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Through The Sleet And Driving Snow Part 15

This has gone through several deletes. It was going to be the final chapter, but then I discovered that writing this actually cheers me up. So it may last a bit longer now.

Was having a great day up to a couple of hours ago and now I'm utterly bummed. Bleh.

Anywho, thanks everyone for the kind words.

Disclaimer: Don't know Bono or the band. It's a work of fiction.

Bono had insisted on taking her to the best breakfast spot in New York. It wasn't in the ritzy pitzy district, but in a regular joe kind of place. It looked like a greasy spoon and because of that fact, she felt a bit more comfortable there. The owner recognized Bono instantly and shook his hand enthusiastically.

"Bono! Haven't seen you around in awhile, How are you doing? And who is this lovely flower you've along with you?" He was an older man, mid fifties maybe with graying hair, slightly overweight and very friendly.

"Sergio! I'm doing well thank you. And this is Serena. Serena, this is one of the best chefs in all of New York."

Serena went to shake his hand and Sergio in turn grabbed her hand and kissed it. Serena blushed.

"Ah, you've a shy one here Bono."

"Yes, I know that."

The older man winked and went to gather a couple menus from behind the counter. As Bono picked out what he described as the 'best' booth, Serena could hear Sergio in the background.

"All the good girls, they're the shy ones. Always the shy ones. Best catches." He was saying it just loud enough for them to hear over the general hum of a morning talk radio show. He brought the menus over and told them to simply 'holler' when they wanted to order.

Serena was grinning. This was her kind of place. Certainly, fine dining was great but she was always more comfortable in the more casual atmosphere.

"Nice fella"

"One of the nicest people on this entire planet. And I've met alot of folks."

Bono had already placed his menu on the table. Serena for the life of her couldn't decide, once again. Her head still muddled with Bono's proposition from earlier. She thought about being snarky, asking for the Bono platter but decided to remain in her normal, withdrawn shy state. It seemed to be winning bonus points anyway.

"I'll uh.. have whatever you're having..."

Bono tsked.

"Still indecisive are we?"

"I'm not a huge early morning person."

"But it's not early morning, it's nearly ten. Nearly eleven in Serena time. Serg! Two specials."

"Comin' right up" came the voice from the kitchen.

"I like this place" Serena craned her neck to look at a painting of the New York harbour above their booth.

"I figured you would. It's always been one of my favourite haunts. I don't often bring others here."

Bono had grabbed Serena's hand in his and was slowly moving his thumb back and forth over her knuckles. Mesmerizing her again. Her mind wandered once more at the feel of his touch. Back to the shower that morning. She'd initially gone in alone, since he was snoring up a storm. Then she'd heard the door creak, but made no move to look to see what was lurking. This wasn't a horror film. She was quite sure that whatever was creeping in was more than likely going to help her. Help her soar. She'd heard the curtain pull back. Still she didn't turn to look. She'd just continued to soap up her hair. She'd heard breathing behind her. She'd felt arms around her. Arms that gave her goosebumps despite the fact that she was under the hot water. She'd quivered at the touch of lips on her neck, a tongue exploring her skin. Still she hadn't turned around. She'd pushed herself against the one behind her, felt skin and hair and heat... and then she had turned around.

"Earth to Serena"

Bono was giving her a bemused look, as though he already knew where she had been at that moment.

"Err. Sorry about that." Serena blushed once more.

Sergio shuffled up beside them with two plates of piping hot homemade brekkies.

"For the humble rockstar" he said as he placed Bono's plate in front of him.

"And for the shy lady to which Bono is throwing his affection towards." Sergio smiled warmly at Serena.

"Thank you, Sergio." Serena said, smiling back.

Sergio bowed and then went back to the counter once more, flicking the station on the radio on his way. Soft jazz notes now ebbed through the small restaurant.

"I'm sorry Bono, I meant to ask before.. do you say grace?" Serena asked shyly. She knew he was somewhat religious.

Bono was just about to stuff a load of eggs into his gob when he stopped.

"Not nearly enough anymore. Would you like to?"

Serena shook her head.

"You're better with words"

Bono nodded and bowed his head.

"Thank you for this grand nourishment, boss. Thank you also for this angel you have thrust into my life. Could you maybe put in a good word and convince her to come back to Dubby with me?"

Serena snickered.

Bono raised his eyes to hers and shrugged. "Hey, it's worth a shot. Amen"

"That was a lovely grace, B. Much more eloquent than what I would've come up with."

