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When It Looks Like There’ll Be No Tomorrow pt 3

disclaimer: all a figment of my imagination.


“Daryl…Daryl,” the voice sounds very far away.

“Daryl,” this time it’s louder and more instant and I’m vaguely aware of a hot light beating down on me.

“Daryl, wake up.”

“Go away,” I mumble and my throat feels raw.

“Daryl.” The voice is stern and I slowly become away of a gritty substance coating a bunch of my skin.

Slowly opening my eyes I see Edge leaning over me, and the sun glaring over his shoulder. Last nights events come back to me in a rush and I roll onto my side curling into a ball with my arms over my head. I hurt in places I hadn’t thought could hurt and at the moment my stomachs rebelling and I have a sinking feeling that I’m going to be sick any second.

“Daryl, get up.”

“Fuck off.” Okay, maybe that wasn’t the best choice of words under the circumstances.

Edge sighs and grabs me by the arm in an attempt to pull me into a sitting position and my stomach decides that right now would be a good time to get rid of its contents. After I’m finished vomiting I remain on my knees with my head down and eyes squeezed shut tight shaking and unable to stop.

“Daryl,” Edge says softly. “Calm down. We have to get moving or else we’ll be killed by the heat out here in the desert.”

“Don’t care.”


“I’d rather be dead.”

He snorts. “Well I can leave you here and you can get your wish, or you could get up and come with me. It’s your choice.”

I’ve stopped shaking. Truthfully I don’t want to be left here, I don’t even like the thought of being left here, but I’m not sure I can find the strength to get up and walk for a long time in hopes of rescue.

“Wouldn’t it just be better to stay in one place?”

“No one knows we’re missing yet. And when they find out later today they wont know to look out here. If we follow the trucks tire tracks we can get back to the road then we just have to hope someone comes along to pick us up.”

Slowly I raise my head and look around. Desert in every direction, not even another landmark that I can see. I don’t have my glasses on but I have a feeling I wouldn’t see anything even if I did, and that’s a depressing thought.

“We’re going to walk for miles in the middle of the desert without any water?” I ask incredulously.

“Unless you have a better idea.”

“Maybe we should just stay here.”

“It would accomplish the same thing as walking by the time they find us, if they ever find us. The way I see it is we have a better chance of getting ourselves rescued by walking to the road then just sitting here hoping for rescue.”

I don’t like it but I get up and follow him anyway. “You know Beth will look for you as soon as she finds out you’re missing.” I look at my watch and see it’s just after 8 o’clock so Beth’s probably up already. “I bet she’s looking for you now.”

“Nice thought, but she probably wouldn’t get worried about me that fast.”

“You didn’t see her last time you went missing.”

“She doesn’t know where we are. And I think she could prove something had happened to us in enough time to get a search and rescue team out here.”

I give up arguing with him since his minds already made up and save my energy for walking.

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Oh Daryl

I'll be looking forward to reading what happens next!

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write the next bit PRONTO! it is really good!
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