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The Reason I Sing: Part V

Disclaimer: None of this happened, all of it is fiction, apart from the song lyrics. Not making a penny from this. Don't know the band.

My young love said to me my mother won’t mind
And my father won’t slight you for your lack of kind

“Keep the change”. Oh that was close. Honestly, some girls are turning into vultures. No-where’s safe from them, all loud and forward and wow some of them swagger better than I do. A certain lack of… what’s the word?

And he laid his hand on me, and this he did say

Elegance, that’s the word. The simple things. The classics. Like an Italian suit or
It will not be long love til our wedding day.

Singing a cappella, or this song. A beautiful song, and so simple. She’s not toying with it at all.

He went away from me, and he moved through the fair

But she has changed the gender. She wants to feel this, to get under its skin.

And with fondness I watched him move here and move there

There’s experience in that voice too. Age, and she’s…

And then he went onward, just one star awake,
As the swan in the evening moves over the lake

Much younger than she sounds. I can’t remember how long its been since I heard this tune, “Belfast Child” aside. How long has it been sine I heard “folk”?

But the people were saying no two were ‘er wed

Must be, oh the 80s, or the odd night with Edge and his Dad and my.. oh they were such friends, and I haven’t thought to ask how he’s coping. Maybe I should give him a call.

But that one had a sorrow that never was said
And I saw him move past with his goods and his gear

But the 80s, oh where was it I heard this. No, not just this song, but this song? The same voice. In the 80s it just doesn’t make sense.

And that was the last that I saw of my dear.

The same phrasing, the same pauses and breaths. I’m not imagining it. She’s far too young, but, London that was it! On the way back from…

Last night he came to me, my dear one came in

in the rain when the van wouldn’t start. Look at her, she can’t be that old, but the accent’s London. Which is something. And if I’m not imagining it she breathes twice here…

So softly he came that his feet made no din
And he laid his hand on me and this he did say

Well she’s seen me. But how could she not. Her eyes pierce almost as much as her voice does. I wonder if she has any clue why I know her voice. I wish I did. I love that line…

It will not be long love til our wedding day.

I wonder what the rush is? Was that look aimed at me? Well that was a fast exit. I’ll just finish this and see if she’s ok. She seemed a little wired.

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And you made me want to go back and listen to Simple Minds. (, yes I know, it's not the same but you reminded me of it!)

Oh, I love when there is music in stories, isn't it what inspires us each day?

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'Rina- i love this story- I must reread it, as I am going too quickly to find out what is happening.
Your writing style reels me in so , and your descriptions help paint the proper picture in my head.. I love that. and I love the way you tell what is going on in their minds, and we want to know so much more.

What is the name of the song:

'And he laid his hand on me, and this he did say, It will not be long love til our wedding day'

It is from Michael Flatley's Lord of the Dance, isn't it?????
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... So much mystery. I wonder where it'll take us...

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I can't believe I missed this!

Wonderful chapter again... very interesting to get Bono's point of view, and that little bit more insight...

But still more questions than answers

Can't wait for more!
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