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The sweetest thing pt 2

Bono slipped into the house, finding it quieter than he hoped for. He hadn’t realised how late it was. The senator had insisted on inviting him back to his home Bono had reluctantly agreed, not planning on staying long. But then he got caught up talking to the senators wife and teenage daughter about his latest cause in Africa which they were also keenly interested in. It had been their efforts that had persuaded the Senator to hear Bono out in the first place so he felt he owed them the time, but he had forgotten the length of his stay, then realised when he looked outside it was starting to get dark.

He had hastily informed the senator and his family that he had to go, remembering Ali had picked up Jamie that day for him, and remembering he had told her he would get away as quick as he could. He just hope Ali wasn’t mad at him.

She was dozing on the sofa in front of the television when he entered the lounge, but she was not sleeping, as soon as she heard him make a noise her eyes opened and she sat up to peer at the clock it was just hitting nine thirty p.m.

“You are back then?, how did it go?” she enquired

Bono half expecting her to be angry with him and start on him for being so late, couldn’t hide his surprise

“Um.. It went great, the senator seemed really interested in what I had to say” he replied as he came to sit next to her on the sofa, “I think I got another ally on my side”

“Good.. We will have to have them over to dinner sometime” Ali smiled

Bono shot her a furtive sidelong glance, still waiting for an explosion of some sort “Your not mad at me…? I swear I never realised how late it was.. And I know I promised you I would get away quick with Jamie coming to stay, it’s just that the senator and his family were so genuinely interested I got a bit carried away… you know how hard it is to get politicians to actually listen to you” he then pointed out in frustration.

Alison grinned “Its ok, I do understand” she assured him, though she would be lying to herself if she didn’t admit she was a bit miffed at him earlier in the evening when he didn’t show and they were supposedly going to take Jamie to a Disney on ice show along with Edge and his kids.

But then remembering Trisha’s malicious words that morning, about Bono’s unreliability made her think, Alison was not going to go down that road the same as Trisha, and tear Bono down for his faults. After all what he was trying to achieve outweighed any of those, He was helping those less fortunate than himself.. It wasn’t like he had deserted her to run partying and going with other women.. If that were the case Alison would seriously have got mad.

Bono was staring at her wonderingly, “Did I ever tell you I think you are the most beautiful fantastic woman on this earth?” he exclaimed in gratitude realising she wasn’t going to give him a rollicking

“Oh yeah, at least once a week” Alison replied glibly but there was a mischievous twinkle in her brown eyes

“Well its true” Bono grinned and reached over to kiss her on the lips, then remembered about Jamie

“I guess the little man is in his bed now” he realised ruefully

“Yep her went down a half hour ago, and he went out like a light. He did enjoy the show though, so did I, and we were not lonely because Edge and his kids were with us and he had a great time with them, we went for a burger afterwards.

Well you don’t have to make it sound as if neither of you missed me one little bit, after me fretting and worrying about letting you down” Bono remarked sounded almost petulant

“Aww!” Alison drawled with mock sympathy “Of course we missed you, but I was damned if I was going to let it spoil our fun, after all you wouldn’t have wanted that now would you?”

“True” Bono admitted defeat at Alison’s simple logic.

“So how much did you miss me then?” he found himself enquired in a casual tone a moment later

“Well, Why don’t we go to bed and I’ll show you” Alison replied suggestively making him grin

“Sounds good to me” he replied only too readily


Despite the fact Alison had not been angry with him, Bono was determined he was not going to let anything else get in the way of his week with Jamie, and spent most of the time with him and Alison as he had promised.

Alison was duly impressed, she loved watching Jamie and Bono together.. And couldn’t help admire Bono for the love he gave to the child even though he was aware that he was not really his, she knew she could not love him no more if he was.

Once more it made her think about how her own mother had abandoned her, but thankfully she had her grandparents to bring her up in a warm caring home so she had never missed out really.

Still being here in America it hit her this was where her mother also lived, although she did not have a clue whereabouts,.. Though when she first arrived for the first time in America a few months before with Bono she had pondered if she would run into her. But now realising how vast and big America actually was, she realised the chances were unlikely.

“What would you do if you did run into her Ali?” Bono enquired when she had discussed it with him one night as they lay in bed

Alison stared up at the ceiling thinking over the question “I don’t know” she finally replied,

“I wouldn’t know what to say now she is just like a stranger to me”

“You know that’s sad” Bono remarked, “You being estranged from your mum, and she is the only flesh and blood you have.. It isn’t right y’know”

Alison shrugged “It was her choice” she sounded flippant, it was her way of protecting herself from the hurt she felt deep down by her mothers rejection which she never let show

“I don’t care that much anyway, as long as I have you” she turned to smiled at him

“And I ain’t going anywhere babe” he assured her pulling her into his arms, “I plan to be around for a long time”

“You don’t know how glad I am to hear that” Alison chuckled wrapping her arms around him feeling like the luckiest girl in the world.

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This is some good stuff. I can really picture the scenes with Bono and Ali, fanfics of them are always gorgeous.

Looking forward to the next chapter!!

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Keep Going--I love this!
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