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When It Looks Like There’ll Be No Tomorrow pt 4

To answer ur question from the last post Mucca my modem actually got fried in a lightning strike at the begining of the summer then i was busy with work and my family went on vactation for a few weeks so I never got around to updating even though I wrote the next couple parts while we were waiting for the new modem.

To everyone else who may not be familar with this story (I should have mentiond this last time ) this story is a sequel to my stories Opening Act and This Aint a Love Song which you could find eaither a few pages back on this forum or at my web site www.theghostwriter.tk and this story makes a lot more sense if you've read the first two.

Disclaimer: fiction, that's why it's in the fan fiction forum.

Part 4:

There’s still no word on Daryl or Edge when I leave for my appointment for the pregnancy check. The police have gotten involved – at the request of Daryl’s bodyguard Kyle – and everyone seems to be in agreement that something’s happened to him because of his role in the rally today.

By the time the appointments over I almost feel sick to my stomach. Daryl was right and I am pregnant and not only do I have to come up with a way to break that news to Edge but I have to find out what happened to him and Daryl. I’m on my way back to the hotel trying to decide what to do when my phone rings.


“Beth Vickers? This is police chief Durnaro we need you to stop by the station at the earliest possible convenience to identify something.”

‘At least he said something and not someone,’ I think as I tell him to expect me in a few minutes and hang up.

The object I’m supposed to identify is Daryl’s glasses, which I know he doesn’t go anywhere without, due to the fact he can’t see.

“Where did you get these?” I ask in surprise upon seeing them.

“A couple blocks down from the hotel. Some local residents heard what sounded like a quick fight last night, around midnight, and this morning one of them found these on the sidewalk.”

“What happened?”

“Hard to say. Currently we’re looking into a couple groups who’ve been trying to stop this rally from taking place. The theory is they could have kidnapped Daryl in order to stop the rally, and if you husband was with him he could have easily been taken as well to eliminate witnesses.”

It all makes sense to me, and at least gives us a direction to pursue; I just have to hope that it’s not too late.


We’ve been walking for close to three hours now following the tracks left by the truck. Actually Edge is following the tracks, I’m just following him. Beth’s been to her appointment by now and I wonder if I’m right about her being pregnant.

Swiping a hand across my forehead to keep the sweat from dripping into my eyes I say to Edge, “What I wouldn’t give for a canteen of water right now.”

He glances back over his shoulder at me. “While you’re wishing for things, wish for a GPS to help get us out of here.”

“That wouldn’t do us any good, we’d need a close enough reception tower. I know because my cell phone doesn’t work out here.”

“You have your cell phone?”

“Not right now. I had it with me yesterday when we drove through the desert and it just said no signal.”

Edge grunts. “Well then I’d just settle for an old fashioned map and compass.”

“My brother has a compass built into his watch because he goes hiking all the time, I laughed at him when I first saw it but now it think it would be useful.”

“We’d need to know where we are first.”

I’m about to reply when a bussing sound fills the air and we both stop dead. Looking in the direction of the sound we see it’s being generated by the tail of a rattlesnake sitting on a rock a couple feet away from Edge.

“Hold very still,” I say to him.

He gives a shaky laugh. “And what exactly do you plan to do?”

“I’m going to swing my belt at it, and while it goes after my belt I drop it and we both run like hell.”

“That’s not much of a plan.”

“Do you have a better idea?”

He doesn’t reply and I slowly and quietly remove my belt. “Ready?”

Edge nods and I swing the buckle end of my belt at the snake thinking if I’m lucky I’ll hit it. Edge takes off and I sprint after him using one hand to hold up my pants. Hey, there’s a reason I wear a belt in the first place, but if removing it means the difference between having one of my friends bitten by a snake and me having my pants around my ankles I’ll sacrifice a bit of dignity.

We finally stop running, after a few hundred meters, and stand there panting.

“We shouldn’t have run so far,” Edge says. “Now we probably won’t be able to find the track again.”

“A lot of good that comment does us now.”

Edge looks at me. “Are you’re pants going to fall down without you’re belt on?”


He laughs and hands me his belt. “Some of us actually buy pants that fit.”
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