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The Promises we make pt 10

*Disclaimer: ~ Though inspired in part by real people; none of the stuff in the story really happened or is intended to represent reality in anyway. It’s just a daydream.

The Promises we make pt 10

She struggled out of the wet, clingy clothes and found a washer and dryer hidden in a utility closet. Once her clothes were drying, she wrapped a towel around herself, grateful to be out of the wet cotton and denim. She toweled her hair down to damp rather than dripping and let it hang loose to air dry.

She peeked through the door to make sure there was no one lurking in the hallway before venturing out the door and down the hallway. She stopped and stood on the threshold of his bedroom, feeling as if she were snooping around in his private business. She had been invited, she reminded herself. He told her to find something to wear. Something of *his*.

She didn’t want to admit how giddy it made her, the thought of wearing his clothes. It was far too personal of a gesture, she should’ve refused. Maybe taken some towels and driven home, or simply waited in misery for Pauley to finish his swim and then go as quickly as possible.

Instead, she crept into his bedroom like a thief in the night. She found the walk in closet and stood, staring in disbelief at the wardrobe this man kept. She could hardly imagine having so many clothes. Of course, his appearance was a big part of his profession, she reminded herself.

Still, he had so many things he could not have worn more than once and then likely forgotten. She could easily have chosen one of those shirts which looked brand new, but she didn’t. She found a dresser of drawers against one wall, on top of it was a pile of discarded clothes.

Not dirty, exactly, but not neatly folded or hung up properly. She found a plain white cotton T-shirt and, before she even thought about what she was doing, lifted it to her nose. Her eyes drifted shut in pleasure as his scent filled her nose. He’d worn this shirt and discarded it here, probably recently.

She didn’t know why, but a man’s scent was so powerful to her. It seemed utterly ridiculous for something so simple as that to evoke such strong feelings in her. But it did. Because it smelled like him. Him and nobody else. She slipped the knot out of her towel and let it drop, sliding the T-shirt over her head and continuing to search.

For modesty’s sake she slipped a short sleeved black button down shirt on over the T-shirt and after searching through countless pairs of jeans which would never fit her, she found a pair of running shorts which were the only thing with a waist wide enough and legs short enough to fit her. At least, without looking utterly ridiculous.

She took care to shut out the lights as she left his room, strolling down the hall, looking around at everything with great interest. It was always an experience to be cherished, the first time someone let you roam around in their home unsupervised. She paused in the kitchen to mop up some of the water Larry had missed earlier, and when she finally reached the sliding door she saw that they were already out of the water.

Pauley stood on the tile, teeth chattering together, lips looking a bit blue, but insisting he was not cold and wanted to continue swimming. She covered her mouth and snickered at the boys determination, slipping off to one side of the door so no one would see her listening in. She was curious how Larry would handle Pauley’s fierce negotiation tactics.

She peeked out from behind a curtain in the nearby window and watched as Larry wrapped Pauley up in one thick towel, then rubbed the boys hair dry with another. She almost lost focus on her intentions as she watched him use the towel to dry his own bare chest and then draped it around his neck casually. He belonged on a centerfold or a movie, not real life. He was too damn sexy to be true.

“I’m too cold to go in right now, and you can’t go in alone, so we’re going to take a break. You’ll let me get warmed up won’t you?” Larry had said to the boy while helping him dry off. Pauley considered this possibility and finally nodded in agreement. Just so long as it wasn’t his own fault that they were out of the pool, Pauley could accept that.

“Larry?” Pauley asked, still clutching the towel around his shoulder and shivering. Larry picked him up under one arm and carried him over to the patio chairs which were still in a patch of sunshine. “I was wondering…”

“What kiddo?”

“Will you be my daddy, now?” He asked, and Simone’s lips parted in surprise, her eyes widening and her heart seeming to stop. She was at a loss for where he would ever come up with such an idea. She didn’t realize he even knew he should have a daddy. Larry was surprised too, apparently, because it took him a moment to react.

“That is quite a question, little man. Why were you wondering about that?”

“Because Trine says when she was little she didn’t have a daddy either. But now Adam is her daddy. I thought YOU might be MY daddy.” He replied, and Simone blinked back fat tears. A big part of her wanted go interrupt and spare the boy from the potential pain which would come with the answer to this. For whatever reason, though, she stayed rooted to the floor, right where she was, unable to move.

“Well, it’s not quite as simple as that.” Larry told the boy, sitting on the deck chair next to Pauley’s. “First of all… would you want me to be your Daddy? Cuz we’re already friends, right?”

