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the long weekend pt 4-5

"So I believe you are in the music business like myself?" Bono eyed Steve from across the dining table a few hours later as they settled down to eat Ali's homemade Lasange with a various choice of vegtables and salad.

"Yeah" Steve replied "Though hardly in the same league. Don't know if I will still be around in thrity years like you.. or is it forty?" he frowned trying to remember, "Oh it doesn't matter its been a long time anyway" he then laughed of.

"Yeah I guess it has" Bono replied with his fixed smile slightly irritated that Steve was making him feel postively ancient
"So do you write your own stuff.. play an instrument of any kind, or is singing cover songs of other people songs your only talent?"

Bono winced slightly as he felt Ali kick his ankle sharply under the table and Jordan who was sitting next to Steve frowned at her dad warningly, but Steve didnt seem to take offense, instead he laughed in amusment

"Actually I can play the guitar a bit.. but my first love is singing.. and I think its a form of flattery that we do cover versions of other people songs, we introduce them to a whole new generation and make them popular again" he pointed out

"I guess that's one way of looking at it" Bono relented reluctantly

"Yeah, I mean I love all sorts of music, and even some of your stuff" Steve went on.

"Oh really, nice to know that" Bono replied

"Hey Mr H I really that love that song you done... Pride in the name of love, maybe we can get get permisson to do a cover version of that.. it would be great" Steve suggested enthuastically

"Yeah sure" Bono's smile was tight then muttered under his breath. "Over my dead body"

Eve sitting on the other side of her father just about caught it, and in an attempt to suppress the laughter threatening to explode let out a snorting noise which she hastily turned into a cough"

"Are you alright dear?" Ali asked in concern, whilst Jordan stared daggers across the table at her younger sister

"Yes Eve manage to reply in an unsteady voice not daring to look up at Steve lest she lose control and laugh in his face
"I think the food just went down the wrong way" she grabbed a glass of iced water and took a gulp

"Well I think I will just go and get dessert" Ali said getting up.

"I think I will help you" Bono quickly put in and got up following close behind her into the kitchen.

"Well he seems like a very nice young man" Ali remarked as she went into the fridge to fetch the ice cream and pineapple flan, "Don't you think?" she looked round at Bono enquringly as she handed him the flan

"You like him?" Bono asked in slight disbelief

"Don't you?" she returned

"He is ok I guess" Bono relented "But did you hear the way Jordan raved on about him touring and being famous, like it was all something new and fascinating to her, how many tours has she been on with me why is it suddenly novel and i such a big deal when he talks about his tours and his music"

"Its probably because he is around her own age group and it is different" Ali replied

"Yeah talking of age, did you hear that remark about me going for so long..forty years!!!.. I mean in am in U2 not the bloody Rolling Stones, he made me feel really old"

"I don't think it was meant as an insult... more of a compliment that you have survived the music business for so long" Ali soothed

"Yeah well he was right on that.. him and his little boy band will probably be broke up this time next year nd he will be a hasbeen" Bono remarked with some satisfaction, then frowned,

"Another thing I find irritating about him is the way he calls me and you Mr and Mrs H, I feel like I am in happy days.. why can't he call me Bono like every one else?"

"I am sure he will if you just say to him" Ali replied

"Yeah and calling Jordan J? what is it with this guy can he not prounce full names, has he some sort of speech disorder that he can only use initials what if he starts calling Eve E-"

"-Bono!" Ali decided to interrupt his sudden tirade feeling she had let him vent enough "Let it go.. and please let us get through the dessert, this icecream is melting" she finished pointedly

"Ok" Bono replied

"And try to be nice or at least civil" Ali hissed as they headed for the door

"I am always nice" Bono replied defensively and to prove it when he entered the dining room again he had his most charming smile on.

"Wait till you taste Ali's pineapple flan its the best" he informed Steve "and she made it for this special occasion of you being here" he was going to be nice if it killed him

"That is very nice of you Mrs H" Steve replied cheerfully and Bono gritted his teeth trying not to cringe at the Mrs H reference.

"Oh Mam, I have just been telling Steve all about our Jordan when she was younger" Eve spoke up as she helped herself generously to some of her mothers pineapple flan "telling him we got loads of stuff of her when she was small on video.. he said he would love to see them"

"Oh really" Ali was delighted "I will have to dig some of the stuff out"

"Yeah" Bono joined in, "She was always so cute on camera"

"Actually you don't have to" Jordan hurriedly put in "I am sure Steve doesn't want to spend a boring evening watching me when I was younger on video" she cringed with embarrasment at the thought.

"Oh I wouldn't find it boring.. I would love it" Steve insisted beaming at her, Jordan forced herself to smile "well if you are sure.. but you don't have to.. really"

"I want to" Steve told her

"Great" Ali said "I am sure I can find some videos of after we finish here, we can watch them later"

"Ok,"Jordan replied half heartedly and glared across the table at Eve silently mouthing "I am so going to get you for this"

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Jordan had sat next to Steve trying hard not to squirm as they all sat around the big widescreen tv watching her and the family on holiday in the Bahama's when she was 7 years old, it did not help when her parents got all mushy with each other as the relived the memories and started getting on like a couple of love sick teenagers..

