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the little stranger pt 24

Liv was curious when Bono called her to the side, and asked if he could speak to her privately about something. She had noticed Bono had seemed broody these past few days.

"Whats wrong?" she asked when they were alone

Bono didnt know where to start "It's Karen.. she has been acting weird this past few weeks" he finally replied
"Weird in what way?" Liv looked puzzled.

Bono shrugged "I don't know how to describe it, she has been very quiet, hardly smiles, refuses to be seen with me in public, well she keeps making these dumb excuses not to anyway.. and I am sure the other night when I woke up and looked round at her she had been crying.. but she won't talk to me or tell me what is wrong" Bono told her with a worried expression
"Has she said anything to you?"

"No" Liv replied with a frown.. but I have noticed she seems to be avoiding me lately, I didnt really think anything of it until now."

Bono rubbed the back of his neck in frustration "I don't know what is going on Liv, usually we have good communication, but now it feels like she is freezing me out and I don't like it.. I don't even know why.. if I have upset her in some way I wish she would tell me"

"Maybe she is finding it difficult settling into married life with you.. I mean it did happen a bit sudden" Liv pointed out.

"Do you think thats is whats wrong?" Bono asked, then shook his head "I don't understand.. she seemed so happy in the beginning, do you think she is regretting getting married to me already?"

"I don't know about regretting it" Liv replied carefully "Maybe just having trouble adjusting... you live a very public life it can be a bit stressful"

"Yeah I know all that.. I thought she was handling it well until recently" Bono sighed. "But how am I going to sort it out if she won't talk to me or let me know what is going through that head of hers... I am starting to lose patience.. and I don't want to go in head on guns blazing and making things worse trying to force her to tell me"

"No I don't think that would be good idea" Liv agreed "Maybe I can get her to open up to me, we havent had one of our girlie lunches for a while.. I will insist she come out with me sometime this week and see what I can find out"

"Will you Liv?" Bono looked relieved "That would be great, its driving me crazy"

"I will do my best" Liv promised

It took all Liv's powers of persuasion to get Karen to have lunch with her a few days later, every excuse Karen tried to make to avoid it, Liv found a way around it until Karen was left with no choice but to agree.

They met at their usual haunt, Liv greeted her cheerfully "Its been ages from we got together and had a natter, I've missed your company, guess we have both been busy with other things lately" she remarked as she and karen sat down, Liv discreetly observed karen, she was looking a little pale and tired.. she hoped she wasn't ill.
"Yeah Karen replied "Katie is nearly into the terrible two stage and keeps me on my toes"
Liv waited till they ordered lunch before trying to probe any further..

"So hows married life treating you?"

"Its fine" Karen smiled, but with little enthusasium that Liv could see, she understood what Bono meant, when they had got married Karen had been postively glowing with happiness, now there was hardly a glimmer.

"So you have settled down ok.. it was quite an upheaval for you I guess" Liv continued

"I guess so" Karen replied staring down at the table in front of her "Hey how are your kids doing" she changed the subect
"They are great" liv replied "Jemma is loving her new school and Craig has got in the junior football team" Liv was not so easily put off and turned the subject right around again.

"we will have to have you and Bono over at our place one night, it should be fun"

"Yeah" Karen smiled "I would like that."

"So whats it like being the wife of a big rockstar?" Liv asked lightly. "are you enjoying it?

Karen managed a smile and shrugged "I guess I am still getting used to it"

Once more Liv got the distinct feeling that Karen was not that happy.. she decided not to beat about the bush any longer.
"You don't seem very happy Karen.. is everything ok?"

"Yes..." Karen started then shook her head "No... not really" she let her full misery show.. which alarmed Liv who leaned forward and took her hand "What is wrong?"

"Me marrying Bono.. thats what is wrong" Karen replied gloomily "All I have done is make him a laughing stock in front of his friends"

Liv now looked completely bewildered "What are you talking about?"

Karen sighed "I feared this would happen, him marrying me.. they all think its a big joke him getting married to his daughter nanny, maybe they are right"

"Who?" Liv demanded in frustration.
So Karen proceeded to tell her about the converstation she had overheard at the music awards.

"The catty little cows" Liv exclaimed angrily "How dare they talk about you and Bono like that"

"Yeah, but is that what everyone is thinking?" Karen asked "And what if it comes to the stage Bono starts thinking that too, that I was plotting and schemeing my way into him putting a ring on my finger so I could get a hand on his fortune"

"C'mon Karen, you know Bono would never think that" Liv told her

"I don't know what to think anymore" Karen replied "I am so confused, sometimes I just feel like I am not good enough for him, he could have his pick of gorgeous brainy women how can I compete with them?"

"Because you have the one thing they havent got.. his heart" Liv replied

"But can I keep it? thats what scares me the most.. losing him" Karen said sadly

that conversation really got to you didn't it?" Liv realised with concern.
At least she knew now what was eating Karen up, and let Bono know.. she hoped the two of them could sort it out.


Ok coming up to the last 2 parts after this.. I promise it will have a happy ending

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awwww, poor Karen. And here was me thinking a hug from Bono could cure everything, lol

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Re: the little stranger pt 24

Originally posted by annj
"The catty little cows" Liv exclaimed angrily
My thoughts exactly. Poor Karen. .

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