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The Fly
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Untitled (so far)

OK this is my first fanfic I thought I would try. It’s set in when the band just started.
None of this is true.


Bono walk up the flight of stairs towards Lynn’s apartment she was sick again. Bono knocked on the door while juggling Lynn and his homework. Her Dad answered the door.
“Hello Paul how’s it going? Staying out of trouble I hope.” Lynn’s Dad (Ellis) asked
“Always am. I got Lynn’s school things is she taking visitors?”
“Go on she always like’s to talk you know that.” Ellis said went to the kitchen to put on the kettle. Lynn and Bono had been friends since he could remember. They were neighbors till Lynn’s Mom died and Lynn and her dad moved into apartment.
Bono knocked on her door.
“Come on in.” She hollered. Bono walked in with her books and set them on her desk.
“Yeah know you should get an award for most days sick.’ Bono said and gave Lynn a lopsided grin.
“Hey that wouldn’t be so bad. So what happened in the school today and fights any one break up?” She asked always ready for gossiping Bono pulled up a chair towards her bed.
“Well nothing really happened just same old same old, besides some guy named Jeremy got caught cheating that’s about it.” Bono said
“Ah no fun when I around.” Lynn pouted then laughed and started coughing and wheezing.
“Jeez what do you have?” Bono asked
“Nothing just nothing so when’s your next gig?”
“OH tomorrow at Bailey’s pub if you’re feeling better you should go? I can call Ali and tell her to pick you up. Bono said
“Yeah I’d like to go. Lynn said she looked really tired
“I better go I talk to you tomorrow.” Bono said
“Tell every one I said hi and I promise I’ll come tomorrow.” Lynn said Bono left as he walked down the street. He looked up and saw Lynn waving out her window. He waved back and started walking home again.
Lynn’s dad walked in and poured some tea. Lynn had a sad look on her face.
“You didn’t tell him did you?” Ellis asked she shook her head. Ellis pulled Lynn’s blonde hair back and kissed her forehead.
“You’ll have to tell him sometime.” HE said
‘I know but I don’t want him to hurt.” Lynn said.

Sorry if its boring it my first story.

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The Fly
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I gonna stop writing this one. i gonna keep writing the onter one.

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War Child
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Nooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! I like this!!!
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The Fly
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ok just i'll give this story another try
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