She really wished they would behave... it wasn't comfortable to see ones parents flirting and teasing each other with little smiles and looks in front of your boyfriend. She was kindda relieved when Elijah started to make fun of Eve and they both started arguing, bringing Bono and Ali out of their lovey dovey mood and back into responsible parents mode as they told the both of them to quit it and behave.

"Well I think Steve has seen enough of me on video for tonight" Jordan announced seeing her chance of escape before they moved onto a second video they had found.

She got up pulling Steve up with her "C'mon fancy going for a drive
somewhere?" she suggested "I am sure mum and dad won't mind us borrowing their car" she smiled her sweetest smile in her fathers direction

"Well-um.. I guess not" Bono replied trying not to show his dismay at the idea, caught on the hop and unable to think of a good excuse not to let them borrow the car without sounding heavy handed and lose his daughters favour and causing a scene.

"Thanks dad" Jordan beamed coming over and kissing him on the cheek, "I promise we won't be too long, and we will bring it back in one peice" and with that she was gone into the kitchen trailing Steve with her to get the car keys.

Bono seemed in a daze as he looked at Ali "did I just do that?.. agree to let him take her out in my car?"

"Yes it seems so" Ali replied trying to smother a smile at the look on her husband's face, "I think that was very considerate and sweet of you too"

"Well then why don't I feel good about it?"Bono frowned.

"Well thats because you are her father" Ali grinned "and I know you are feeling all over protective now.. thats why I think it was sweet of you to still agree to it"

"I just hope I don't regret it" Bono grumbled, I only agreed because I didnt want to seem like an old fuddy duddy who didn't trust her.. which is what she would have thought if I had objected, and now goodness knows what they will get up to!" he sighed, "This parent stuff doesn't get any easier does it?" he realised

Ali put her arm through his comfortingingly, "Nope, but we will get through it" she promised.

"Well I don't care if she thinks I am an old fuddy duddy or not, but I will be waiting up for them till they get back safe and sound" Bono then stated sitting on the sofa with his arms folded in a stance of determination.

Despite the fact he was busy on the phone for the rest of the evening, Bono kept glancing at his watch or the clock on the wall to check the time, wondering when Jordan and Steve would get back, they finally arrived just before midnight
Bono had to bite his tongue and not demand to know where they had been, and tried to make out it was no big deal
and he was cool with it all.. when that was far from the case.

He had delibertly picked the guest bedroom furthest from Jordan's bedroom to let Steve stay in, and if Steve had any ideas about sneaking anywhere he would have to pass Bono's bedroom, and he would be waiting and listening for any funny stuff.
It was another sleepless night for Bono as he went over the events of the day and the night, he was glad Steve would be going away again after tomorrow he couldnt wait.


"Mam, where is Steve?" Jordan demanded the following morning as she came into the kitchen.. she had just gotten showered and dressed and had last left him sitting at the kitchen table eating breakfast

"Oh he is with your father in Elijahs room, I think they are doing a bit of male bonding playing some game on Elijahs X box" Ali replied.

"What??" Jordan frowned, "That's just great I invite him here to spend time with me and he leaves me to spend some time with my kid brother and my dad with some poxy X box"

"Thats men for you dear" Ali informed her, "Give him another half hour if he is not down by then, you can go and pull him out of the room... after all you don't want to seem too over eager for his company, or he will start feeling full of himself"

"Is that how you handle dad?" Jordan asked grinning

"Yeah, it keeps him in his place" Ali winked making Jordan laugh.

Later they decided to go out for lunch, but there was just Bono Ali Steve and Jordan, Eve decided she would skip it and baby sit John while inviting some of her friends over to the house.

So the foursome sat around a table in a favorite little resturaunt they often ate in. Bono was feeling much more amicable and relaxed towards Steve after beating him in the X box game they played earlier, and realising Jordan was a bit pissed at him for leaving her most of the morning to play the game, he wasn't Mr perfect after all.

But they had no sooner settled down to their meal, Bono noticed with some bemusment that others in the place where eyeing up their table.. what perturbed him the most it was Steve they were looking at, they obviously recognised him
then some young girls came over and asked if they could have Steve's autograph, Bono found himself a little put out that they totally ignored him..

It had completely gone out of his mind that most of the people in the place were used to seeing him and his family come in and it was no big deal as the resturaunt had always made sure their privacy was respected and that was why they came so often.

But having Steve with them was suddenly causing a lot of attraction espicially amongst the young women, Bono's ego was feeling dented slightly.. but he try to act like he never even noticed though it was hard.

Jordan was flattered and pleased that Steve was getting the attention.. and that he was with her and was gleaming much to Bono's annoyance.

He watched his daughter shaking his head slightly wondering how this could happen....
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