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the sweetest thing pt 1 ( island girl revisited)

Ok here we go and just for those who haven't read the previous stories here are the links so you know what is going on
Island girl pt 1

Island girl pt2

(eight months after Island girl part 2)

Alison sat in the back of the black sedan car as it made its way along one of the busy LA highways. She was on her way to collect Jamie from Trisha’s place. She and Bono had agreed to look after him for a week whilst they were in the USA. Trisha was taking of to the Bahamas with her latest toy boy actor, Shayne Carmichael.

Alison was feeling a tad anxious, she really wished Bono was with her. In fact Bono had been the one to supposedly go to pick Jamie up, only at the last minute he got called to an important meeting with some senator and Alison found herself with no other choice but to go and collect him herself.

She was looking forward to spending time with Jamie, she had become quite fond of the five year old boy on the occasions they had spent together over the last lot of months. What was making her feel uneasy was facing Trisha, Bono’s ex wife.

Not that the woman had been particularly nasty to her in anyway the few times they had met. But remembering that Bono had a life with this woman, who was older, with far more worldly, and sophisticated than herself, as well as fitting in quite comfortably with the public side of life, more than Alison ever cared for. It was where they differed with each other, and Alison felt that Trisha considered Bono’s relationship with her somewhat of an amusing oddity and not to be taken too seriously.

Alison could not help but feel a little intimidated in Trisha’s presence. She was always perfectly made up and wearing the right kind of fashionable clothes, that now had Alison rummaged in her bag for her powder compact to check how she looked, Trisha never seem to have a hair out of place she realised in disgust.

Alison had never placed a high importance on how she looked or dressed, though like every other woman she had an interest in it, it was not her top priority, and she was finding it un nerving that the woman could have this affect on her.

Meeting her frowning reflection, she snapped the compact shut, chastising herself.. What did it matter how she looked? She was picking up Jamie, not going to a beauty contest and her good common sense told her she had to get a grip.

She could picture Bono laughing at her getting into such a state over meeting his ex, and was suddenly glad he wasn’t present, after all he was suppose to be the one with the insecurities not her. Though lately she was the one dealing with a whole new upheaval of her life with Bono, and although she would not change it for anything, she found herself dealing in new and challenging situations she had never experienced before.

To be fair Bono did his best to try and make it as easy as possible for her, and she could cope fine when they were back in Dublin, and everything was familiar, But being here in America was a different kettle of fish, it was interesting and yet it was daunting.

Even more so because this past few weeks, she found herself spending less time with Bono as he was overwhelmed by commitments to the band and his other pursuits, and she was doing her best, determined she was going to support him and not give him any more cause for concern fretting if she was happy.

He was always worrying his whirlwind lifestyle was too much for her and she would not be able to handle it, and although she was still trying to find her niche in his world, she was sure whatever happened she was going to be right by his side when he needed her that was her ultimate goal.

She had been proud of herself with what she had achieved so far, learning to drive, partaking in his charity work and supporting him, giving a certain stability when he came home from where ever he had to be, and he always let her know how much he appreciated it which made it all worthwhile, which made her smile now and feel a little better as the car
pulled into the large curved driveway of Trisha’s home.

Alison braced herself as the car pulled to a halt and the driver got out to open the door for her.. Another thing she had to get use to was having someone to drive around and wait on her, but her new driving skills were not up to the standards where she could drive herself around just yet in American roadways so for now she was grateful.

She stepped out of the car thanking the driver with a smile, and promising she would not be long and going up to the front door she knocked briskly hoping she looked calmer than she felt.

Trisha was not the one who answered the door, much to Alison’s relief, instead it was Louise, Jamie’s nanny, who ushered Alison into the hallway whilst she went to fetch her charge.

Just when Alison thought she could breath easy Trisha came wandering out from one of the rooms, looking chic and elegant, her green eyes surveying Alison up and down, before shooting her a small smile

“Well well well, I guess the unreliable Mr B strikes again” she drawled, “I could have swore he was suppose to come and pick up Jamie”

“Yes he was, but something came up at the last moment, he had to meet with Senator Williams, it was the only chance he would get to talk with him, so of course I send him of on his good deed for the day and came to pick up Jamie for him” Alison replied airily, determined that she would not let Trisha get under her skin

“How good of you” there was no warmth in Trisha’s smile, “Well have fun with Jamie, he has been looking forward to spending time with Bono, so I hope he will make the time for him, and doesn’t leave you lumped with him for the whole week.. whilst he is of doing his good deeds or getting drunk or whatever” she remarked with a dismissive gesture of her hand as if she had lost interest in the subject

“Don’t worry Bono intends to spend as much time with Jamie as he can, we have lots of fun things planned already” Alison informed her with a tight smile.

“How nice, you must enjoy playing happy little families” Trisha returned, “It was not something I often had the pleasure of experiencing when I was married to him..”

“How unfortunate for you, well I can’t say I have any complaints so far” Alison shot back

Trisha just smiled somewhat smugly, “Its early days yet my dear. You will, you will”

Alison was glad at that moment Louise appeared with Jamie, and cut the conversation between her and Trisha, it was starting to get acutely uncomfortable.

Jamie rushed over to Alison, pleased to see her, Trisha insisted he came to her and give her a kiss goodbye and told him to behave for Alison, and her last parting shot added, if you are really good daddy might spend some time with you”

Alison was glad to escape, just about holding her tongue from saying something she might regret, but she would not give Trisha the pleasure, or upset Jamie and spoil their time together

“I’ll be in touch over the phone, you know where to reach me if you need me” Trisha then said as Alison headed for the front door with Jamie’s holdall and his favourite cuddly tiger he brought everywhere with him

“Yes of course” Alison forced herself to smile brightly “Have a nice time with er.. Shayne”

“Don’t worry I intend to” Trisha assured her almost purring, then stood and waved goodbye
As Alison led Jamie over to the car, glad to finally get away without too much damage being done.

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I went back & read the other stories--I couldn't stop. I've read some of your other stories--you are very good!

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I remember the Island girl stories,I loved them.Glad to see the story continue,looking forward to the next part.
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