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U2 Transcript on Chris Evans Radio

OK i won't lie, it took me a little while to do this during the intermissions at my work, so I really hope you all enjoy it and get a kick out of it as I did. Thanks to Mrs.Edge who burned me the interview in the first place

I'm not sure of the date- 2000 some time last year and excuse all the spelling mistakes and a couple things I paraphrased and inserted ... - not on U2ers talking but on Chris. Oh yeah C = Chris Evans, host. John = Chris's raio sidekick. Q = question from caller. You should be able to get the rest
Chris Evans Breakfast Show

U2 coming to you right now...


C: morning everyone

B: you have to come on the road. make that noise again.

C: (choo hooo- like laser guns) if you're missing a drummer i'll just... (makes noise again)

John: Larry, he's not happy about that (laughter)

B: he's already got a few problems w/ the concept of drum machines

C: Welcome everybody, first of all is Adam parking the car?

E: he is.

B: he's ambling. he's taking his roller's gent in the band very seriously these days, and i think
he might have parked the car and then gone to feed the pigeons. he'll be here shortly.

C: we're going live to one our favorite restaurants in london, good morning aldo!

Man: good morning!

B: Bon Journo! it's Bono-journo

C: He's waiting in his restaurant to cook you anything you want to eat, anything at
all. he's got loads of stuff in his kitchen, but he doesn't know what you want. He
can make you absolutely anything. So what do you fancy?

B: I'll go for beans on toast. (laughter)

Man: Ohhh my God! (groaning)


C: anything you'd like Bono? Anything at all?

B: what i'd like this morning is uh i'd like an omlet, and i'd like it with the wild mushroom

C: You haven't got beans on toast have you?

Man: No

E: and you call yourself a restaurant.

C: would you like anything larry? He does the best fish, the best meat, any kind of
pasta, ravoli, anything.

L: You're just gonna have to give me a minute just to uh, think about it, b/c two
hands, two legs, brain engaging, it's all a little too much.

C: it's too early?

E: it's a lot to take in here.

B: It's a drummer thing. (laughter)

John: Here's Adam actually

C: Good morning Adam

A: good morning Chris

C: car parked allright is it?

A: yeah it was a bath shower problem.

C: see, they've even got baths and showers in the cars, u2. unbelievable. What's nice about this morning it's nice to have a great band plugging a great album.

B: we're selling our wares.

C: You can have great band with allright albums or allright bands w/ great albums, but a great band with a great album is unbelievable. It doesn't happen that often anymore does it?

E: that's true.

B: i personally come from a long live of travelling salesman on my mother's side. i
actually don't mind selling our wares. it's like i'm really enjoing it b/c we haven't done this in a while, but we're really sort of shaking our booty on this one.

C: you are?

B: yeah

C: I was gonna say- Do you think you're plugging this album enough?

B: well you tell me- if it goes to number 2, then the answer is no.

C: is it b/c you're partically proud of this?

L: it seems like the right time to glass knot-

B: meeting the people.

L: it's that kind of record, you know.

John: how disappointed would you be if it didn't go to number 1? Would you be really gutted?

C: No! don't ask them that! john, we're supposed to keep them happy!

John: no, i know it will but- would you be really disappointed?

e: yeah. yeah.

(squeaking feedback)

John: allright adam, they're working, those headphones.


C: you said bono on an interview i saw on CNN yesterday, you have been all over the world talking about this, actually i think she came to you, the lovely lady of CNN

b; you said _to_ me

C; yes (laugh) you said you want to write some songs you can recognize over the road.

b: yeah melody, tunes, i mean we wanted to make an album w/ just tunes. we love getting off into the ether and pushing at the envelope and all that, but at a certain point in time, what bands do best is to make songs that you want to get out of bed in the morning, rather than under the bed, or back in the bed

C: well back into bed isn't a bad thing

B: well the smooching thing, we've done the smooching thing, passengers.

