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This world is not my home

~Okay so this is my 1st story and I am not a fan of writing but I had quite a few ideas and composed this..there will hopefully be more coming if I can get the juices flowing..I NEED feedback..thanks~

A hell of a year it has been. I decided when I was refused a bonus in May that I was not working at this half-ass job any longer. Since I’ve graduated high school I’ve been working in crappy jobs and I really want to make something of my life. I made my mind up that I was going to go back to school for a degree. Nursing, I thought sounded good and since there was a need for it I could go for little cost at all. In July, I got my classes scheduled for fall and figured I could use a break till then; it has been years since I’ve had a vacation.
So, that’s where I’m headed now. I’ve got six weeks and a few thousand dollars and am on the international flight to Ireland. You’re probably sitting there wondering why Ireland of all the other popular beautiful places. Well, my father was Irish. I never met him but that’s what my mom had told me. She said he’d grew up on the shores south of Dublin and I wanted to go see the area. Also, I’ve always had a passion for the Irish rock group U2. I seen them in concert once, when I was 15. My old best friend worshipped them and scored tickets to the Zoo TV tour from the radio. Ever since that show, when I was pulled onstage to dance with Bono and Edge, I’ve been a fan and couldn’t get enough. Even though I’ve never been to another live show, I’m going to Dublin to check it out. Hopefully, I will get to meet one of the members of the band members while I’m in their hometown, but I forgot to check some of the sites to see what they’ve been doing for the past year.
The ride from the airport wasn’t too long and I just want to get to the Clarence and crash. It’s 9am Dublin time so I figure I’ll be ready for the city after a nap till 12pm. I can’t wait to explore the city and then get settled for the next six weeks.
After my nap to readjust from the jet lag, I had overslept and it was now 7pm. Not knowing the city at night, I decided to go to Temple Bar and well, find the nearest bar. I sat with my Guinness and chatted the bartender up about what to see and many other things. I was amazed that for a Friday night that the bar only had about 10 people, but you could hear a rowdy few in a private room in the back.
Being myself after a few whiskeys and lagers, I decided to find the jukebox to liven the place up. I was amazed that there was only one U2 album.

“What you gonna play, love?” I hear James, the bartender, call from the bar. He’s about 50 years old I’d say from the look of him. He said he lived in Dublin all his life and that the bar has been family owned for 5 generations. He also adds to my pleasure that U2 come in here every so often for a drink when they’re in town.

“Well, I see you’ve not got much U2 over here,” as I sigh.

“How many times you think I’ve heard their songs over the years? I had to save my ears from corroding sometime, so I put my favorite album in there.”

“Ah, well, I guess that will have to do,” I remark with a sigh.

“Wait. You know love I do have something that might suit you in the back.” James motions for me to follow him back the dark hallway as I hear the voices from the back draw closer. He takes me into an office on the left of the corridor.

As James motions for me to stand by the computer as he opens up a folder containing music. “This is a song I truly love and you might be interested in it too.” As he walks out of the room I hear him chuckle some and I play this file simply named “Stateless”.

The beginning is simply beautiful. I recognize Bono’s voice and get lost in the song. Leaning over on the desk I can feel my muscles loosing tension as I relax to the music. My knees buckled as the song passed through my body. I felt weightless, moving to my own beat, swaying on the balls of my feet. It’s like the electricity passed through me, I was overcome in the song. My hand dangling at my side tremord like sparks were shooting from my finger tips. Then I was interrupted.

I jumped as a hand enclosed my left hand and a kiss, Oh so warm and soft, touched my neck sending shivers down my spine. I swung around to see who this all too friendly stranger was, ready to thrash out in anger at someone, possibly James. ‘No, not James,’ is all that registers before I find myself lost in his familiar green eyes as I fainted.

Part 2:

I awoke with freight as someone knocked at the door. “Hold on, hold on,” I snap not knowing who it could be.
Standing from the bed, I look around the room, ‘This is not my room! Oh God! Don’t tell me I went and had a one night stand with someone! I’m not drinking again! Shit! Shit and double shit!’ Thoughts run wild through my head as I try to think back to last night.

The knocking again.

‘Pull yourself together…Where am I?! ..Oh, I hope I’ve not been kidnapped! Fuck!’

Still knocking at the door.

“Okay! I don’t know what you want or who you are…but come in.” I let out a deep annoyed sigh.

“Well if you put it that way, I’ll just ask from here. Would you enjoy some breakfast?” A soft Irish accented voice says from behind the door. Hmm, it sounds familiar, but I don’t know anyone from Ireland! Although, I could use some food…

“Meet me in the front hall then. Oh, do you do meat?” he says.

