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When It Looks Like There’ll Be No Tomorrow pt 1

I’m trying something different this time, most of this story will be from Daryl’s point of view with some of Beth’s placed in from time to time, I’ll clearly mark when the point of view switches. For those of you who found that into confusing read my storied Opening Act and This Aint a Love Song before reading this one.

Disclaimer: fiction because last time i checked i'm not a guy named Daryl.


I’m probably the last person anyone would have thought to become a spokesperson for gay rights. Hell if you’d told me I’d be one a couple years ago I would have laughed you back to where ever you came from. But that was before I found out my brother, Jake, was gay. It took him just over 30 years to figure it out and tell us, though it does explain why he’s never really dated girls.

I had arrived home for Christmas, we always spent Christmas at mom’s, having just come off a stressful few weeks of touring due to the fact that someone had been trying to kill Beth’s boyfriend, The Edge. We caught the guy and Beth and Edge were able to get married, so I could slink off home and rest. Then my brother showed up with his boyfriend and announced that he was gay, had known it for a while but had been to frightened of our reactions to tell us.

Now I’m not a homophobe, I’ve never been one, so other then being kind of surprised I was relatively okay with this. However I started really following all the gay rights stuff, and a lot of the prejudice really started to bother me, especially since it was now directed at my brother.

“So speak out against it, if it bothers you so much,” Beth had said to me when I’d mentioned it to her.

I’d been hesitant at first, after all I’d always been the one who rolled my eyes at Bono when he went on about ‘The Africa Issue’ as I liked to call it. But a few months after discovering my brother was gay I was just as heavily involved in gay rights stuff as he was in Africa stuff.

I’m lucky that I have a girlfriend who believes in equality for everyone as much as I do because she came with me whenever I had to make a speech, which dispelled any rumours that I was gay. I think it did some good to have a straight rock star acting as the spokesman for gay rights, it made people pay a little more attention anyway.

But purely for the fact that I had been such a huge spokesman for gay rights for the past year is what got me into this mess in the first place. Actually it got both Edge and I into this mess, I always seem to drag other people into the middle of what should be just my problems.

It had all started when I’d pulled Edge out for a word about Beth. Normally I stay out of what happens between them, after all they’re married so it’s not really my business even if Beth is my best friend. But Beth hadn’t been feeling well lately and I’d assumed it was because she was pregnant and she told me not to jump to conclusions, after all she was on the birth control pill and I’m a guy so what do I know about being pregnant? However I’d bugged her about it enough for her to book an appointment to get a pregnancy check, which is tomorrow, but she hadn’t told Edge. The reason, they hadn’t discussed kids beyond Beth mentioning that she wasn’t interested in having any. In any case I thought that was a poor reason for not telling Edge so I thought I’d warn him what was happening and that’s how we ended up in this mess.

“Edge, can I have a word with you?” I had asked. Beth had just gone in too bed and we were still up, though he was planning to go in and join her shortly.

He’d looked at me questioningly when I’d beckoned him outside combining my trip to the corner store to get gum with the discussion I felt was necessary.

“You’re starting to worry me,” he’d commented as we walked away from the hotel in silence.

“It’s about Beth,” I’d said shortly. “You’ve probably noticed that she hasn’t been feeling great and, well, I’d had a theory that it was because she was pregnant so she’s going for a pregnancy check tomorrow, at my insistence, but didn’t want to tell you. I, however, thought you should know.”

Edge looked shocked. “Why didn’t she want me to know?”

I shrugged. “I think because you guys hadn’t talked about kids and she’d displayed no interest in them she’s worried about your reaction.”

“I’d love kids, I just hadn’t said anything because I thought she didn’t want any.”

“Don’t tell me, tell her. She was the one who was worried after all.”

“Why would she be worried? It’s not like I’d be upset. After all I did play a part in getting her pregnant.”

I slammed my hands over my ears. “I took biology so I know how it works thank you very much, so spare me the details.”

Edge laughed and it was that moment that I noticed the shadows moving in around us. Kyle (my security guard) had warned me against going anywhere unprotected here, and for the first time I remembered it. But by then it had been too late, a group of eight or nine guys jumped us and forced us into the back of a small truck. Which is where we are now as they drive us out into the desert and for the first time in a long while I feel really uneasy.

* * *
so what does everyone think so far?

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Very interesting...very interesting, indeed.

I'll be looking for more soon.

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Ya, I like it. Can't wait to see what happens.
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Very cool how the story is told in Daryl's perspective. It sounds very interesting!

Looking forward to reading the next chapter
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