L: I want to go back to bed. (whimpering)

C: We're terribly sorry about this Larry, we didn't mean to drag you out of bed, but it is a breakfast show. we've got to be on in the morning.

L: I didn't realize there was anything to this live live stuff, i thought everything was prerecorded.

C: Well it is... well we've got a guitar here, i've written a couple of songs, don't be like that Bono, we've got some melodies and i've got my naomi cambell poem which you made fun of earlier. Our sports guy bert the roofer is coming in today, to ask you some question, my mom's going to be on the phone asking you questions- it's abig deal man, don't scoff!

B: we have to write a tune called Bert the roofer?

C: yeah before the end of the show-

B: great (chants) Bert the Roofer, bert the roofer, bert, the roofer

C: ok it's ready steady rock, that's what we're doing.

B: ok.

C: We've got a quiz for the band, if it gets dull, to liven things up, it probably will, to be honest.

B: play the guitar, pass us the guitar there - that is a beauty that is, that's a gibson, it's an
everly, but i think it's a copy, like everything on this program aweee... it is a
copy, isn't it? is that real? That's very expensive then.

C: well be careful with it then will ya?

E: well you gave it to Bono!

B: (strumming & crooning) well it's morning time, Chris Evans on radio...


C: so this question is for the edge, from the email, "on NRJ, french radio, you mentioned that there's some really great irish cheese out there. (laughter) is there any particular brand of irish cheese i should look for?"


B: you're listening to it! (LAUGHTER) that's the edge singing. (stuck fades in and out)

E: you want an actual answer? Calvita woudl be mine- ti comes in little triangles in a little round

C: they do tend to don't they?

E: yeah it's great stuff

A: they don't fit the bread though (laughter)

Q: can you ask them if any of them have read Harry Potter? if they haven't then tell
them to.

L: i bought it for Edge for his birthday so if you haven't read it edge, i'll be very upset

E: Uh, sorry Larry i haven't as yet. i haven't finished the enlightened one you bought me last year.

C: have you dipped into it at all?

A: no i haven't yet.

Q: i was wondering if Larry and Adam also had nicknames.

L: nicknames, no no we didn't nicknames, em i like to think it's because we didn't have
anything, em, like extreme...

E: he's lying, he's actually lying.

C: come on edge, what was his nickname?

B: well adam's known to his family friends and just about everyone just as "fart"

C: is that right?


A: No.


A; absolute lie. no truth at all.

B: no, it's sparky thats what we call him.

Q: is it true, adam, when you went to school you were so annoyed w/ your education
there that you bought the house next to it so you could annoy them?

J: he didn't hear - he doesn't have his headphones on

C: did you hear that Adam?

A: No. (chuckles)

C: Well will you put your headphones on please? you know how these things work! Now, would you repeat the question please? it was a beautifully put question so good luck with the second shot at it.

B: you were asked to leave Columbus, which is a very posh school, and then you moved next door, the man on the line was wondering if this was an act of revenge?

A: It was an act of extreme violence

B: do you provide solace for students who climb over your wall?

(pause) (laughter)

C: okay..! we've got line 4 now.

Q: of all the artists that you've played w/ who's made you the most you nervous? and why

(whistle) Edge: very deep

E: I do remember Public Enemy played w/ us in America, and the thing about PE is that they are well known for having riots at their concerts, and we couldn't tell any of the venue owners we had them on the ticket or else they'd pull the concert. that was a bit nerve wracking.

B: we brought PE into LA they were banned there they weren't allowed to pay there for the last 3 or 4 years, down in the collusseam where all the bloods and the cribs were fighting it out, and they said thanks very much for bringing us there, and they proceeded to erect a scaffolding and hang a white ku klux klan from it!

Q: that was fearing for your life, what i meant was in awe of people, not fearing.

