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Through The Sleet And Driving Snow Part 16

Yep. Here we go again. A couple swears in here.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction.

There had been a knock on the door about thirty minutes into their celebratory aerobics. Bono had jumped at the sound. They'd both been lost to where they were. He'd cleared his throat and told the door knocker that he'd be right there.. then when they'd heard the footsteps echo away from the door, they'd burst into a fit of giggles. Serena, laying across his chest had quickly removed herself from her rather comfortable companion and thrown him his pants and shirt. He pulled them on at a lightning pace and ran his fingers through his hair, laughing that short hair was the best.. that it looked great no matter what.

"Do I look half decent?" he asked.

"Stop panting and you'll be great" she answered as she wiped a paper towel across his sweaty forehead, then let her hand linger a little longer on his cheek. "To be continued.." She whispered.

"Bloody well right!" He devoured her mouth once more. Then took a deep breath, trying to slow his rapid heartbeat. "Okay sweetheart, come on" He latched onto her hand again and exited their now 'sacred' green room. Once out, they were led into the studio area and Bono was escorted up to a chair on the stage. He'd kissed her lightly when he'd had to let go of her and whispered that he'd be right there. What a sweety, Serena thought. They'd given Serena a spot by one of the camera operators. He had his hands folded on top of a desk, calm, collected and cool. So different to how he'd been only minutes before. There he'd been raw, passionate, primal and oh how she'd loved it.

She saw the floor director counting down on his fingers. Five, four, three, two, one. Then silence, lights go up and the introduction began. Serena thought the host looked a bit like Guy Smiley, from Sesame Street. She'd have to banish that thought from her head in the hopes that, if she met him later, she wouldn't call him that. Oh great, now she'd jinxed herself. It was bound to happen now.

The next half hour, Serena was transfixed by Bono's passion for his causes. He was so articulate in his speech, and compelling. Every once in awhile, he'd throw a glance her way, sometimes accompanied by a wink and almost always a smile. Then she'd taken to watching how he gestured with his hands. She'd seen that before, in the U2 concert videos. He'd stretch them out and when the interviewer had hit a nerve, they would wiggle, a sign that he had something to say. He wouldn't interrupt, he'd simply wait for his turn and return with a witty response.

After the final countdown to the end of the show, Bono turned his gaze back to her and motioned with his index finger for her to join him on stage. At first, she raised an eyebrow and shook her head. Then he mouthed a 'Come on' and something that looked like 'I won't bite', which of course made her laugh. She tried to ignore his beckoning, but it was of no use. She was walking up towards him as he chatted candidly with Guy Smiley.

"There you are sweetheart." He said, grabbing hold of her hand again. "So, how'd I do?"

"Amazing. So very passionate." She smiled at him, saw him imagining their time in the green room.

"I always tend to get that way with things or people I care about. I'm a big ball of passion, you might say." He chuckled deep in his throat. Oh she was going to get him for this later. If Guy Smiley weren't standing right beside them, waiting to get introduced, she would have done some mighty naughty things with him on that shiny prop desk.

"Nice to meet you, Miss.."

"Melvin. Serena Melvin."

"Serena, this is Bob Fitzpatrick. A great interviewer, and a very capable drinker. He hasn't out drank me yet, but, he's come close."

Serena grabbed Bob's hand in her and shook it.

"Nice to meet you."

"Bono tells me you're from the Atlantic provinces of Canada. You must get a lot of our weather."

Serena smiled.

"Oh yes, but usually by the time it gets to us it decides it wants to dump a few feet of snow."

Guy Smiley smiled warmly at her and then thanked Bono once again for coming to NYC to do the interview. He even added on that they were going to do it initially by satellite linkup.

"Ah, I had.. business over on this side of the pond anyway. It's hard to feel heartfelt through wires."

Bono took his jacket from one of the assistants and then once again, placed Serena's around her.

"Thanks again for coming, Bono. You're more than welcome anytime, and a pleasure to meet you Serena. No need to feel guilty about the green room either."