Bono was in the midst of now savouring the eggs that had been on his fork beforehand. Serena watched him as he closed his eyes and made general noises of supreme appreciation at what he was consuming.

"So, sweetcheeks, what else is on the schedule today?" she said.


"You heard me, damn this is delicious. I hesitate to say this, but this is way better than the Big Stop."

"I highly doubt that you rise early enough to get to breakfast in time at the Big Stop."

Serena stuck her tongue out at Bono.

"For your information, they have breakfast there 24 hours. It sounds silly I know, but sometimes all you really want is a friggin' pancake at midnight."

Bono nearly choked on the bacon he had swallowed.

They'd sat there for nearly an hour, maybe more, Serena had lost track of the movement of time... simply talking and sometimes just looking. Looking at each other. She knew Bono was searching for an answer. Serena wanted to wait. Wait to tell him. But she'd never been very good at secrets. So as he made to place her jacket around her arms she'd quietly whispered 'yes'. He'd stopped for a second. If he'd been an animal, his ears would have been perked straight up.

"What was that love?"

Serena zippered up her coat, turned and stared up into those welcoming blues.


"Yes as in what I think you're agreeing to?"


Bono took her into his arms swiftly and swirled her around, much to Sergio's amusement in the kitchen. Serena gasped in surprise at his actions and then fell into a fit of giggles. She thought it would be a hard decision. Leaving home. But it hadn't been. Nearly as soon as the words had left his mouth that morning, she knew the answer. She was tired of standing still. She wanted an adventure.

"Serg! She's comin' back with me!" Bono shouted. "She's comin' back with me"

Serena held up her hand for a second.

"I'll have to get some stuff sorted at home. Get to the bank and such and tell them I'm being lovenapped to Ireland."

Bono smiled warmly. "I'm sure they get that ALL the time. We irish, we're quite the charmers you know"

"I didn't notice" Serena said sarcastically.

"And you'll be able to come and help us, at the studio. With that track."

Serena scrunched up her face.

"You want me, to.. record with you?"

Bono nodded.

"Actually, it was Edge who suggested it. That it might add a different dynamic and sweetheart, you are all KINDS of dynamic." There was that double meaning grin once more. Serena could feel the blush on her face almost before he'd said it.

Bono leaned over and kissed her sweetly, she leaned into him with her hands against his wool overcoat. Then he'd pulled back and given her ones of those stares. The kind that they'd shared after... It was one full of compassion and kindness. He then put his arm around her back before shouting a "see you later" in Sergio's general direction. Once outside, they both squinted against the bright New York sun. Bono hauled back his sleeve and checked his watch, and then nodded.

"We'll have to get a cab" and before she'd known it, he'd whistled and flagged down a yellow taxi. He'd been the gentleman, opened the door and helped her inside.

"CBS studios please" Bono stated.

"No problem, sir" Came the hearty New York accent in the drivers seat.

Serena was almost certain the last few days had been a daydream. That she was still laying out in the yard after being clipped in the head. Here she was, in New York City of all places, in a yellow New York City cab with a genuine New York City cab driver and Bono. She looked at him, he was staring up at the skyscrapers, an eternal grin pasted across his face. He'd put on a pair of shades, lightly tinted red ones. She felt fortunate. Fortunate that she was able to see those true blues behind those shades. That she could reach up and trace the laugh lines with her fingers, caress his cheek, nuzzle into him anytime she wished. That her touch created a response from him, whether simply smiling or letting out a contented sigh, warmed her spirit in ways she'd never imagined.

"Interview?" she asked.

Bono nodded, his hand still clasped tightly around hers. His thumb still rubbing her knuckles.

"Got to keep them on their toes. Funding to Africa and debt relief and the like."

"I'm sure they'll try and weasel some info on the new album out as well." Serena stated. " I know I'd try if I were them"

Bono turned to her and grinned.

"I'll just give them my usual fare. The Edge is on fire and we're making the best music of our lives. Which we are. Works everytime."

Serena laughed.

"The charming Irishman works his magic once more, eh?"

Bono chuckled.

"That's the first time I've heard you do that?"


"Say a stereotypical Canadian statement, EH?" Bono mocked her in a fake Canuckian accent.

She lightly jabbed his ribs with her elbow.

"Ah, stop that ya hoser" Bono continued "But you're not just any hoser, eh. You're my hoser!" and he hugged her close as she giggled.

In front of them loomed a large high rise, the sign at the very top reading CBS. Down at ground level there were ropes cordoning off an area with a large gaggle of people and people with professional cameras.

