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The Fly
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Is it possible for a tart to find love with a vagabond heart?

The 10 year old boy crawled out from under his bed. It was quite now. The screaming had abated. He had heard a loud thunderous explosion that sounded very much like his fathers shot gun. Only much, much louder. But as he opened hIs bedroom door he now heard new sounds. There were frantic voices coming from every direction. He made his way down the carpeted stairs. But nothing could prepare him for what he would soon witness. In the center of the living room his father lay face up on the couch, covered with blood! Or was it his father? he could not comprehend for sure, every thing came out of focus. It was his father, and he was naked. His arm, the effect of sudden rigormortis, pointing staight up , cursing with the last remenents of life that still evaded the inevitable. His father was a fighter, a rogue who never gave in to conformity. who had theories that may have contradicted with society and dislocated him from society, but none-the-less condensed to create the greatest being ever to assume human shape. At least that was how the young boy, 'Clayton', saw his father. He wondered if he would be accepted into heavan? He wondered if God knew him as well as he did? the light bulb was turned off or shattered, he did not know, but he did know that a light in his heart would never - ever be turned on again! There was a village of police and fire men surrounding his father, no-one noticed him as he took the last step of the staircase and approached his father. He felt as if his heart had been displaced in a jail cell and the key had been thrown away. Clayton looked at his father, he thought that this might be a nightmare, and he would wake up and find his father cooking breakfast. . . . but someone grabbed his arm and he suddenly jolted from his heart into the dreary reality of his mind. It was true, his father was dead!. . . . "Clayton. . . Clayton dear, don't look my dear." His neighbor, an elderly white haired women was covering his eyes. Clayton felt cold. He spun around while everyone else stood like statues, his eyes began to decieve him. He vomited all over his neighbor. He felt as thought he were falling from a 50 story building! He could feel the wind in his face, he could not stop the decent, but then he never really tried to. The ground disappeared and he was floating on the time-space continuem. he didn't know what was happening to him, he only knew that he could and would not go on! He vomited again! and then everything went blank and he blacked out before he even hit the ground!


to be continued-----

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War Child
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Very intriguing.
I wanna see where this is going.
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