C: well you said nervous

Q: i meant in awe

C: well we don't have time, you said nervous- (hooting)

E: Velvet Underground! we had the VU open for us, which was incredible, that was

C: Did you pay them?

E: No...

J: were you afraid the edge?

E: I weren't afraid, i was awestruck.

J: well that was the question.

C: next caller

Q: well it's to larry. we want to know how he's maintained his youthful looks. we think he looks so much younger than the rest of the band (laughing)

E: well that's not true.

Q: we think it is! we think it is, larry.

L: let me put it this way. Michael Jackson got the idea of the oxygen tent from me. and all this hanging out w/ monkeys and shit like that, it's all to do w/ that.

Q: My second question is, I was wondering if you'd talk to my son Max, who plays the drums, will you tell him how important it is to practice? and to do his paradiddling- (laughter) is that right, paradiddling?

L: yeah, it's pretty close

Q: he's very keen to play in front of an audience but he doesn't like to practice on a daily basis.

L: Max is going to do me a paradiddle or do I do one?

Q: Oh i think it'd be easier if you'd do us a paradiddle, Larry.

C: why don't we get Larry to do one and then Max can copy it. How old is max to remind everybody?

Q: he's 11

Larry: this is the slow version of the paradiddle (drums) it's kind of hard- you do have to practice max, but max i want to tell you one thing, i NEVER practiced! and look where it got me.

Q: ohh no!! thanks larry, thanks very much!

C: can you put Max on? Hey max how are you

Max: good.

C: can you do larry a paradiddle back please?

(Max paradiddles... Larry joins in)

C: It's ok?

B: It's good

L: well I'll tell you he's doing a much more sophisticated one than me!

C: how is it?

L: that's very good, Max.


C: we have Bert on the line with us-

B: Bert the roofer, bert the roofer, bert the roofer (laughter)

Bert: i've been listening to you rmusic for the past 20 years. ATYCLB is one of, if not, the best albums you've made. But my question for you today is if you were tiling a roof, would you advice to put in a lace valay (SP?) or a swept valley?

B: a lace- a lace tshirt?

Bert: (chuckles) valay

B: lace valay, i like the sound of those together, i'd go w/ that one.

(Walk On)

C: Larry was away w/ the faries, weren't you larry?

L: i wasn't away w/ the far- you know what i was thinking? i was thinking, i'm so glad i didn't do the roll just at the end of the 2nd verse into the 1st chorus on the 3rd verse, it just wouldn't have been right i'm really happy with the way it slips in, I'm really happy with that.

C: really? so you're still examining the songs?

L: what's great about this time around when i examine it, i go i did the right thing, normally it's "aw shit"
i wish i did it differently.

C: You seem to have woken up now?

L: i have- that paradiddle was amazing, thanks Max!

C: Now, Bono's said you think you sing like a girl?

B: no it's just the stuff from the 80s, edge, when we were putting together the best of, he had to force me to sit down and listen to it cuz i found it a little hard to listen to, not that i'm no proud of the songs but i just the way i sang them on the records, i thought yeah that i sounded like a girl. yeah, my voice was kind of
squeezed and tight, whereas live, my voice opened up. but i'm manly enough to admit it.

C: more manly enough to sing like a man in your own mind

B: well no, no i think i sing like a girl but it's just more attractive

C: is your voice opening upjust b/c you've had more exercise or b/c you're getting older and you've smoked more cigarettes?

B: No i decided to stop smoking b/c it actually was messing up my voice. it's about the way you record this- a lot of time i didn't really know the lyrics and it was chrissy heind actually who said to me, you know if you're not happy w/ your singing, maybe it's because you dont i know what you're singing when you're in there doin it. cuz she knows I was writing them on the spot. she says give yourself a chance and go in and sing it like the rest of us. we tried it on this album, and i almost like it.

C: geromnio held back a 1/4 of the american army w/ just 36 men. what's your best performance?

E: best perofrmance? this morning i think getting up at 7:00

B: sexually? football, i missed that... ?