Serena's eyes widened. Actually, they felt like they were going to pop out of her skull. She looked up at Bono, who appeared to be completely calm.

"Uh.." Serena stuttered. Guy Smiley raised his hand.

"That coffee machine has been knocked over many times, so you needn't worry about the stains. We're used to it by now."

Bono squeezed her hand at that exact moment. She let out a sigh of relief.

"Oh, well... thank you for being so kind."

They were escorted back down to their waiting transportation. A black SUV. Once again, Bono went to the screaming fans and made sure that he gave each one something, if only eye contact for a millisecond. The flashbulbs from the Pavarotti were still blinding, Bono knew she felt uncomfortable around them and kept a tight grip on her hand. He really meant it when he had said he wouldn't let go. He didn't. He'd shake hands with his other hand, put his other arm around fans wanting a photograph while Serena tried to maneuver her way out of the lens. Then he'd waved goodbye to the crowd and followed Serena into the waiting vehicle. Some of the bolder pavarotti pressed their cameras against the tinted windows of the truck, which frightened Serena.

"It's alright sweetheart. They can't get us. It's okay." He cooed, easing her anxiety. "Just back to the apartment please, driver"

"Doesn't that frighten you?" She said shakily.

Bono shook his head.

"No" He hugged her into him, further dispelling any fear she had." Not anymore. It comes with the territory. They're mostly harmless. Just regular folks trying to do their jobs."

Serena smiled.

"Such a Bono perspective. You're something else, you know that?" She leaned into him even more, breathing in his aftershave and general Bono musk smell. "But you are also a little bastard. I thought you'd told Guy Smiley there about..."

Bono raised an eyebrow in amusement.

"Guy Smiley?"

"He was a character on Sesame Street, a reporter/game show host."

"Ah. That would make sense then, I suppose. And you needn't worry. I never kiss an tell about my extra extracurricular activities. Except to Edge. And Larry. And Adam. But that's it, seriously. Oh wait, sometimes Gavin too. But nothing in grand detail or anything."

Serena let out a very unserious huff.

"I understand. It's a man thing. But seriously, I was bricking it there for a second."

"I know. I have to say, and this might sound a bit perverse, but I quite enjoyed watching you squirm."

"Oh you did, did you?"


They sat in silence for the most part on the way back to the apartment. Bono was humming a general tune into her hair. She could feel the vibration of his vocal chords on her head. Once at the large apartment building once more, Bono told the driver to pick them up again in about two hours.

"What's going on in two hours?"


"Do I need to go get a dress or something?"

"Nope. Nope. It's something you'll really enjoy. At least, I hope you will." He flashed her one of his genuine smiles. "You ever been on the roof of a building?"

"For supper?"

"No, right now."

"As of right now I can say I have been on the roof of a building. A house. My house. To push snow off the roof so that the ceiling wouldn't cave in. Other than that, no."

He hauled her into the lift and pressed the button for the top floor.

"Love in an elevator. Living it up when you're going... up" Serena sang.

Suddenly Bono was in front of her. His hands on either side of her head, his face a mere whisper from hers. He moved closer, ever slowly as the lift kept on rising. Then his lips were on hers. A moan rumbled deep in Bono's throat as she tried to coax her to open her mouth to him. The lift suddenly stopped. The doors opened. And a waiting tenant caught a glimpse of them before politely squeaking that she'd catch the next lift.

Serena dropped her head onto Bono's chest and exploded into laughter.

"Well, at least she didn't catch us with our pants down or anything." She said and caught his mischevious demeanor. "And don't you be getting any naughty ideas."

"Too late."

He was moving in once more when the lift let out a 'ding' letting them know they'd reached the top floor. He settled for a gentle kiss and grasped her hand once more and started a near run down the hallway.

"This will blow your mind, sweetheart."

