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wink What Are You Looking For 5

Here you go guys! Sorry it took so long and sorry it might seem like kind of a tease....all will make sense soon enough....

"Wait a minute! Let me see if I got this straight...You got on stage with Bono and damn near made out with him in front of thousands of people and you didn't go back stage even though the crew member told you that you were welcome to?! What is wrong with you, Kay?"

Kay blushed as she waited for all the giggles around her to die down before weakly attempting to defend herself. Her story had already reached epic proportions throughout Thompson Hospital and already Kay regretted sharing any of it.

"What was I supposed to do guys? I didn't almost make out with him...he seemed to change his mind about that, remember? For goodness's sake, it's all part of the show anyways....he does that kind of thing everynight. I didn't see any reason to go backstage and be acting like a crazed fan just because he gave me a twirl around the stage."

As the nurses around her all fluttered with their counter arguments, Kay found her mind wandering. What she hadn't told them, any of them, is what Bono had whispered to her as she was leaving. Kay could still remember the tickle of his warm breath on her ear as he said, I'm glad you liked the flowers....

Or at least that's what Kay thought he said, she really wasn't sure since it was so loud....Get a grip Kay,she thought to herself, that wasn't what he said, you only wish he did.

Kay closed her eyes and strained to remember everything. She remembered how delicatley he had fixed the flower in her hair and how teasingly his fingers danced across her lips.....Stop, Kay thought to herself sternly,It was just a dance, and here you are acting like little schoolgirl with a crush.

"Well one thing is for sure," One of the nurses joked, wagging a finger at Kay. "You are crazy to have not gone backstage and you are definetly crazy to be here on your day off!"

"I promised Zach I would come visit him." Kay said quietly, reaching for the plastic bag by her hand. She had remembered to bring him a shirt from the concert but mostly she wanted to stop by and give the boy some company.

"You dote on the boy far too much, Kay. You shouldn't be so attached to someone so sick." Mrs. Lovis piped in, peering through her glasses up at the crowd buzzing around her station.

Kay's jaw clenched and she felt a surge of anger. Almost maternal. There was an immediate hush from all the women standing around.

"When I look at him, " Kay said slowy and evenly so her words would be understood. "I don't see AIDS. I see a boy. A wonderful boy who deserves love probably more than anyone of us here do."

"Oh geez...Kay I didn't mean it like that...Kay!"

Kay had already turned around and was walking quickly toward Room 24.


"You got it! Thanks, Miss Kay!"

With the little 6 year old's arms thrown around Kay's neck, any and all thoughts of the earlier unpleasantness was dissolved. Kay hugged Zach back, trying to squeeze firmly but not too hard on the boy's frail body.

"You're welcome, Zach. I'm glad you like it." Kay held the shirt up again for him to see. It was too big for him but it was the smallest size available. Black with the white ZOOTV astronaut stenciled on.

As Kay placed the shirt next to Zach's pillow, she saw the teddy bear. It was a caramel brown with a bright red bow around it's neck and large dark brown eyes. Kay touched the soft fur. Suddenly, Kay had a thought....

"Hey Zach, do you remember the name of the man who gave you this teddy bear?" Kay asked, placing the bear in the boy's lap.

Zach held his chin in his hand and furrowed his small brow, in the dramatic way children do when they are trying to show they are thinking hard. After a long pause, he slowly shook his head.

Kay leaned back in her chair and looked out the window. Oh well,she thought, it was just an idea. Still, deep down, Kay felt a pang of dissapointment...she had wanted to hear a name. One name in particular.

A knock came on the door and Kay looked up. It was one of the shift nurses, coming to take Zach to the play area of the pediatric unit....

Kay hugged Zach and said her goodbyes, watching him pad down the hallway with the other nurse. Right before rounding the corner Zach turned around and waved to Kay. Kay smiled and waved back.

Kay turned into the room and realized it was slightly messy. She decided she would tidy it up for Zach before he got back. She began with the bed, pulling down the sheets to adjust the fitted one underneath and fluffing the small pillow.

"Excuse me, " Came a voice from the hallway, "I'm in need of a nurse."

"Sorry, not on duty. "Kay replied, without turning around. "I'm not the one who can help you. The triage desk is down the hall."

"I'm afraid you are the only one who can help me." The voice seemed to take on a playful, almost teasing tone. "You see, it's your fault I'm ill."

"Oh really, how is that?" Kay impatiently turned around. It was unfortunatley not uncommon to have distraught fathers of pediatric patients occassionaly throw passes at nurses in the unit...Kay was not in the mood to have to fend some sleazeball off.

Kay gasped as soon as her eyes caught up with her brain at the sight in front of her. There, leaning against the doorway, with a wicked grin was Bono. He had a hooded sweatshirt pulled tightly over his head but thick tufted curls of black hair peeked out around the large dark sunglasses...but it was unmistakeably Bono. Kay could feel her heart pounding in her chest and her mouth felt as dry as the Sahara. She could only stare as Bono slowly pushed off the doorframe and walked into the room with a deliberate catlike fluid motion. He stopped just in front of Kay and she instantly smelt that same pungent, masculine scent. That same scent that Kay had been desperate to reexperience, the same warmth she had inwardly craved since the time she was pressed up against that body.... Kay reached for the dresser beside her to steady herself, hoping her shaking wasn't noticable.

"After you blew me off the other night, " Bono began, dramaticly taking off his shades and looking straight at Kay. "I have been nothing but heartsick."

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Squeeeeeeeeeee!!!! I don't really have anything more profound to say. I'm just excited to see another chapter. And it was really good!!!
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Originally posted by Lady Val
Squeeeeeeeeeee!!!! I don't really have anything more profound to say.
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Wow, that was fucking good!!
Can i say that?
Well screw it , it was really fucking brilliant!!
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