"Poopoorazzi?" Serena blurted out loud. It was another thing she'd only meant to say subconsciously, but as she was used to.. it seemed sometimes her mind had a leak.

Bono chuckled.

"They're called Pavrarotti, sweetheart. Don't worry, I'll be with you. I'm not letting go of this" He squeezed her hand tightly.

The cabbie pulled closer and then stopped. Bono paid him with a substantial tip, for which the cab driver told him he'd just made his day. And that he loved U2's work. Bono smiled at the driver and then turned to Serena once more.

"Ready to slip into the fray?"

"Like I have a choice."

To her surprise, he broke into song. One of her favourites. He half sung, have spoke it.

"Take my hand.
You know I'll be there.
If I could I'd cross the sky
For our love."

Serena felt charged. Invincible. Bono once again squeezed her hand, but didn't release the pressure. He opened the door and there were seemingly endless calls of his name. Screams, 'oh my gods', poopoorazzi. They were everywhere. Serena could see the headline the next day. "Who is Bono's ladyfriend?". She smiled. It was her. She stayed by his side, his hand entwined still with his as he walked down a line of fans. Posing for pictures and signing just about anything. She watched him as he invested an interest in his fans. Listened to what they told him. Remembered fans he had seen before. Then they'd made it to a 'press line' Bono had whispered in her ear "You okay?" and she had smiled and nodded. Another squeeze of the hand and what seemed like a million flashbulbs going off in front of them. "Bono, over here" "Who's the lovely lady, Bono" "Give us a grin, Bono" The requests seemed endless and finally, two hired thugs were beside them to escort them into the studio. Once inside, Serena let out a long "phew" and Bono drew her nearer, squeezing her into his side.

"You did great out there, Serena. I'm proud of you" He kissed her head.

Down halls and corridors, they were ushered into a waiting room. Oh wait, Serena thought, what was the technical term? Green room. Yes, that was it. It wasn't green though. Not much bigger than a walk in closet with a comfy sofa and a coffee maker. The hired thugs told them to have a seat and the director would be in when they wanted Bono.

The door shut behind them.

Bono, now sat beside Serena on the couch was wearing a devious grin. Serena caught it when she turned to look at a drab painting on the wall.

"What are you up to?" she asked.

"I think we should.. celebrate."

Serena laughed.

"I'm sure we'll do plenty of 'celebrating' tonight"

Bono shook his head and uttered an 'uh uh'

"Right now." His eyes were full of love still, and there was still compassion but there was also lust. His eyes were lasers boring into her soul. Setting her ablaze before she'd even agreed to anything.

Serena looked around.

"What if someone walks in.. they said the director would be...." Bono moved in and fastened his lips to hers. Drawing her in. Drowning her senses, not to mention her sentence. He ran his hands along the edge of her cheek, cupped her face and then let them drift down her back. Then slowly, sensually, he pulled back, got up and clicked a button on the door that she assumed locked it. Then he turned on his heel and launched himself at the couch, causing her to squeal and get out of the way quickly. Now, inches from her lips once more, he paused. Waiting for her okay. Serena let out a long, electrically charged sigh and raised her hands in defeat.

"Ah, what the hell." She said and then pushed him down onto the couch.


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How fun! Glad you're going to continue a while

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unedited version ?????
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I love the story and how you describe Bono, I can totally see him acting, behaving, speaking exactly this way. Such a sweet story, curious how it will continue. Glad to here that she's willing to go to Dublin with him. And I wouldn't have anything against any hot scenes, but I love the way you're just touching on them without saying everything.
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This makes me smile so much too. Hope you keep it up Raven!

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This was really good.

It made me all warm and snuggly..which considering it's -20 degress outside, that was a good thing.

(I never realized how often I say the word "eh" until someone pointed it out to me.)
Upcoming gigs: U2-Moncton-07/31/11 OMG I had so much fun! So sad it's over though.

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This stories great! Love using my imagination too...cheers on not having an unedited version.
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the irish sure are charming indeed!

damn now I'm craving breakfast and it's 4.30 in the afternoon!

glad you're not ending it yet!
Originally Posted by GraceRyan View Post
And if U2 EVER did Hawkmoon live....and the version from the Lovetown Tour, my uterus would leave my body and fling itself at Bono - for realz.
Don't worry baby, it's gonna be all right. Uncertainty can be a guiding light...
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Bono's adorable

And I loved this chapter. Especially the ending, "Ah, what the hell." Been there, done that
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