Bono hauled out a passcard and slipped it through a machine next to a heavy gray metal door. The light switched from red to green and the door clicked. Bono pushed it open and they were back out in the New York air. But way, way above the city. Serena had never really been afraid of heights, but she'd subconsciously grabbed at Bono's jacket when she saw the view in front of her. He'd led her to the very edge, and she gasped as all of the city sprawled out beyond them. Despite the chaos below, it was surprisingly quiet there.

"Bono. It's beautiful up here."

"Weren't expecting that were you, hmm?"

"No, not at all. But a change in perspective can often alter ones perception of things." She turned away from the view beyond them and locked her gaze onto him instead. Despite that heavy wool overcoat, he still looked cold. Oh, he was trying to pretend he was fine but she could tell. He was still looking at the horizon and beyond when she'd wrapped her arms around him, at that sensation of touch, he'd readjusted his focus back to her once more. It was her this time. She'd leaned in and brushed against his lips. There was no teasing, no games. She felt his hands against her back, pulling her even closer to him. That human contact again, even through the jackets, left her reeling. She pressed her lips harder into his and he'd opened up, his tongue searching for hers and once he'd found it, he caressed it. Drawing her in closer. Their souls mingled in the frosty air. Serena clenched her hands into fists as the sensations of his mouth, his face against hers sent her tumbling. Again. Bono had pulled back, albeit only slightly as their lips were still touching.

"Bono" she whispered, breathless "I love you"

"I love you too, Serena." Then he'd hugged her, so incredibly tight that when they'd released she could still feel it. It was if his spirit was eternally entwined with hers. Always a presence there. She smiled knowing that, at the very least, she was no longer alone.


Madison Square Garden. This was wear where were having supper. Bono had somehow attained VIP tickets and backstage passes. But they weren't there for a concert. He'd told her that in the truck. Well what else would they be there for? Then her brain had clicked into gear. What was MSG really for? Hockey. She had literally squealed at the realization that he was taking her to a NHL game. This man truly knew the way to her heart. Even better, it was the Penguins against the Rangers. She'd finally be able to watch Sidney Crosby. Their seats were right beside the Pens bench, and with the backstage pass, they could at anytime just get up, hop over the railing and wander around behind the scenes. Bono had told her he knew the place like the back of his hand. She was certain he did, he'd only played the place about a gazillion times. The sheer size of the place caught her attention too. Around her way the top rink seated seven thousand, tops. This place was pushing 20,000. They had been escorted by hired thugs once more to their seats. And supper. Oh it was a true rink masterpiece. Burgers, fries and beer.

"You really know the way to a girls heart" She had commented before opening face off.

"You like? Wait until afterwards. I've got an even bigger surprise."

Her eyes traveled the length of him and then back to his eyes.

"Mind out of the gutter, sweetheart." He said, stuffing several fries into his gob at once. "Plenty of time for that."

"I should warn you" she said "I can get pretty..uh.. vocal at hockey games."

Bono took a sip of his beer. "Are you one of those, what do they call them.. ah yes, trash talkers?"

"Only when they fuck up."

"COME ON CROSBY, SHOW THEM YOUR MARITIME SKILLS." She'd shouted at the Pens bench, where Sid the Kid was just about to jump over the boards to take the draw. He'd heard her, turned and smiled and then skated out.

"You've really got quite the set of yell pipes there, don't you honey?"

"It's a hockey game, you're meant to be loud. It's quite a lot like a rock concert, I suppose. NICE GIVEAWAY, YOU BASTARD. This was really thoughtful of you, Bono. How'd you know I liked hockey? Or did you just assume."

Bono, eyes wide after her mid-sentence tirade, was sporting an elastic grin that seemed to cover his entire face.

"I didn't think there was such a thing as a Canadian who didn't like hockey. And I saw your Sea Dogs schedule on the fridge, and your equipment bag at the foot of the stairs."

A loud crash rocked the boards in front of them, cutting their conversation short.

"YEA, KICK HIS ASS!" She yelled as she stood up and pounded on the glass. No sooner than that had the gloves come off on the ice and fists were flying. The whole venue were on their feet, cheering and jeering at the two players trying to crack each other with punches. Finally, two referees made their way in and escorted them to the penalty box.

