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the little stranger pt 22

When Liv arrived at the house to bring Katie back and find out how Karen was holding out after breaking up with Brian.. the last person she expected to see there was Bono, who cheerfully greeted her with a hug before taking Katie of her, to fuss over her
"What are you doing here?" Liv demanded.

"I thought I would pop over for the weekend seeing I had it free to surprise you all" Bono grinned "Only it didnt turn out quite like I planned" there was a mischievious twinkle in his blue eyes that Liv recognised only too well.

Then Karen appeared she was looking uneasy. but forced herself to smile.. but it was hard to act normal after all that had happened
"So is everything ok?" Liv asked

Karen looked at Bono uncertain how to act or what to say "Yeah sure" she finally replied.

"Actually everything is better than ok" Bono spoke up.. he went over and put his arm around Karen "We are going to be married"
Liv stood there just staring at them both.

Karen felt like curling up and dying, she was still trying to get used to the idea herself, she hadnt expected Bono to start announcing it to everyone quite so soon, she started to worry what Liv would think.. she was obviously stunned, she got the feeling Liv wasnt sure how to respond in case Bono was playing some sort of joke on her.

"Really?" Liv finally spoke up her expression remaining unreadable

"Yeah" Bono squeezed Karen to him and kissed her red cheek "Really"

Livs eyes rested on Karen "Well that was quick, I must have missed something out here.. you finish with Brian last night and end up with Bono proposing to you the next day.. you are a fast mover"

Karen squirmed and looked down at her feet seeing how it must have looked to Liv "Well I didn't plan it to turn out this way" she tried to explain "I didnt even know Bono was coming until I got back last night and found him here"

"Thats true" Bono confirmed "Neither of us planned it.. it just kindda happened" he had the grace to blush under her scrutinising stare

"I see" Liv replied she had her suspicions that Bono and Karen had feelings for each other, she had caught them occasionally, when they looked at each other, but she had dismissed it thinking that neither of them would do anything about it.. it seems she had been wrong.

"Well I guess the both of you know what you are doing.. I mean you do... don't you?"

Bono and Karen exchanged looks "Yeah" Bono replied "This is what we really want"

Karen nodded in affirmation "I love him, I tried to ignore it but I can't anymore" she stated

"hmm I guess that explains why it never worked out with Brian" Liv remarked "well then I guess there is nothing else for me to say except congratulations" she finished with a small smile.

With tears in her eyes Karen went over and hugged Liv "Thank you, you don't know how much this means to me, I was so worried that you would disaprove and think badly of me"

"Why on earth would I do that?" Liv demanded "I care about the both of you, and I want you to be happy.. and apart from that you are two grown adults.. its not for me to approve or disaprove.. like i said if this is what you really want that is all that matters"

"You are a good friend Liv" Bono smiled "We are lucky to have you" he went over and kissed her on the cheek "thank you"

They planned the wedding for when the Band finished touring in four months time.. it would be a small quiet affair in a registrary office in Dublin. When Bono broke the news to the other band members, they too at first were surprised, thought he was joking and messing them about, but then they realised he was very serious, and ended up congratulating him and teasing him about having the hots for his daughters nanny, Bono took it all in his stride.

Karen stayed back in the house looking after Katie feeling in a daze still as Liv helped her make preperations for the forthcoming wedding, part of her was scared of looking forward to it in case it all went wrong, but hearing Bono telling her he loved her when they spoke on the phone.. she just wished the tour would hurry up and end so they could be together properly. Then she would really start believing it was really happening.

I think I will be wrapping it all up nicely in another 3 or 4 chapters

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Aaaawwwwww.... This chapter is so cute!
So,we're gonna have a wedding party soon!!!Woohoo!

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wow, that's soooo sweet. Awww, I can't wait for the next part. Again, this is great
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Smoosh.... I see you...

love the post!
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This is sweet. Very unexpected, but sweet nonetheless. .

Heh, in the last chapter, when Karen was saying that maybe she should leave, I was like, "What? No!" But luckily things are turning out okay for these two lovebirds. . Wonder if there'll be any more twists between now and the end of the story.

Speaking of which, it'll be a shame when this story ends, 'cause I've been enjoying it thus far. But hey, it's here for me to read anytime, so....

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post more, post more, post more


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