C: doesn't matter, take it in your own context

B: best performance- em, end of the popmart show in japan, in the Tokyo Dome, did a lap around that- it's about a mile. and all the japenese people are screaming screaming "rarrry rarry" and i'm saying hurry? hurry? "rarry rarry" and i'm running around "rarry rarry" and i'm going what are they screaming? "it was larry" (laughter)

(the band plays a quiz game with music)

B: something you know, it's humbling, it's worth remembering, there are only 8 notes. i mean if you were in a poker school, just think about it (laughing) there's 8 cards

C: when you're late for school, there's only 3 cards!

Wild Honey

C: listen you've got a problem w/ this album if you dont mind me saying

E: what's that chris?

C: all the tunes are so releasable as singles, it's going to be very hard to choose 5 or 3 or 4, isn't it?

B: it iss kind of our death to progressive rock record. we did want - they should all be singles, even Grace, which is the last song or 2nd to last tune written. we'd like that to be relased, probably would be our beef hit though, that would be the only release, but every song we want to feel like that at least.

C: as a single somewhere in the world?

B: just somewhere, just has no fat.

C: but you're obviusly rocking in the moment. i know you've rocked in the past, but the energy and freshness that you've obviously left out as well as included - why don't you do what the beatles used to do shake everybody up and just write a load of new singles and then release them and then people can just buy this album for what it is.

B: you mean don't release the album?

C: no, leave the album out like just now- they're all so listenable, you dont have to skip through any of them so everyone buys this, then write some more songs b/c you're obviously in the mood then just release a bunch as singles and don't put them on an album?

B: well Larry was saying- actually -we're just about to go off on a tour, something's going off in the band thats true and he was saying, are we going to go off and lose that? 'cause now we keep writing and we've got a lot of tunes, and we don't want it to be 2 years before we put out an album. because this thing that you've got t mightn't be there next week

C: you're in a suns studio thing aren't you?

B: i think so, something's going on.

c: but what do you think of the bealtes who used to release 2 albums a year and 6 singles that weren't on the album every month?

B: but it's the reason they could only last for that little amount of time, b/c they had no life, that's the thing when you meet these people, Prince or people like that, if you don't have life then-

C: then what do you write about?

B: yeah , our music's come out of community, it's come out of Dublin, and we're sort of slow, and it's taken a while to figure it all out but we do have a life- we're having the best of time anyone's having.

C: do you think you have the best combination of a private life also, semi-public life and concert life of any band you've come across?

L: we've worked hard on it. you know, like thursday night bridge,(laughter) friday night a little round table bingo, sunday is golf, a little bit of music monday.

C: is it work first, life second, or is it life first work second now? cuz it was obviously work first for along time.

B: we've got the right kind of balance of it,the right cycle of it now. no one's completely screwed- there were moments when we nearly lost it a little bit - you do when you get out there- but we're there now we have that feeling, that balance going - what's goin on in your life in your house and in your mates is coming out in the music. so there's osme dark shit going on. (laughs)

C: have any of you come close to leaving this mortal coil?

B: every album, i think, things get a bit rough, i think it's fair to say b/c there's four of us-

C: No, not the band, the planet.

E: planet? like as in kickin the bucket?

E: not really, no. i dont think anyone's really thought seriously about that jsut yet

B: i've thought about it for the other three (laughter)

C: Bono, is it true that this album is a bit late and it's all your fault?

b: no, i don't think that's fair-

c: well let's not ask you, let's ask the other three
C: Adam, you've been pretty quite over there in the corner, what do you think?

A: i think bono's had a very busy couple of years, but i think that was good for us.

C: right.

A: yeah

C: he's such a diplomat, isn't he?

A: and i don't think he likes to be away form the studio either

C: i understand. what about you guys?