"That's what you need, sweetheart."

"You want to put me.. in the penalty box"

Bono nodded.

"For that look you gave me just before the game started."

Serena felt herself blushing again. Bono had reached up with the hand that wasn't holding the beer and laid it on her now red cheek.

"Sudden bouts of shyness. That's my Serena. One of many things that make me crazy about you."

Serena leaned her head onto his shoulder. This was, by far, the best position to watch a hockey game from.

"Oh look." Bono whispered. "We're on candid camera."

Serena lifted her gaze to the scoreboard where the image indeed showed her and Bono. Serena felt the shyness ebbing up again.

"Not much for attention, are you sweetheart? It's okay." Bono smiled in the general direction of the camera and Serena sighed as the image finally changed to something else. Bono stood up, offering his hand to her. He led her to the rail where he'd shown their passes and they'd squeezed through and down a step. Now they were standing right by the Pens players bench. She could've reached out and touched them. Bono looked up at the clock, last minute of the third. He actually couldn't wait for the game to end, he was really buzzing about what was to come. They watched the ending seconds of the game right there, in the midst of the action. Serena felt incredible. Yet another dream come true. Just before the last ten seconds, Bono had led her down a little farther into the catacombs of the arena. They found a wall and leaned against it. She heard the game ending buzzer go and the sounds of skates against the floor approaching them. All the Penguin players walked passed them and said hello, some of them even smiled. Sidney Crosby had even stopped for a second.

"You're the one that yelled at the first right?"

Serena shyly nodded.

"Are you from the Maritimes?"

"New Brunswick"

He'd taken off his glove and shook her hand. "Nice to see more Maritimers around. Really miss home sometimes, you know."

"We're all very proud of you" Serena smiled.

"Here" said Crosby. He handed her his hockey stick. Serena looked shocked.

"Are you sure?"

Sidney chuckled.

"Nice to meet you Serena. Hey, Bono, good to see you again. They're fixing up the ice for..." and then he'd trailed off. Serena caught movement from Bono out of the corner of her eye and he was making the 'zip yer lip' motion with his hand. Wait a second, how'd he know her name? Bono certainly had been busy.

"I've got to go. Press line, they can be awful irritating sometimes."

"Thanks for the stick"

He smiled once more and headed down the corridor. Serena stood there, her mouth agape much to Bono's amusement. Then an older gentleman walked by in a rather loud suit. Serena's mind clicked again.

"Don Cherry!" she blurted.

"That'd be me. Hey Bono, you better be good to this Canadian or I'll be after you. Good to see Crosby out skating again, wasn't it Serena?"

"He's the only reason I watch Pens games, really. Such an amazing talent." Wait. Had he just said her name as well? What the hell was going on here?

Serena turned to Bono, who was soaking in the expressions on her face.

"What exactly have you been up to?"

Bono whistled.

Serena hugged him.

"Thank you Bono, this has been incredible. You're very thoughtful."

Roughly ten minutes later, an attendant came up to Bono and whispered something in his ear. Bono had nodded, squeezed Serena's hand once more and walked back up the corridor towards the Penguins bench once more. Serena was utterly confused but figured it was best just to go with it. Lord knew what he had in store for her next. Once at the bench, he had sat down and gestured for her to do the same, so she did. In front of her were a pair of lovely brand new hockey skates, another stick and a bucket full of pucks. Bono had already begun to untie his platform boots and put on the pair of skates that were near him.

"Are we going to... Oh my god..."

"I thought you might like to see the arena from my usual perspective. Well, apart from the ice. You'll help me out, won't you? I haven't skated in a very, long time. Come on, get your skates on."

"Bono" She sputtered. "You didn't have to do this.. oh..."

Bono grunted as he tightened the laces on his skates.

"I wanted to sweetheart. Seeing the look on your face just a few minutes ago. Do you lace these up to the very top?"

