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This Aint a Love Song pt 4

Disclaimer: compleat made up crap

Waking up the next morning I look over at Edge who is lying on his back still fast asleep. He’s thrown off the blankets slightly giving me a nice view of his chest. Smirking to myself I lean over and start placing kisses on his chest, moving slowly upwards from his stomach towards hic neck.

“That tickles,” he murmurs sleepily.

Smiling I nibble at his neck drawing a soft moan from him as I work my way up his neck and place kisses all along his jaw before brushing my lips against his.

Slowly he opens his eyes and smiles up at me. “I think I could do with waking up like this more often.”

“Well maybe I’ll just have to do this more often then,” I say before resuming my attack on his neck.

“Mummm, I think so.”

Needless to say we don’t get up for a while.

When we finally make it down to the hotel restaurant for breakfast Daryl makes then over-exaggerated gesture of checking his watch fro the time before saying, “Well there’s no reason to ask why you’re almost an hour later then usual.”

“I see you didn’t leave me any toast to eat,” I say sitting down across from him.

“You’re late so you can get your own toast,” he replies. “Or Edge could be a gentleman and get it for you.”

“That would be a pleasant change from the guys I normally hang around with.”

“We never claimed to be gentlemen. Quite the opposite in fact.”

I roll my eyes and am about to reply when Edge reappears with a plate of food including the aforementioned toast.

I’ve just finished spreading jam on the toast when the rest of the band walks in. Seb threads his way threw the tables with Alex and Ryan in toe then stops next to us and tosses a paper on the table in front of me.

“They know Edge is here,” he says. “So now it’s only a matter of hours before your mother knows he’s here.”

“Great,” I reply as unenthusiastically as possible.

Seb grins lopsidedly. “Well its better then not knowing at all.”

“What’s out itinerary for today,” Alex jumps in before I can respond.

I pull out my palm pilot and open the file with today’s date on it. “Here you go. You can read.”

“We have an interview at 5:30,” he says sounding disgusted. “What about dinner?”

“You can do the regular ‘lets eat a couple slices of pizza then play then eat more after the show’. Unless you’ve suddenly developed a problem with that.”

“We just heard about a great seafood place,” Ryan explains. “So we wanted to try it.”

“So we’ll go there before you do the interview.”

“And before sound check,” Daryl adds.

I nod. “That too. And if you’re still hungry after the show you can go somewhere lese to eat since you normally do anyway.”

Alex shrugs and hands me back my palm pilot. “Okay.”

They start to leave and Daryl stands up.

“I’ll go with them just to make sure they haven’t forgotten anything important, like the fact that we have to make a reservation.”

I grin. “Now that’s the first good idea you’ve had in a long time.”

He sticks his tongue out at me before grabbing his notebook and following them out the door.

* * * * *

I have to admit that the seafood place had been a good idea, even I’d liked it and I wasn’t a big fan of seafood.

As usual I was working on organizing stuff for next week while they did their sound check. Often I’d work right through the show if I was busy which I planned on doing tonight since I hadn’t got as much done as I’d have liked to this past while.

Edge came over and sat down next to me. “I think I’m going to head back to the hotel when they go for the interview because something I ate is really disagreeing with me.”

I looked up at him in concern and noticed he didn’t really look good either. “I’ll go back with you.”

“Don’t bother if you have work to do.”

“Well, I’ll see you back to the hotel in any case.”

Now I’m waiting for the guys to conclude their interview, which right now is running close to 15 minutes over the half hour it was supposed to take.

Suddenly the sound of sirens splits the air and I look outside where the sky has just started darkening trying to catch a glimpse of what’s causing the emergency. On the horizon just over the roves of a few buildings I can see flames licking at the darkening sky and my breath catches in my throat when I realise that they’re in the direction of our hotel.

“That’s a fire, isn’t it?” Daryl asks coming up beside me. Then he frowns, “and it’s right by our hotel.”

“Edge is there,” I say in a strained voice that doesn’t quite sound like me.

“Let’s swing by and make sure it’s not the hotel then before we hit the stage.”

No one objects and as we climb into the van I find myself praying that it’s any other building but the one Edge is in that’s on fire, which I know is extremely selfish of me.

As we round the corner of the street where the hotel is located it becomes painfully clear that it is the hotel is on fire. I leap out the door of the van and sprint towards the barrier the firefighters have set up frantically scanning the crowd for Edge. There’s a small group of hotel staff and some guest being treated by paramedics but I don’t spot Edge among them.

A firefighter is speaking into his radio; “I want everyone out of there now, that wing isn’t safe…”

It’s then that I notice that the wing of the hotel we were staying in is in the worst of the entire building. A lump gathers in my throat as I realise Edge is most likely still inside and I start running towards the building when a firefighter grabs me.

“Let go of me,” I’m trying to struggle away from him despite the fact that he’s twice my size. “My fiancé’s still in there.”

“In the left wing of the building?” he asks with a shake of his head. “We can’t get anywhere near it.”

I still attempt to pull away from him. “I don’t care.”

Another firefighter grabs my other arm to keep me from running into the building. “It’s not safe in there.”

I want to say something but the remarks are stuck behind the lump in my throat caused by the knowledge that Edge is somewhere in there.

Abruptly Daryl shoots by me in a dead run for the main doors to the hotel.

“Grab him!” someone yells. One of the firefighters tries but Daryl dodges him and disappears through the front doors and behind the flames.

There’s a long tense silence in which I stop struggling and wait with baited breath hoping Daryl will reappear. There’s an earth-shaking explosion on that side of the building that blows out all the glass sending shards of glass and white-hot embers raining down on top of us.

“Idiot,” one of the firefighters mutters. “He’s just walked right into his own death.”

There’s a long tense silence as I remain rooted to the spot, oblivious of everyone’s attempts to move me further back to safety, while I watch for some sign of Daryl and Edge.

After what seems like forever he comes into view around the end of the building half carrying and half dragging Edge’s limp form. Some firefighters quickly run over and get a hold of both of them and carry them over to the paramedics for treatment.

Edge is unconscious and according to the paramedics suffering from smoke inhalation and carbon monoxide poisoning as well as some minor burns. They quickly give him an oxygen mask and load him in the back of an ambulance to take him to the hospital for further treatment.

I’m jumping in the back of the ambulance to go with him and Daryl frees himself from the paramedics’ arms and crawls in after me collapsing on the floor. He looks worse off then Edge, his face is covered in soot and he’s sporting nasty burns on his arms and legs along with burned clothing; he’s lost his glasses somewhere and is doubled over coughing.

“It was a gas fire,” he manages to gasp out. “That means it was set.”

“We know,” a paramedic replies before forcing an oxygen mask over his face.

* * *
that's all for now. who wants to guess at the person behind the fire?

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surely not her mom?

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glad that Edge and Daryl are safe though!
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great story
sheesh my heart was beating faster hoping edge was safe!
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Thank god Edge survived!
I think I'll go with the mum as well...

This story is really unravelling itself nicely! Good job
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