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When It Looks Like There'll Be No Tomorrow pt 2

I'm sorry it took so long for me to update this but i've had so much school work this past week i haven't had any time to write. I'll try to get the next part up faster.

disclaimer: fiction, that's why it's in the fan fiction section


I kept awake the entire trip. I don’t know if Edge did, we didn’t talk. I guess there was nothing really to talk about since we’d only make ourselves more paranoid by speculating on what was going to happen. Suddenly the truck jolts to a halt and the back doors a thrown open.

I try to fight my captors, but one of them had the ingenious idea of shinning a bright light in my eyes so that I can’t even see them.

I’m thrown unceremoniously to the ground and a thud a second later makes me believe that Edge has just received the same treatment.

“What the fuck do you want?” I snap, managing to force my head up off the ground.

“Shut up, fag,” one of them says forcing my face into the dirt.

I twist around enough so that I can speak without getting a mouthful of sand. “What the hell do you want anyway?”

“Faggot, you don’t deserve the right to speak,” one of them says coldly, kicking me in the shoulder. “Hell is the only proper place for sinners like you.”

‘Great,’ I think ‘I just found a religious freak who wants to make me pay for standing up for gay rights’.

Out loud I say, “I’m not gay.”

“Sure,” says another voice. “Tell us another one.”

“I’m not, and if you had any sense you’d know that.”

My face is forced back into the ground, and I wind up with a mouthful of sand and gravel. Deciding that since I’m already eating the ground there’s no point in trying to avoid it I continue talking;

“You wont get away with this you know…”

“And what are you going to do,” one of them sneers. “The deserts a big place, it’ll take them a while to find you.”

“You’re underestimating the reaction when they find out we’re missing.”

“You’re overestimating the importance of you and your boyfriend.”

“He’s not my boyfriend…”

Someone laughs cutting me off, “Sure, tell us another one. I just hope you both don’t enjoy this too much.”

It takes me a moment to realise what he’s just implied, then I panic. Forgetting that I’m being held to the ground by a couple guys much bigger then my 5’8” frame I try to fight my way out.

“You know that studies show that males who participate in gang rapes do it because they’d rather be fucking one another but would never admit it.”

I’m surprised at how calm Edge sounds, I don’t even trust myself to speak for fear of my voice cracking and making me sound like I’m 12 again.

* * * * *


Edge is gone when I wake up, that’s odd because normally if he’s not still asleep I can hear him moving around. My insides go cold when I realise that the other side of the bed doesn’t look like it’s been slept in. Getting up I look around for a clue as to where he went. I vaguely remember Daryl asking Edge if he can have a word with him last night jest before I went to sleep so I phone Daryl’s room but get no answer. Knowing that if he hasn’t answered he’s not there I get dressed and make my way down to the hotel restaurant where the rest of the band is having breakfast.

Not only has the band not seen Daryl – they assumed he’d just been still sleeping – but neither has anyone involved in the gay rights rally that he was supposed to be speaking at today.

“People just don’t disappear off the face of the earth,” Daryl’s girlfriend, Stacy, says to me. She’d come down to support Daryl today, having just arrived this morning, and is more worried then I am about his disappearance.

I have to agree, there’s to many signs that they should both still be here, and yet they’re not. My worry only increases when one of the rally organizers reports that there’s a very anti gay rights group here that they’d expected to cause trouble, especially for Daryl because he’s so famous.

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Hope your following weeks will be less intense

Can't wait for the next chapter!!

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ditto! :-D
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