"Yes, you don't want it falling off in mid stride." Serena hauled off her boot and loosened the laces on the skates, then placed her right foot in and began to tighten them. "Bono, I don't know how to thank you for.. all this."

Bono stood up, unsteadily, on his skates. He watched as Serena finished tightening her other skate, then there was his hand again which she grabbed.


"Ready. Just lean into me okay" She'd said.

At the gate, she noticed that the zamboni had done another run and they had fresh ice. This also completely blew her mind. She was about to set foot on sacred hockey ground, hand in hand with a man who was her hero and now, her lover. She stepped out first, reveling in the smoothness of the ice against her blades. She turned and Bono's legs were shaking. It was the first time she'd ever seen him look nervous.

"Don't be scared, Bono. It's okay." She took hold of both of his hands. "I know it looks like a big step when you haven't skated in ages. Just lean into me. I'll take care of you."

Tentatively, he placed one skate on the ice surface and then shakily, managed to get the other one down without falling. He stepped cautiously to her side and looked up.

"We need to go.. over there." He pointed to the end of the rink.

Serena squeezed his hand.

"One step at a time, B. Just keep by the boards. Between them and I, we'll keep you upright. Don't want you bruising anything."

A flash of The Fly grin followed by a hearty chuckle.

"We may need to use that penalty box sooner rather than later."

Serena chuckled softly and took a stride. Bono followed her feet and tried the same thing. Then wobbled, which caused Serena to wobble and then the inevitable fall. Serena had landed on top of him.

"Personally, I think you did that on purpose" She said. "Are you okay?"

Bono swallowed and then nodded. Serena got back on her feet and instructed Bono to get on his knees (all the while, penalty box worthy thoughts racing through her head) and then step up. She held his hands and when he was finally standing he had thrown his arms around her in an act of trying to catch his balance. Serena released one of his hands and kept the other at her side.

"Watch my feet. Do what I do."

"Yes mistress."

She took the small step again and watched as Bono committed and did the same, giving them a small bit of gliding time. He was a bit unsteady, standing stiffly straight.

"Bend your knees, B. It'll help."

"Yes mistress."

"Stop calling me that."

"Yes mistress"

Serena stopped for a second and glared at him.

"Sorry" He grinned.

After a few more falters they were down at the end of the rink. Bono had leaned against the boards and closed his eyes for a second.

"I can still remember, the very first time I saw this view. It completely floored me. This" and he gestured upwards with his hand "This is what I see from the stage."

Serena craned her neck and looked upwards, imagining what it must be like for him to be standing on a stage where they were, singing his heart out to adoring fans.

"It's amazing, Bono."

"The feeling I get during a show is near orgasmic. It feels so good."

"I always knew U2 were a bunch of pervs." snarked Serena.

"I don't think we've ever really hid that fact, sweetheart. But what I'm trying to say is, that feeling. That feeling I get where I'm untouchable, where anything is possible at concerts.. well I get that same feeling amplified infinitely when I'm with you. Or even when I simply think about you. I have been seriously counting my blessings lately. Thanking God and anyone who'd listen for my luck at meeting you. I was fortunate when I was alone. Certainly, I had it all.. but there was always that hole. You've filled it. You take ME, higher." Bono made to skate over to her side. He pushed off, and was doing pretty good but then hit an edge and careened towards her with outstretched arms, sending her tumbling down on her back onto the ice with him landing on top of her.

She was going to say something snarky. But couldn't. She had felt the tears before he'd finished speaking and now here he was, kissing her tears away on the ice, behind the net in Madison Square Garden. Quite the 'pinch me' moment she had going on. She was experiencing a varying degree of sensations. The coldness of the ice against her back was a sharp contrast to the hearty heated weight of Bono, entangled with her legs and one of his skate blades was ever so slightly against her left leg.

And he'd kissed her sweetly again, after he'd tended to her tears. And she'd let him and secretly wondered if the heat they were giving off would melt the ice below them. Bono shifted his weight.

"My skate is on your leg. Why didn't you say anything?"

