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The little stranger pt5

(two weeks later)

"So d'ya think he is coping ok?" Larry asked Edge as they sat in the loungeroom of the recording studio's. where they were taking a break Bono was sitting across the room busy scribbling something down on paper, his brow creased in concentration

Edge shrugged "Hard to say, he seems ok, cept for the fact he is terribly quiet, I told him the album could wait for another while.. but he said he needed to work.. guess its his way of trying to get back to some sort of normality"

"These past few weeks have been crazy" Larry agreed "but he knows we are here if he needs to talk"

"Yeah I am sure he does" Edge replied "and I am sure he will.. when he is ready"

Bono looked up from his peice of paper as if suddenly realising where he was and caught Larry and Edge watching him with a look of concern... they had been doing that a lot lately.. waiting to see was he going to fall apart.. but that was not going to happen, he couldnt let it happen.. after all he was Bono.. the strong one, the fighter.

"You guys ready to finish of that track?" he enquired

"Yeah sure if you are up to it" Edge replied

"Yeah.. I am" he assured them smiling his cell phone rang and he answered it... it was Liv

"Hi Bono..I think I finally found you the perfect nanny, I interviewed her yesterday.. she has had good qualifications and experience and references she comes highly recommended.. its been a stroke of luck that the employers she is with at the moment are going to live in South Africa, but Karen, their nanny loves Ireland.. though she is English and wants to stay here and was looking for another position"

"Sounds great" Bono replied

"Of course if you want to have a talk with her yourself before I tell her she has the job is understandable.. I can arrange a meeting" Liv suggested

Bono seem to ponder over this for a moment "Look I am pretty busy here in the studio trying to get this album finished and I trust your judgment completely if you say she is good enough then I am fine with it.. go ahead and hire her"
Liv was silent as she digested this "Are you sure she finally asked.
"Yeah I am sure"

"Fine" Liv replied "I will let her know tomorrow.. she can start straight away"

"Great, you are a doll for sorting that all out for me.. I can never thank you enough" Bono told her gratefully
"You know I am I will do what ever I can to help you.. thats what friends are for" Liv said "talk to you soon"
they exchanged goodbyes and Bono hung up, he turned to Larry and Edge smiling

"Looks like my Nanny problem is solved, thats one problem out of my way.. now lets get back to finishing that track"
Edge and Larry exchanged looks, then just followed Bono out of the lounge.

Karen Jackson couldnt believe her luck when she recieved the phone callo From Olivia McCormick telling her the job was hers if she wanted it and if it was alright could she start as soon as possible. The timing was just perfect.. The Docherty's her present employers would be leaving next week and she had almost given up on finding another job and considering going with them to South Africa after Mrs Docherty had asked her to reconsider going with them because she didnt really want to lose her. Yet it was her employer who had told her about the interview.. because she knew how much Karen loved Ireland and would prefer staying there

Karen had been nervous as hell when she discovered who her future employer could be.. Bono the singer from the band U2,
She wasnt exactly a big fan of the band her job kept her busy and she had no time for thinking about music too much but she knew of them. Living In Ireland it was hard not to.. she knew some of their songs, and she was surprised when she discovered that Bono had a three month old daughter.. she must have missed the announcements in the newspapers about him becoming a dad.. or he had kept it very quiet.

She wondered would he be the one conducting the interview. but then discovered it would be a woman a Mrs Olivia McCormick, Karen didnt know whether to feel relieved or disapointed

But the interview had went well, Olivia had put her at ease asked her a lot of questions and explained exactly what her job would involve a lot of dedication and care..espicially after the tragic death of the childs mother.. which Karen had been aware of from reading the newspapers, Olivia informed Karen she was looking for someone she could trust completely. Karen assured her she would carry out that part of it to the best of her abilities.

Still after the interview was over she hadnt been too sure if she would get the job. But she had Karen was pleased and excited but a little nervous to, this job would bring on a lot more responsability than her previous one she just hoped she could live up to the expectations and challenges it brought
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