“Yeah.” The boy replied, thinking hard on what he obviously considered a very serious question. “But if you were my Daddy, you could live with us, in the same house and we could play together even more.” He suggested, and Simone laughed through her tears.

“Sure. But I would have to do other things like make you help clean up and tell you when to go to bed. If you ever did anything bad, I’d have to be the one to warn you not to do it anymore and punish you if you did.” Larry informed him seriously. Pauley frowned at the thought of Larry punishing him, but then countered that argument with one of his own.

“I won’t be bad.” He promised solemnly, and Larry smiled at him.

“I’m not saying you would.” He assured him. “But there’s a couple other things to consider, too.”

“Like what?”

“As much as I might like the idea of being your Da, and I think you’re a great kid, there is one other person who has to really like the idea.” He said.

“Mom?” Pauley guessed, and Larry smiled at the boy and nodded his head.

“Your mom.” He agreed. “We would have to convince her. And it would take a lot, I think, to convince her to want to live with me. See, she’d have to put up with me hanging around all the time. She’d even have to share a bed with me. She would have to really like me a lot.”

Pauley had an answer for this, as well. He was very quick for a four year old, and Simone herself had been caught off guard by his logic more than once.

“But you’re really nice, I think she likes you. She took like a hundred pictures of you and me at the beach, and she looks at them all the time.” He informed Larry, and Simone wondered if it was too late to interrupt the conversation. Or maybe turn back time. Or simply run away.

She realized suddenly that it had gotten quiet and when she looked back out the window, she saw that they were on their way into the house. She hurried back to the hallway and acted as if she were just coming out from the bathroom.

“Hey, done already?” She asked, keeping her eyes on Pauley.

“Larry got cold.” He told her, and she smiled knowingly.

“And hungry.” Larry added, opening the refrigerator and peering inside. “Have you had dinner?” He asked, to which Pauley quickly replied no.

“You did too!” Simone laughed. “We had spaghetti, remember?”

“But I’m still hungry!” Pauley argued.

“You can eat something else, but if you go around telling people I didn’t give you dinner they’re going to think I don’t take good care of you.” She told him gently and he rolled his eyes at her as if that were the most ridiculous thing he’d ever heard.

“Grapes?” Larry asked, looking at Pauley who twisted his mouth up comically and scratched his chin thoughtfully. “Or, I think I have some popcorn.” He said, seeing that the boy was still not satisfied with any of those suggestions. “You wouldn’t want Ice Cream…” he finally said playfully, smirking as the boys face lit up.

“You just made a friend for life.” Simone laughed, knowing her sons appetite for ice cream. She watched as Larry found three small bowls and retrieved the vanilla ice cream from the freezer. She helped Pauley up into a chair at the table.

“None for me.” She told Larry as he started scooping.

“What?!?!” He gasped. “Ok, more for Pauley.” He teased.

“Yeah!” Pauley cheered. Simone wandered idly into the living room, just through an archway from the kitchen, and started browsing Larry’s CD collection.

“You can put something on, if you want. The changer is loaded, just use the remote and flip through until you find something you like.” Larry told her as he delivered the ice cream to his anxious young guest.

“I’m going to put on some dry clothes, I’ll be right back. And don’t you eat my ice cream!” He said, winking at Pauley who smiled broadly and promised that if Larry didn’t hurry he would eat all of both bowls of ice cream. Simone started scanning through the catalogue of CD’s, flipping incessantly until she landed on an Elvis CD. As soon as Pauley heard the beginning of ‘Heartbreak hotel’ she knew she didn’t dare change it.

Larry returned quickly in nothing but a pair of tight jeans and a necklace, and Simone was quite certain he’d done it purposefully. He claimed the seat next to Pauley and took a few small bites of his ice cream, but mostly talked to him and listened to him sing along with Elvis.

“You’re pretty good, boyo, but can you dance and remember the words at the same time?” He asked as he carried his half empty bowl to the sink. Pauley was quick to stand up on his seat and demonstrate his moves, making Larry laugh out loud and then cheer enthusiastically.

As the song came to an end, Larry strolled purposefully into the living room and took Simone by the hand as he leaned over to the stereo to select a particular track.

“What are you…?” She wondered aloud, though it was obvious what he was doing as he pulled her up against him, resting his forearms on her shoulders, moving in time to the music.

“Can I dance with your ma?” Larry asked Pauley, though his eyes were locked with Simone's.

“Yeah.” Pauley answered without enthusiasm as he sat back down to eat his ice cream. Simone smiled at Larry, rolling her eyes at him. She wasn’t ready to let him know how she felt. She didn’t know if she ever would be.

