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What A Holiday- Chapter Two

Hey, this is the second chapter obviously. You should probably read Chapter One first though.

Title: What a Holiday

Chapter Two:

The burning sun was shining through Maddy’s hotel window as she rolled over. Her eyes were half open but a pain was thumping in her head. She had the worst headache.
She tossed the blankets off and made her way to the kitchen. Grabbing a few tablets and water she made her way back to bed. After having the tablets she turned on the TV. Another music show. She tossed the remote and decided to just watch the show.

The Song ‘Vertigo’ came on and all of sudden flashbacks of taking to Bono went through her mind. She remembered looking deep into his blue eyes.
“It must have been a dream.” she said to herself. She felt confused but decided to ask the people at the desk if they had seen her last night. Once she was ready she slowly made her way down the stairs and to the front desk.
“ Hello There, How May I Help you?” Said the young man who looked no older than 25.
“Umm Hi, I was wondering if you knew who was working at the counter last night?” she said curiously.
“Probably Billie Love, Why do you ask?” he said shuffling through some papers.
“Well, this will sound stupid but I was drunk last night and I think Bono might have helped me to my room and...”She said looking at the boys facial expression expecting him to start laughing.
“And he left his… watch in my room and I wanted to give it back.” She said saying the first thing that popped into her head though still confused at how straight his face was.
“Oh, Well im not really aloud to give out these details but umm” said the boy stuttering.
“His going to be here at about 6 for Dinner so maybe wait around here then” he said giving her a wink.
“Oh Thank you so much” She said smiling.

She quickly left the hotel and decided to explore the city. There were people everywhere. She found a nice little shop and tried on some outfits. At 3:30PM she made her way back to the hotel. She got ready and slipped into one of her new outfits. She let hair out and looked at the clock.
“Oh My God!” she screamed. It was 5:05PM. She knew she wasn’t late by much but she didn’t want to miss him. She put on her shoes and made her way downstairs.
Once downstairs she looked around. She couldn’t see him in sight so decided to just sit down and fixed her makeup. After about 20 minutes she heard laughter coming from the other side of the room. There was a tall man casually dressed and a shorter man with a purple shirt and black pants. She knew straight away that the shorter man was Bono.

She kept glancing over at him until finally she caught his eyes dazing over at her. She gave her a wave and she smiled and waved back. After a few minutes she realized he was crossing the room coming towards her. Her heart started beating fast and she felt light headed.
“Hey Darl” he said grinning.
“H...H...Hello” she said smiling back.
“So…how did you sleep?” he said breaking the awkward silence.
“Good thanks...umm I wanted to ask you actually what happened? I remember you being in my room and then looking in your eyes but that its.” She said talking really fast.
“Well..” he said looking all shy.
“You fell over and I ran to your side and then you put your lips on mine and I kissed you and then I helped you onto the couch and…”he said looking at the floor.
“Then I pulled away and you were smiling and then you started closing your eyes so I thought you were falling asleep. So I put you on the bed and left.” He said now looking at my face.
“Whoa” She said speechless. She couldn’t believe he kissed her and She didn’t even remember it.
“So you’re all dressed up” he said smiling again.
“Are you meeting someone here?” he said looking deep into her eyes.
“Umm well…yes but he couldn’t make it so yeah” she said saying anything random.
“Oh, Alright…Well since your date cancelled do you want to maybe go have a drink or something?” he asked grinning.
She didn’t know what to say. She was being asked on a date with bono. She wanted to scream of course I do.
“Umm…im sure ill be able to fit that in” she said hoping She didn’t sound to happy.
“Great” he said.
“I’ll meet you down here in half an hour…I just need to clear a few things with a few people” he said.
she quickly walked back to the stairs. Once She knew she was out of view she started screaming and laughing.
“I Got a Date with Bono!!” she yelled in a tune at the top of my lungs. she felt so childish but she didn’t care. She was on a date with BONO!!!

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Cute story Lozy and well written too

Welcome to Interference

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The Fly
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I like this story, very cute please post more soon
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