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the sweetest thing pt 3

Alison was not a vindictive person but when it was time to return Jamie to Trisha, she found it ironic that the woman had left her nanny Louise to pick Jamie up from Bono’s as she was occupied going somewhere with Shayne and couldn’t collect him herself.

So much for her running down Bono’s parenting skills when it suited her. She hoped it would sicken Trisha when she spoke to Jamie and the little lad most likely would let her know that Bono had been around quite a lot with him this past week, proving her earlier prediction about Bono’s negligence untrue.

Alison was a little sad to see Jamie return home, even though running around after him had practically exhausted her, she had felt it had given her a sense of purpose for being around when Bono wasn’t about. And had occupied her time.

They had another week in America, before returning to Dublin, only they were spending it in Boston where the band had some business to sort out with their new album. Alison found it amusing to think at one stage her trusty old bike was all she needed to get around, now she was jet setting from one place to the other and she was starting to get accustomed to it.

The first few days she passed the time in sight seeing and shopping with the other band members whilst Bono and the others were busy with business

On their third evening when Bono came back to the hotel room where they were staying, she noticed he wasn’t his usual talkative self, and seemed almost withdrawn, lost in his own thoughts.

Being with him all this time she had learned to read his moods and knew there was something on his mind, that was more likely bothering him, and he was biting his nails, a sure sign something was up.

“Is everything alright?” she found herself asking in mild concern as she came over and plopped herself on his knee, “Everything is ok with the new album isn’t it?”

“Huh?” Bono looked up at her blankly for a moment, “Oh yeah the album.. Everything is great” he smiled his arms going around her, despite his assurance though he was staring into her face with a rather odd expression, she couldn’t quite put her finger on.

“What’s wrong? Have I got lipstick on my nose or grown an extra head?” she enquired in amusement?”

“What makes you ask that?” Bono demanded.

“Well what else am I to think the way you are gawping at me?” Alison replied, then she frowned “There is something bothering you isn’t there?”

He opened his mouth as if to tell her something then stopped and shook his head, “No really I’m fine, just tired, it’s been a long day”

Alison wasn’t convinced but had to let it drop as Bono’s cell phone went of at that moment and she had to shift of his knee to let him answer it was Edge, when the call finished Bono insisted they go down and meet up with the other band members in the hotel bar for a drink seeming his usual chirpy self, whatever was on his mind he had put aside for now.


Alison reluctantly opened her eyes the following morning, they had spent a late night in the hotel bar with the others.. And she had no desire to wake up just yet, but then she realised that Bono was awake leaning on one elbow watching her.. He had that strange look on his face again, that made her stir out of her relaxed sleep

“Morning sleepyhead” Bono smiled

“Morning yourself” she replied, “How long have you been awake just staring at me like that? she then queried

“A while” he replied, “Just thinking how great you are.. And how you deserve the best and all the good things in life.. And I want to give them to you”

“Well you are not doing too bad so far” Alison replied.

“Glad to hear it” he smiled and bent down to kiss her, “something tells me this is going to be a special day” he then predicted making her brown eyes widen questioningly

“Oh how do you reckon that then?” she asked

Bono got up swinging himself out of bed with the vague reply, “You will just have to wait and see.

He remained jovially mysterious as he got dressed and before he left, much to Alison’s consternation.. He was up to something, she was beginning to feel it in her bones.. But knowing Bono it could be anything and she had no idea what it was.

She didn’t hear from him again until later that afternoon when he phoned her on her cell phone she had been out visiting some of the local stores, and he told informed her that he was waiting for her back at the hotel restaurant and had a surprise for her.. But he refused to tell her what it was.

Remembering their conversation earlier that morning Allie realised she had been right about him being up to something.. And now she was about to find out

She arrived at the hotel armed with a few shopping bags and made her way to the restaurant, there were not many people in it, and she wasn’t long spotting Bono, he was not alone there was an older woman with him, but as she was seated with her back to her Alison did know who it was.

Bono had that strange expression on again, like he was tense and excited at the same time as he spotted her approaching. He said something to the woman with him, who now turned her head.

Alison reeled to a halt just before reaching the table, Bono was standing up, as if he was about to say something, but if it was to introduce her to the woman, he need not have bothered, despite her hair being smattered with grey Alison recognised her much to her shock.. It was her mother.

She smiled at Alison uncertainly, transporting her back to when she was a little girl, when her mother paid her one of her rare visits, Alison had not realised until now how much her mother's face had been etched in her memory. Alison manage to tear her eyes away from her mother to look at Bono questioningly not understanding why she was here with him.

She was not ready for this. She found the room seem to be spinning and her mouth had gone very dry, somewhere from deep within her a sharp stabbing pain of her mothers abandonment came flooding back.. And she knew she could not face or talk to this woman she did not want to talk to her, she just wanted to escape.

Shaking her head a little, not quite believing this was happening to her, she turned on her heel and fled the restaurant, not caring about the looks she received from the few onlookers in the room

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This is good so far.Looking forward to the next part.

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i have just read this from the start

its looking good, can't wait for the next bit
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