold.... I could warm u up ,"

*Claudia looked at him and shaked her head*

"I'm gonna go to the ladies room to see if I could dry off, I'm having the same thing u have, and dont try to do anything with me food, I'm watching u,"

*Larry laughed as he watched her leave*

"Ur watching me ,in the bathroom?"*he yelled out*

*Soon after the waiter came and Larry ordered for two*

*Leave comments ladies, I tried to make this chapter a lil exciting*

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oh Larry's quite naughty,but i like it! I like it a lot!!!
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