C: have you been tempted to give him the written warning?

l: I think he's had a few written warnings! (laughter) bono had things that he wanted to do and neede to do and there' s no doubt it impacted on the band and waht we did - however all these things work for good, bono ended up doing incredible work w/ jubliee 2000 and the fact that we didn't release our work a year earlier meant that we actually had an opportunity to replay it and actually figure it out so it all worked out for the best in the end

C: also you must have been jumping at the bit even more, b/c you had to wait even longer so the energy now is bigger

L: sure, but we got different song, we got new songs, it would have been a different record had we listened it a year earlier

B: it would have been a century old, right?

E: that's true

A laughs


CV: headphones on boys! ok i changed my mind, i really like it now. cuz i'm playing it loud- it's a loud song, you have to listen to it loud! fantastic! OK aldo's brought in some breakfast. aldo what have we got?

A: explains the breakfast....

C: how's it feel to meet u2 aldo?

A: (in thick accent) it's very- exciting

C: next caller...

C: i was in the bath but now i'm out of the bath unfortunately. but i'm still moist if that helps

E: wow

B: put some clothes on or you'll catch your death.

L: it's a little early for that kind of thing, don't ya think?

Caller: my question is which song are you most proud of for your lyrics and which song are you most proud of for your melody?

E: well

B: well, a lot of the times i try as a lyricist i feel my job is to put into words what hte band is doing w/ th emusic and we work w/ the music first and see what it suggests, that's why usually the lyrics happen at the last minute and why i sing like a girl

New Q: how would you feel if West Life (?) covered one of your tracks?

B: wealthier (laughter) you know, they're pop music and west life is doing a service to the world keeping Steps off the top of the charts, and you know you need rivarly, and they're dublin boys and we'd be with them in they were stuck you know what i'm saying?

C: they'se been all this talk about boy bands of late. but There always were boy bands around, the Monkeys were a boy band.

B: the beatles were a boy band. the difference was advertising executives weren't writting their lyrics. but if the tunes were good and the voices were good then it doesn't really matter. tis just when the tunes are crap and you get the feeling they're but they're written for the wrong reasons which . they might as well just ask for your money.

C: we were talking about POE, it's actually the opposite suggestion of the title

B: it's a very bitter song, that one

C: being that would be an ideal christmas song of past, like pretenders 2000 miles, but now you're in danger if you release a song like that around christmas time, of being part of all the pop that's gonna be marketed in a way it's a hard sell to kids so do you think it's hard to release something around christmas b/c there's nothing better than a cracking #1 is there?

E: it's hard to release anything near christmas b/c it gets lost, so i think you're right

B: things are going to start to change b/c i've got two little girls and they're starting to see the wires, that these pl don't really believe in the tunes that they're singing, and when they get to be 12, they're i heard John Lennon when i was 11 it chagned my life and then listening to David Bowie and you know music can reach you and i really think in the next few years they're going to spit it out, spit out the pop music.

C: i was talking to this man and he said to me: the great voices of the last 20 years he couldn't name any, b/c you were not of the last 20 yrs, you're the last of the 24 years george michales' been around 20 ish. but the last 10 years there's no great voices being born would you agree w/ that?

B: thom yorke

E: i mean that's a great voice

B: thats an extradordinary voice

C but he's not world renowned is he?

E; well he's getting there isn't he?

B: if he wants it- if he wants it he could have it. thats the thing w/ radiohead we've been in that situation where you say look you don't actually want to make pop songs anymore, you want to go away and do some experimentation and do something fresh, make songs, but you hope they're going to come back and put a single at the top o the charts, b/c thats where we want to hear Radiohead, i'm just speaking selfishly.

E: what about liam? i mean he's an amazing singer.

B; mm he's got a great voice.

C: he's a good voice but does he have the unes to back it up?