"I honestly didn't feel it." She said, lifting herself up on her elbows.

He raised an eyebrow.

"Sure you didn't. Anyway, help me up sweety."

He removed himself from her torso and slid onto the ice beside her. Serena once again got on her knees, motioning for B to do the same and then crawled back to her feet. After the guidance of her steady hands, he was standing once more.



"I want to see you skate."

"Err. I'm not Waynetta Gretzky, Bono."

"Come on!" He said "I know you're aching to try out this ice properly. Go get your stick and the pucks. There's another stick there too. Bring it to me, and I'll be the goalie."

Serena shrugged.

"Are you sure?"

Bono punched himself in the crotch, much to Serena's amusement.

"Crosby told me that I'd better wear protection, just in case. I know how much you'd like to squish my berries. Now go, skate proper so I can take some mental notes."

"On how to skate or how my arse moves."

"Both.. okay mostly the latter."

Serena gave him a light smack on his denim clad arm and pushed off. Taking in the glide and as she moved faster, she could hear Bono's catcalls in behind her. She skated to the bench, grabbed both sticks and a puck from the bucket and then skated full tilt towards Bono. He looked completely calm. Absolutely certain that she would stop in one of those hockey stops he'd seen during the game. But she didn't, she careened past him and ran into the boards.

"Are you okay?"

"I'm fine. That's how I stop."

"Ah, I see"

"I told you I wasn't very good." She said. "Here" and she handed him his stick. "Do you need help getting to the net?"

He stuck his tongue out at her.

"I can manage" and he slowly stepped his way over there.

She dropped the puck and played around with it a bit. Trying a bit of stick-handling as she maneuvered her way to centre ice. Bono had latched himself onto the crossbar of the net and was in a stance she'd never really seen in a goalie before. He looked more concerned on keeping himself upright than trying to keep the puck out.

"I'll TRY AND KEEP IT LOW" she shouted at him. She definitely didn't want to bean Bono. He had yelled a 'Show me what you got' and she had pushed off. Moving the puck back and forth, off to the right of the net she wound up.. and shot it wide of the net.

"Nice shot there." Bono said sarcastically.

"Bite me"

"I will, later, gladly." He grinned as she passed by in front of him.

Back at centre ice, Serena started out again. Intent on getting it past him. She headed straight for him this time, half expecting him to jump out of the way. But he didn't, he'd held his ground. She went to try one of those fancy hockey stops right in front of him, but failed and tripped herself up into a somersault, crashing into Bono and pushing the two of them into back of the net.


"Sorry about that, Bono."

"Sweetheart, you never have to apologize for landing on top of me." Gah!

"I clearly need a bit more practice."

Bono shook his head.

"Nah. I'd say it's just right. You get distracted when you look at me don't you. I can understand that."

"You can be a right arse, do you know that?"

"Very well, actually."

"Hey, look, the pucks in here after all. I did score!" Serena said, somewhat proud of herself.

"I've never been one to turn down a good scoring opportunity." The Fly grin again. "What say you to heading back to my pad, having a glass of wine..."

"... and a good time" She interrupted. Serena straightened up. "Let's go."

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Local Time: 02:58 PM Sidney Crosby.

Definately a Canadian's version of the perfect dream.

I am really glad that you decided to continue this.

Upcoming gigs: U2-Moncton-07/31/11 OMG I had so much fun! So sad it's over though.

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i stillllll waiting fore unedited green rooom

but it was great !
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Great story, I love the way they interact, so tender and passionate.

And the idea of Bono on skates makes me feel a bit ... umm ... uncomfortable.
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LOVED this chapter Raven!!! Keep it up. I adore the way Serena and Bono are together. So playful.

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i like it.
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that was really good...

playing Hockey with Bono.. now there's a nice way to spend your winter!
Originally Posted by GraceRyan View Post
And if U2 EVER did Hawkmoon live....and the version from the Lovetown Tour, my uterus would leave my body and fling itself at Bono - for realz.
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This part was cute.Loved it.

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