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When It Looks Like There’ll Be No Tomorrow Epilogue

Disclaimer: pure fiction


A few months later and we’ve just started our studio session for our next album. The first song we’re recording, which also looks like it’s going to be the title track for the album, is a song I wrote while sitting in the hospital twiddling my thumbs and wishing the doctors would say it was okay for me to leave. When I wrote it I was trying to capture what it felt like to be trapped out in the desert and having to face your worst fears. But partially it’s also about what it’s like to be in a situation that causes you to discus those fears with someone else, even if that person’s not someone you’d normally talk to about anything close to that serious. The song’s called ‘When It Looks Like There’ll Be No Tomorrow’ and I’d like the title to double as the album title because a lot of the album follows in that sort of theme.

The average person having gone through the same experience as I did would go into therapy, I write songs, always have. After all it’s better then taking drugs to try to forget the shit you’re going through, which is why I started writing songs in the first place. But that’s a whole other story.

As for the guys who kidnapped Edge and I in the first place they get to spend the next couple years in prison to think about what they did. I think if they ended up being the bitches of the other inmates it would be a bit of poetic justice. I’ve never discussed what happened with Edge despite the fact that we’ve become much closer friends since the “desert thing”, as I like to call it. We just don’t talk about what happened out there, don’t even want to. I write songs about it and he pours everything into his guitar playing, for us that’s better then any kind of therapy.

Today my session in the studio got cut short when I received the news that Beth had gone into labour a week early. So currently I’m the one sitting next to her in the hospital since Edge has to finish playing a show in Germany before flying over here and we don’t know if he’ll make it in time.

“You okay?” I ask Beth for what must be the thousandth time.

“Sure,” her voice sounds strained. “I just hope this little guy decides to wait a little while longer for Edge to get here.”

I smile a little and run a hand through my hair before I start twisting my wedding ring around my finger.

“I see you have a new nervous habit.” Beth says. “And you’ve only had that thing for three weeks.”

I manage a small shrug and a smile.

Beth winces before saying. “I don’t think he’s going to wait for Edge.”

As if on cue there’s the sound of pounding feet in the hall and seconds later Edge skids through the door.

I stand up. “Just in time.”

“Thank goodness,” he gasps.

I chuckle before leaving to find a drinking fountain. I think this whole ordeal’s been harder on me then it has on Beth, which is something I’m going to have to remember if Stacy and I ever decide to have kids.

“You’re not staying in there with her?” a nurse asks me.

“Naw. Her husbands there now so I don’t need to be.”

The nurse looks surprised. “If you’re not her husband, then what are you doing here.”

“I’m a friend providing moral support just in case her husband wasn’t able to make it all the way from Germany in time.”

“Normally it’s not a male friend who comes.”

I grin. “Well you can hardly call any of us normal.” I let her stew on that while I walk over to the window to wait for the news.

Twenty minutes later I’m called back in to get a chance to hold my godson, Blair.

“Hey little guy,” I say to him wondering if I was honestly ever this small. He blinks up at me then comes close to punching me in the nose as he tries to grab my glasses.

“Whoa, you can’t have those, I need them to see. I’ll give you lots of stuff to play with later though.”

“You planning on spoiling him already?” Beth asks.

“Of course, that’s what I have millions of dollars for. After all, it’s his parents that are the responsible one’s in charge of teaching him everything. But I’m his godfather so I’m supposed to spoil him rotten and teach him how to get into all kinds of trouble.”

“I’m beginning to think that he might not have been a better choice then Bono,” Edge says dryly.

“Very funny,” I say handing Blair back to Beth and rubbing a hand over the kids fuzzy hair. Then looking at Edge I comment; “Well he certainly didn’t get his head of hair from you.”

“Quiet, or I might actually punch you.”

I just laugh.


Well I hope everyone liked this fic, I might not write another for a while due to the fact that I've just started University so I will be very busy but anyone who is interseted in reading any more of my writing feel free to drop by my fiction site www.theghostwriter.tk where all my U2 fics as well as many others are archived.

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I just started Uni too! It's my second week and it's been absolutely nuts! Anyways great story. I really enjoyed reading it!
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