B: what i like about the oasis album, people have been really tough about it and of course when you're a big band hubris is around the corner, but what i liked about the oasis album is i felt in the lyrics they were starting to talk about things going on in their lvies...i just felt that's where they were going, but I wouldn't rule oasis out, and i'll tell you if they don't come back together, if they don't sort it out, the 2 brothers, then the world is just not gonna be as fun a place, rock n roll won't be the same.

C: do you think there's anything else you can do? there's lot of boyant melodies in this album and they're getting across darker messages, b/c you have got a voice- a huge voice. I mean we have a big voice on the radio but you have an even bigger voice,a huge voice... So do you think there's anything else you can do?

L: i think that's sort of the point we were making earlier on about whether to go on the road for 2 years and try and start up again- we are in the moment, we are in the process of sorting some unfinished business, there's a lot of things to say and a lot of stuff to do, i think we'd like to do it sooner rather than later

C: if you do a great album on the back of a great album soon, and a politician makes a speech and something happens b/c of that speech, even people you don't agree w/ are very good speechmakers, the next week they can go on the TV and follow that up. you have to wait another 2 years before you can follow up. doesn't that get frustrating?

B: i think that's what larry's talking about unfinished business, there's a lot of promise in our band. in a funny way u2 got it always the wrong way around. when we arrive don the scene when we came to london, i was 17, i came with Ali and slept in the station, in waterloo, is that the one? we'd hand out demo tapes- people would put it on- it was like we had everything wrong, you know we looked wrong, everything was wrong, but there was something extraordinary in there, the tiny thing that was in there, whereas the other bands that were around they had everything right, everything but IT

C: something to say?

B: it's not as simmple as what you say- just a thing, that IT. i feel that right now we're about to realize the promise of the group. and really make extraordinary songs that go up there w/ THE best bands that every was. that's what we're doing right now we dont want to get too distracted from that by spending 2 years on the road. that said-

C: So you won't tour?

B: we're going on the roud for 4 months, then we booked 4 or 5 months and we're gonna see what it looks like, if we're really having an amazing time out there, and we can write while we're out there, then we'll probably stay on the road.

C: i think some albums need to be backed up by a tour but i don't think this is one of them.

L: thats what i'm saying.

C: if you're on a roll you've got to stay on a roll

L we've been touring and making album for nearly twenty years. it's a long time, i really enoyed what REM did. they did 2 albums and didn't tour, and when they did tour, they toured for 3 or 4 months. i'm not saying that is something we would do, but there's something to do that. and the album they didn't tour was their most successfull.

C: well when you do that a 3 or 4 month tour is there's energy form the beginning to the end, isn't there?

B: the only reason i'll disagree w/ larry is b/c i just think that's where we disover the songs in a way in the past. i said before, in the 80s they felt like unfinished songs to us, even though i'm proud of them. they were finished when we played that live. that's where they found them out, that's where we discovered what we were great at as a band. i just wouldn't want to leave that behind is all.

C; thats where they flowered, if you will

B: yeah

C: next caller..

Q: Apparenlty after babies have been born they really recognize music sounds and voices they heard during the time in the womb. They love rhythm, so I was wondering, what's the best U2 song from this album to starty playing to my baby?

E: Grace might be agood one

C: Yeaaaaaaah!!

Q: i love the sound of that, yeah. i like elevation but maybe it's too full.

B: did you say the baby's in your belly now?

C: yep, five months

B:I'll read out grace for you, just give me the lyrics sheet b/c i probably can't remember it. ok this is for you and your baby. do you know if it's a boy or a girl?

Q: I do but I'm not telling anyone.

B: ok. (reads Grace)

Q: that's beautiful, thank you. Our grandmother's name was Grace.

C: Bono's explaining why this is a good song for babies

B: i was just saying it's all about the bass end, the bottom end is what the child can hear in the womb, they don't hear top end, the father is the first voicethat they respond because of the lower voice, and this has tight bass playing on it and it's a beautiful bass loop and that's i think the mantra of the song i think that's why.