The song was one of Elvis’ earlier hits, and it was all Elvis in style. It was the best of his slow, emphatic crooning which had melted millions of hearts over the years. It was slow and sweet, and one of Simone’s personal favorites. Of course Larry didn’t know that, though he had chosen it because it reminded him of her.

As they danced, he started to sing along, looking down at her and making it perfectly clear to her that he meant the words. This wasn’t just a song, but a way for him to tell her what he wanted to say, just indirectly. She got the message loud and clear.

“Don't. That's what you say each time that I hold you this way. When I feel like this and I want to kiss you, baby, don't say don't.”

Simone lowered her eyes but realized quickly it wouldn’t help. While she had avoided his expressive eyes, now she was looking at the way the gold chain and cross pendant rested against his chest. Tan skin and solid muscle. An all-too-kissable chest.

“Don't leave my embrace, for here in my arms is your place! When the night grows cold, and I want to hold you, baby, don't say don't.”

At this point, he gently lifted her face, one hand lightly under her chin, so she would meet his eyes again.

“If you think that this is just a game I'm playing; if you think that I don't mean every word I'm saying, don't! Don't feel that way I'm your love and yours I will stay. This you can believe, I will never leave you, heaven knows I won't! Baby don't say don't.”

She was completely enchanted, and she knew even before he leaned in to kiss her that she had lost her struggle. She couldn’t fight her attraction to him anymore. She couldn’t make him fit into some neat little stereotype and write him off. He was someone very special.

The music continued for a bit longer, but Larry had said what he wanted to say and so let Elvis finish the song alone. She was holding her breath as his face drew closer to hers slowly. He paused, his nose brushing her nose and then her cheek, his lips almost touching hers but then drawing back.

When he moved in closer again, she leaned forward to meet his lips. *God!* Those lips. Those full, soft, sweet lips that felt like absolute heaven against her own. His kiss was warm, soft and gentle. It made her tremble from head to toe. She tightened her arms around his waist, her body leaning against his now as her knees turned to jelly.

Her whole body came to life with electric tingles, and he kissed her for so long that when his lips finally left hers she was dizzy. Her world was upside down, and she almost certainly would have stumbled and fallen if they weren’t holding tight to one another.

When she got herself together enough to focus again, she looked up at him and he smirked down at her.

“Told you you wanted me.” He said. Her eyes widened in shock and irritation at first. Then she pursed her lips together and looked directly into his eyes.

“Wha… Because I LET you kiss me? Honey that was charity.” She retorted.

“Yeah, because you didn’t like it at all.” He said, sarcasm dripping from his voice.

“Neh.” She said with a shrug, as if she couldn’t have cared less either way. He chuckled and leaned in close to her again, his eyelashes brushing against her temple.

“Liar.” He said, his voice a whisper, his breath hot against her cheek. She had to giggle, because it was too obviously true. She wasn’t even trying to fool him anymore, just falling into their playful routine. She heard Pauley groan dramatically and turned to see him sitting at the table with his head tilted back and his hands over his eyes.

“Yeah, I know, yuck, right? But your mom likes all that lovey dovey stuff.” Larry told him, receiving a playful elbow in the gut from Simone. Pauley just rolled his eyes and went back to eating his ice cream, Missy sitting at his feet, tail wagging and waiting for him to spill.

“What are you wearing?” Larry asked suddenly, pulling the collar away from her body with one finger and peeking under the button down shirt.

“Hey! Rude much?” She exclaimed, swatting his hand away.

“You could’ve used a clean shirt, you know.” He teased, laughing as she blushed.

“The way you walk around without one on, I thought maybe you were short on them.” She replied quickly.

“Smart ass.” he said, leaning in to kiss her again.

“UUUuuggh!” Pauley complained loudly, making Larry break down into laughter before his mouth reached hers. She bit her lip and chuckled too, leaning her head forward in defeat. Obviously, the ‘lovey dovey stuff’ as Larry called it would have to wait until after Pauley’s bed time.


“Angel?” Bono called through the door he had been knocking on for the last several minutes. It had been a long night, trying to get in touch with her. Logically, he realized she was a grown woman and for him not to see her for a few hours (especially if she were embarrassed about the fight) it wasn’t necessarily a sign that something was amiss.

He stepped back and looked around the dark, narrow hallway as his brain came up with as many reasons as he could think of for her to be either away from home or avoiding him. None of them were good. He ran his hand along the top of the doorjamb in search of a spare key, though he knew it wasn’t likely she would have one. With her background, he would be surprised she didn’t have an all-out security system installed.

He pounded on the door with the side of his fist, knocking twice as loud and for twice as long as he would usually. Part of him hoped she was avoiding him, hiding out in there, but safe. As much as he wanted her to be safe, his heart ached at the possibility she would hide from him.

