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the little stranger pt 6

Liv had made arrangments to meet up with Karen at her office again as there was a lot of forms to be filled in and a confidentially clause to be signed.
Karen would be living in Bono's home Liv had fixed a room up for her near to the childs nursery
When all the forms had been signed Liv introduced Karen to little Katie who had been staying in the creche upstairs in the building
as soon as Karen set eyes on little Katie she fell in love with her and felt sorry that the little girl had lost her mother.. her heart went out to her.

Liv had informed Karen she was on a six month trail to see how it worked out.. but she had a feeling that everything would be fine. Karen was flattered that Liv had that confidence in her... but then she had a glowing reference from her former employers The Docherty's to back her up.

Inside the next 24 hours Liv had Karen installed in the house, introduced her to the household staff and showed her around so she knew her way about. Karen was still feeling a little dazed by the experience, but realised she had really landed on her feet with this job... she would not want for anything.

She was growing more and more curious about her employer Mr Paul Hewson, he wasn't around.. Liv had informed her he was busy getting together the bands latest album. As Karen unpacked her belongings in her new room she wondered when exactly the Elusive Bono would be home and would she ever actually get to meet him.

Bono's thoughts were far from returning to the house just yet, he kept in contact with Liv who informed him of developments
he was just relieved that they had found someone to look after Katie. With his mind at peace he could get on with wrapping up the finishing touches to this album.. it give him a goal to reach for when he felt like he was about to sink under the Mire of all that had happened to him lately

The other band members seem to understand and indulged him, under these circumstances they finally got it finished even quicker than they had first thought they would.
They decided to go out and celebrate the occasion.

Now that the album was done, Bono's thoughts reluctantly returned to all that had happened to him, after several drinks he was feeling very introspective about it all.

From Angie's funeral he had not mentioned her name, now he couldnt stop thinking about her.. he felt like he had to talk about her and he could do it without falling apart, he sat with Larry Adam and Edge, they were starting on their next round of drinks "I wanna propose a toast" Bono spoke up lifiting up his glass The others all looked round at him expectantly.

"To Angie" Bono then said, "To her at long last being able to rest in peace"

"Here here" Edge agreed also lifting his glass.. and they all drunk together.
Bono smiled seeming lost in his own thoughts "You know what attracted me to Angie, was she was such a free spirit when I met her, she would do wild and crazy things"

"Which was why the two of you were so well suited" Adam grinned making Bono laugh

"Yeah she turned out even crazier than me actually but then thinking about what she went through I understand what made her like that" Bono replied quietly "She had her good side tho, when she wasnt snorting Coke or shooting herself up with drugs things could have been so much different if only her childhood had been easier.. she might even still be alive" he suddenly looked sober
"Guys I am going to tell you something, cos I want you to understand why Angie behaved as she did.. she was not a bad person... she just had a lot of shit going on in her head she could never get sorted out" he then said

"We always thought there was more to it" Larry spoke up "But we didnt want to stick our noses in"

"I would have told you only Angie made me swear not to say anything to anyone" Bono informed them "But now she is dead, well I don't see the harm in you knowing the whole truth.. I need to get this out of my system and cleanse my soul if I am going to move on"

"Cleanse away" Adam told him

So Bono took another slug of his drink and braced himself before going into the sordid details of Angie's childhood and what her father had done to her.
How he discovered all about it after he and Angie had a gigantic row over her taking drugs driving under the influence and almost getting killed... How Angie had screamed at him.. she hadnt cared if she had died.. that she deserved to die
then she had broken down sobbing when Bono had went to comfort her she had shrank away from him saying she didnt want his comfort or his sympathy that if he knew what she was really like he would despise her Bono had demanded to know what she was talking about.. then she had told him all about the abuse she had received from her father.

Finding this out Bono had been shocked and disgusted.. but assured Angie he didnt hate her.. that she had been a victim and her father a dispciable pervert.. he had wanted to do something about it.. only Angie had been petrified of it all getting out and made him swear to tell no one else what had happened.

The other three listened to this in silence letting Bono get it all out of his system as he wanted to. he told them right up to after Angie's death and the confrontation with her father before the funeral.

When he finished it was Larry who spoke first.
"Christ Bono... we knew you were having it tough with Angie, none of us could really understand why you put up with her and kept trying to help her when she seemed like a lost cause and was messing up your lives, now I understand why you felt you had to stick by her.. you must have been going through hell"

"Yeah it felt like that at times" Bono admitted "Even though I knew deep down she was on the road to self destruction.. I couldnt give up on her, not when I knew the reason why she was the way she was."

"Wish I could have been with you when you went to visit her parents that day I know what I would have liked to done with him" Edge said grimly

Bono shook his head "Its all over and done with now guys.. I just want to try and move on from this, and i just want to thank you all for being so supportive over the time.. even when you didnt know the whole story.. I couldnt ask for better friends"

"Well you are always there for us when we got troubles" Larry pointed out.. its how we are looking out for each other"
"I think we should toast to that" Adam spoke up

"Yeah" the others agreed once more lifting their glasses. After they took a drink Adam nudged Larry sitting next to him "You know after finding out all this, that halo above Bono's head is going to get brighter by the minute" he said goodhumouredly trying to lighten up the mood

"Give over you" Bono tried to look annoyed. but ended up grinning he lifted the beer mat from the table and threw it at Adam
who ducked out of harm's way

"For that remark you are going to buy the next round of drinks" Bono told him and was cheered on by the others.
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