“Yes, but no eggs please. I’ll be out in ten.”

‘God, I want to know where I am! What the fuck happened last night?! This is what I get when I go for a few drinks now eh?’

After I wash up in the bathroom and put my old clothes back on, it hits me like a rock. The familiar voice, then I remember the song. Turning around to see who was being fresh with me, then those eyes!

I let out a shriek, silencing myself with my hand. ‘Oh, my God! It’s Edge! Edge from U2!’ And I faint again, only this time falling onto the soft bed.

I wake up to a warmth, his voice. “Michelle, Michelle! Sweetheart wake up! What’s happening with you?”

As I let out a breath, he kisses my head, wrapping his arms around me and holding me close.

I pull away and look at him, into his striking green eyes. “Oh my God! You’re Edge!” I shriek.

He begins chuckling, “So, I guess you’ve figured that much out.” Only making him laugh harder.

I can feel my face turning red. I try to speak but I’m dumbstruck. Nothing comes from my open mouth but a small noise. ‘How? Why? Oh my God! When? How?’ The thoughts rush around my brain nothing is clear except Edge is holding me in his arms.

Sensing my discomfort, Edge suggests, “Why don’t we go eat and then we can talk about this later.” He kisses my head again, then grabs my hand leading me down the hall.

Walking down the hall through his home, all I can concentrate on is the warmth and softness of his hand, Edge’s hand. I can’t believe I’m in Edge’s house, so I pinch myself on the arm with my free hand. ‘Nope, I’m not dreaming,’ I think to myself as I look at the red mark now on my forearm.

After the very quiet breakfast, he hands me a coffee, leaning across the kitchen island I’m sitting at. I can’t help but look at his arm, those muscles. ‘That’ arm has rocked this world for over 20 years! Trying not to stare, I take in that he’s wearing a black t-shirt, dark faded jeans, and of course his trademark black beanie.

“So, did you sleep well?” He asks, breaking my train of thought and the silence.

“Um, yes, thanks.” I barely udder as I stumble for words. “Though, I’m afraid I can’t recall anything about how I ended up here.”

Chuckling, he says, “Well, when you were in the office last night, listening to our song, I couldn’t help myself. Something just came over me so, I was going to ask you to dance, but you passed out in my arms.”

With that, I look down at my feet, how could I be so stupid, fainting just anywhere!

“So, I carried you back to the room where the rest of the band was. They seemed to enjoy the thought that women were falling at me feet. *Laughing* Of course I didn’t tell them any different! You were sleeping so sound that I brought you home so you could rest.”

“You pick up many strays often?” I mumble and we both laugh.

‘God! You’re such a fucking idiot!’ I think to myself as I fidget with my hands in my lap.

He comes around and stands to my side with his hand on my shoulder. “I couldn’t bear the thought of leaving you stay there alone,” he says rubbing my shoulder. I dare not look at him, I’m so ashamed. What kind of girl passes out in a bar in a strange country in the company of a rock star?

Edge takes his long, skinny, guitar playing fingers and draws a line up my neck to my jaw bone. I shudder at the feeling of his warm hand guiding me to look up at him. When our eyes meet he lightly runs his lips along my cheek bone, planting little kisses. I can feel his whiskers rub my skin, tickling me. My mind is blurred and my heart is pounding, as he brushes my lips with his, ever so lightly. I moan out loud as he kisses me, feeling his tongue explore my mouth. I open my eyes, to meet his as he chews softly on my bottom lip.

Letting the feelings and emotion register, I pull away. He studies me for a moment with question, about to say something.

“Uh, umm, I’ve got to go.” I say in a hurry, looking down to my feet. ‘Shit! Why did I just say that! I’m not even sure where the hell I am!’

“I’m sorry,” Edge says, “I guess I shouldn’t have done that.”

“No, no. It’s not that.” I look up at him, those green eyes could swallow me up. “I really just need time to think. This is all just too weird. I just got in Dublin yesterday and didn’t even dream of meeting any of ya’ll and now this.” I can feel myself blushing as he releases his frown. “I should be get back to the Clarence anyways. How can I thank you enough for not leaving me in that bar?”

“Well you could have dinner with me tonight, if its not too forward,” he says letting go of my arm.

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ooooohhhhh!!!!!!!! I love this! Edge is just
Whatever you do....don't stop!
This is your first fic? I hope you get the juices flowing because I want more! Please?

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HAHA yeah its mine.. Thanks for the good feedback.. hopefully on my break from school I will have more to post.. this damn Chemistry class is driving me bonkers..
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Looking forward to it
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Cant wait to read the rest
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