“’ey! What’s with all the noise out here?” A woman’s voice asked from the door across the hall. “She’s not here!”

“What?” He asked, turning to face the slightly older woman with the round face and even rounder belly. She wore a droopy dress with massive flowers decorating it, her stockings sliding down her legs so that the rolled up tops of them were below the hemline.

“I said she isn’t here. The American. She packed up and took off yesterday night, just like that.” She told him, her eyes narrowing as she looked at him suspiciously. “Hey, you’re…” she started, pointing a finger at him as she thought about it, but rather than completing her sentence, she turned around and called back into the apartment, “Moira! Moira C’mere!”

“What d’ya want?” A voice replied, obviously not enthused to respond to the call.

“That guy yer always goin’ on about! The singer what wants to save the world?”

“Bono? What about him?”

“Well he’s standing right here, I thought you might like to come say hello!”

“I really have to go…” Bono started to excuse himself, still trying to get a grip on the fact that Angel was gone. Before he could take two steps though, he heard the sound of someone running, things being knocked over along the way.

“If you’re fucking with me…” he heard the voice mumble, and bowing his head in defeat as he realized there was no escape, he turned to face the woman again. This time a woman of about thirty, bearing a striking resemblance to the older woman, who was obviously her mother, stood in the doorway beside the original woman.

“I’m not fucking with you, he’s right bloody there!” the woman spat back at her daughter who could obviously see that with her own two eyes.

“Oh my God!” She breathed. “I cannot believe it. I spend twenty years wandering around in the city, keeping my eyes open for a glimpse of you here and there and you show up at my flat!” She said, her eyes still wide in shock.

“I was just looking for your neighbor.” He informed her, gesturing with his thumb towards Angel’s door.

“The American woman? She….”

“Left, yeah, your Ma was already telling me. Thanks.” He said, waving politely and turning to go. Normally he’d have had a bit of a chat with her, even enjoyed himself. Today he just wanted to find out where his girlfriend had gone.

“It was so nice to meet you!” She called after him, obviously dismayed that their meeting was cut so short. He waved to her again as he hurried away, and he could feel her eyes on his back as she stared at him.

Angel was gone, according to these women. Where, though? Was she hiding out in a hotel? Had she gone to stay at Edge’s while he was away? He couldn’t stand simply not knowing. He started making phone calls and canceling his appointments for the day, vowing to do nothing else until he found her.

It didn’t take quite as long as he had feared. As it turned out he had a message from her waiting in his e-mail account. Even before he opened it, he had a terrible sense of dread wash over him, leaving a bitter taste in his mouth and an deep ache in his gut.

-Bono –

I hate to leave things this way, but I don’t know how else to do it. I wish I could explain, but I don’t understand it myself. I lost my temper, and I lost control. Please make sure Cat knows how sorry I am. I don’t like who I have become lately, and I need to do something about that. I’m going home for awhile, taking some time and facing some things I’ve been avoiding.

I am more sorry than you can possibly know, because I know that you are probably hurt by my leaving without saying goodbye in person. I just couldn’t face you right now. You deserve much more than someone like me. Maybe, someday, I’ll have my head straightened out again and we can talk. That is, if you still want to. I won’t blame you if you don’t.

-I’m Sorry!

He read it three times, cursing and swearing at the screen, arguing with her as if she were there to hear it. After a few moments of ranting and raving, he knew what he had to do. He picked up the phone and dialed first Paul to let him know he would be gone for awhile, and ask him to tell the others. Then he made arrangements to fly to Phoenix as soon as possible.

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Go Larry!!

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excelent writing as always. Pauley is so cute.
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I forgot I meant to post these in between the Larry/Simone scene and the Bono Scene So I'll just put them here now
My inspiration

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That was awesome! Can't wait for more!
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Sad Girl, I love ya! This was so good!

Damn those pictures of Larry. OH man brain just overloaded. <thud>
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I love it! can't wait for more!
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aaw, poor Bono! That was great! Larry can be so sweet! I love Pauley too, he's so cute!
Can't wait for more!!
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*wants more* oh myyyyyyy.

*wants to know about cat*
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I have loved this story (and the previous ones) in general, but I adore the Larry portion of this story!!!
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ah i love this story!
can't wait for the next part!
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Aww...poor Bono. I hope Angel gets everything sorted out soon! Oh, I just the Larry/Simone storyline! Pauley's SO cute!! I can't wait for the next chapter!
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Oh Larry. Yum.
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FINALLY Larry and Simone kiss!!

Good story, can't wait for more!
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Excellent part! Want more!

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