C: it's a beautiful song. it's a beautiful song!

B: it's really nice to hear in the morning, it's a late night track, it's nice and you can do that on the radio.

C: "in a time of new midea, that was the big idea"- is written on this album. obviously you now think that's not the big idea anymore

B: nope, thats the song Kite you're talking about there, that's a way of dating it "quote" it's a very emotional song kite, it's about letting go of somebody you love, we all have to do that, you know, whether it's a family or lvoers or whatever, and i jsut wnated to put a date on it, its' no big comment

C: is the word getting better or worse do you think? what about you guys?

L: i think it's em- i think it's definitely gotten a little more complicated. i think that all this technology stuff, and pl thinkin gthat's the future, i dont kinda believe that, i think we're going to get to a stage where it's gonna simplify. people are going to want the real. reality

B: after virutal reality comes actual reality

B; the world is often a wicked place when you look around, but it's also full of with beauty, and beauty is the consolation prize really, and we just hav eto find more of it, and we have to look for it in unexpected places, it's not in those fashion spreads, it's in there's beauty to be found in every day things.

C: do you think there's too many pics instead of words?

B: it isn't about words, it's about conversations, and honest, being real w/ people. I think Larry's actual right, (laughts) although when we talk about being real i always think of that song, whats the guy, that american rapper? about whats the name of that rapper who talks about keeping it real?

L: em, R. Kelly

B: it's a genius song (raps) chicks all around, friends from out of town Me and the crew doin what we do. got the dom perione, gonna keep it all night long, keepin it real. WOW. that's the kind of real we mean, i wanna be in his crew (laughter)

C: do you think the things that bring success are what's unattractive about people, and the things that are not successful bring people more virtues?

B: no, i think it's equal. when we moved house, when i was moved to a nice house years ago and i got a bit freaked out it was a bit big it felt like a hotel or something, and i went around, i was just checkin out the neighborhood where my little and i felt and where my little girls were gonna grow up and i thought oh man what are they gonna turn into? and i went to a party and i heard the music playing it was like 2am and i turned the corner. it was an 18yr old bday part, and i fiugred out there's an exact same percent assholes as there were on our part of the city where we grew up. so, it's not about success. i dont think that's it.

C: ok, well that's all we've gotten time for. thank you for coming in.

E: (as music fades in) can i just say hello to my sister Jill.

Girl comes up to me says Hey Bono,
I want to play with your band, Sweet Jane...

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thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you

Ive been looking for this for ages

Im a very happy girl now

"The bass player's got it. The bass player's fucking got it." Bono, Boston 6-9-01

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B: you were asked to leave Columbus, which is a very posh school, and then you moved next door, the man on the line was wondering if this was an act of revenge?

A: It was an act of extreme violence

B: do you provide solace for students who climb over your wall?

(pause) (laughter)

they propably have parties at Adams

"The bass player's got it. The bass player's fucking got it." Bono, Boston 6-9-01
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It is my pleasure!!

Adam sounds so great on this! So dignified! and some funny moments too

Girl comes up to me says Hey Bono,
I want to play with your band, Sweet Jane...

* U2TakeMeHigher *
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I love this interview! I was so funny listening to it on the way home from montreal I forgto about Bert the Roofer!!lol

"Edge, it's you she wants...it's you!...I know him! He's in my band!" Bono - Zoo Boston, 1992
- Kathleen -
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ahhhhhh I loved listening to this interview It was such a kewl interview I have to find the audio of it now but my fave part was:

Q: well it's to larry. we want to know how he's maintained his youthful looks. we think he looks so much younger than the rest of the band (laughing)

E: well that's not true.

Q: we think it is! we think it is, larry.

L: let me put it this way. Michael Jackson got the idea of the oxygen tent from me. and all this hanging out w/ monkeys and shit like that, it's all to do w/ that.

lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhh I love Larry he's so funny

The U2 revolution has been reinstated.

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