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When Love Comes To Town...Part 3

It was about 8:00pm when Ben had walked into the house.Claudia was in the kitchen cutting up some vegetables to cook ,when she heard the door close.She wiped her hands, and walked out into the living room ,knowing that it had to be him.As she made her way, Ben had received a call.Standing there ,she listened to him as he talked to his client.

"Another business call,"? *Claudia asked him as she watched him closed his cell*

"Yea *he looked at her* seems like I'm gonna have to be flying out again soon*

*Claudia looked at him*

"Ben u just got here......u've been out for a week and we hardly spend anytime together ,cant u just ask them for some time off,"

"Claudia! ...*he snapped* u know this job is important to me ,how do u expect me to provide for our future ...for our children? I just cant ask for some time off,"

*Claudia stood there listening to him*

"So ur job is more important than me? Seriously Ben I don't think we can start a family when ur hardly here,"

"Look ...don't start this.... not tonite ,right now all I want is for us to have a romantic nite , come on baby , how about we start making our first child right now,"? *he walked closer to her and started kissing her*

*Claudia pushed him away from her, wiping the kisses that he placed on her neck*

"I'm not in the mood....u turned me off,"

*Ben looked at her and started laughing*

"U know .....if it wasnt for me , u wouldnt have the things u have, if it wasnt for me, u would have no one in ur life..... seems u forget sometimes honey , I took u in when noone else wanted u so u better be a good wife ,other wise I would leave u just the way ur family left u, no...*he looked at her* I mean.... u have no way out , ur stuck with me baby.... always,"

*Claudia looked at him, her body shaking from the words that she heard*

"U don't own me , the first time I met u , u weren't a bastard like u r now,what happened to u Ben? What happened to us?"

*Ben walked closer to her ,smiling ,he gently touched her hair*

I woke up ,and became a man , to provide for u , and to make sure u never leave me,"

*Claudia looked at him angrily*

"And where did u read in our marriage certificate that I am never to leave u, u have this new thing mixed up in that crazy ass mind of urs ,thinking that u can own me and my body, but let me tell u something noone owns me, I am my own person and for ur information I don't need ur money, I have enough to take care of myself,"

*Ben laughed at her again in her face*

"What money?name the last time ur parents spoke to u Claudia? I'm waiting *he looked at her*if I was to walk out on u right now , u wouldnt know which way to look ,ur place is here ,in my life and at home, which brings me to my next question..... *he blocked her from trying to escape* I heard u've been visiting my brother, didnt I tell u to stay away from him?"

*Claudia looked at him ,her eyes staring into his*

"Why??? because he's a bartender , because he disappointed u and ur father by not becoming a manager for his company or is it because ur afraid that I might sleep with him,"?

*Ben looked at her with total anger ,he could feel his body burning up with vexation*

"Did u ? Did u make love to him in our bed?"

*Claudia looked at him*

"I'm not like u Ben , unlike u I'm faithful , I bet when ur away , u call up one of ur whores, need I call out two of their names for u? And second of all u should be ashamed of the way u talk about ur brother ,he's a good man and he's blood Ben ,life is to short for u to be carrying on the way that u do,"

*Ben looked at her ,then shook his head*

"Zak made the wrong turn in his life not me, he could be making lots more than he's making now,"

"Oh so because ur making more money than him , that's makes u better? Ur making money come btw u and ur brother and u and me, that's so stupid ,anyone u tell that to would think ur an ass,"*Claudia replied*


"Maybe I'm an ass..... but I'm not the one who struggles to pay for my apartment every freaking month and I'm not the one who was disowned by my parents,"

Claudia :-

"Do u feel proud of the way u talk to me? The woman who u claim u love?

*Ben looked at her*

"U push me to talk to u that way , but I cant be mad at u forever,which reminds me I have a surprise for u,"*he smiled*

*Claudia smiled at him*

"That's just like u....... we fight and the best solution is either u seducing me or buying me something,"

*Ben looked at her as he kissed her*

"Look, I didnt mean to say those things to u, the last thing I want is to hurt u , but I know this would make u happy ,infact we gotta get to bed early, in order to be there for ur present tomrrow," *he winked at her*

"I dont want to go anywhere tomrrow , and I think it's best if we slept away from each other tonite,"

*Ben looked at her *

"Alright..... if u want to sleep alone, fine ,but please promise me that u'll go with me tomrrow ,please baby ,this would make u very happy,"

"The only thing u could ever do to make me happy is for u to change , and make amends with ur brother," *Claudia replied*

Ben :-

"This marriage is important to me , ur important to me and I'm willing to do anything u ask me too , if u do this for me,"

*Claudia rolled her eyes*

"Alright..... whatever ,I gotta go finish making dinner,"

*Ben stopped her*

"I love u ....I do *he kissed her*

*Claudia looked at him*

"So u say," *then went back into the kitchen*

Hmmm I wonder what the surprise is!!!!!!! any guesses???????? ladies????


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has to be u2tickets hehehehee... we know she has to bump into larry again.. right?

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or Larry naked! well we canall hope!!
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