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the little stranger pt 21

Bono woke up feeling that all was right with his world, and just for a moment wondered had he dreamed and imagined it all, the scenerio had often went through his head, when he awoke he found he was alone, it was just starting to get light outside, but then he realised he was not in his own bedroom but Karen's he realised it had in fact happened, he smiled lazily to himself for a moment, then wondered where Karen had got to.. He got up pulled on his trousers which had been disguarded on the floor and went in search of her.

She was in the kitchen sitting at the table staring into space, lost in thought that she never heard him come in, till his hand came on her shoulder making her jump a little.
He bent over and kissed her on the cheek "What are you doing sitting here all by yourself, when you could be snuggled up to me?"
He pulled up one of the chairs to sit next to her.

Karen just looked at him wonderingly.. he looked so good just out of sleep, with his hair tousled and that lazy sexy smile on his lips
she wanted to wake up next to him every morning.. if it was possible. But she wasnt sure it could be.

After they had made love she had lay next to him feeling like what had happened between them wasn't real, she was dazed, the power of the emotions he had raised in her she didnt think she was capable of until he kissed her and touched her.

Then she had glanced around at him after he had fallen asleep she had lightly touched his cheek and realised that indeed he was there beside her in the flesh very real and what had happened between them had been also very real, and suddenly she felt herself come down to earth with a huge bump, shocked at herself and what she had just done.. and what could be the consequences.

She had got up her mind suddenly filled with questions of of what the future could hold, how she could just and continue on with her life after what had happened, she knew things could never be the same again, this one event had brought about earth shattering changes for her. In all honesty she did not regert what had happened between them, but at the same time she knew there would be a price to pay.

"I am trying to figure out what I should do for the best" she then spoke up with a small frown

"In what way?" Bono asked grabbing her hand

"Well after what happened between us.. I mean it changes things"

"I guess it does" Bono caressed the back of her hand with his thumb, this simple intimate action made her go weak at the knees again.

But she had to be strong.. she had to do what was the right thing despite her feelings for Bono.

"I will have to hand in my notice as soon as possible" she then said in a shaky voice not looking him direct in the eye

"Huh? what do you mean" Bono suddenly sobered up his smile vanishing.

Now Karen looked at him he seen the agonizing expression in her eyes.

"I can't work for you anymore Bono not after what happened it isn't right, it isnt proffessional, my conduct was out of line, getting involved with you... its one of the no no's of the job.. surely you can see that"

"I guess so, now you mentioned it" Bono realised, his heart sinking a little "But to hell with... that rules were meant to be broken right?" he perked up.

But Karen didnt smile or laugh or agree with him as he hoped she would, instead she looked more upset "I just can't go on in my job as nanny pretending nothing happened, its an impossible situation.. I think it would be really far better if I resigned my post and went away, and you found someone to replace me" she finished stiffly.

"Go away?" Bono echoed in alarm "What do you mean go away.. go away where?"

"I-I don't know" Karen pulled her hand away from him now "somewhere anywhere.. I will find another job somewhere else"

"But you can't go away.. I don't want you to go away" Bono objected not like the way this conversation was turning out
"You just can't leave .. what about me.. what about Katie.. do you know what it would do to her if you just went away.. she loves you.. she is used to you, you just can't walk away from her." Bono protested

Tears started to sting Karens lashes "You don't have to remind me of that.. I have been sitting her agonizing about it.. I adore her, and the thought of not being part of her life anymore is killing me.. but I have to do the right thing, can you imagine what would happen if this got out.. rockstar Bono has sex with his nanny.. what is that going to do to both our reputations?.. I can't stay under your employment its an impossible situation"

"Ok.. last night what happened between us.. I am not going to say it was a mistake" Bono spoke up "I have wanted it to happen for a while now, and I don't regret it or think it was wrong, I have come to care about you a lot Karen.. I understand your concerns.. but there has to be another way around this.. I am not going to lose you"

"What choice do you have?" Karen demanded trying to make him see that it wasn't as easy as that. tears now spilling down her cheeks "What choice do we have we come from completely different worlds, everything is against us... I am trying to face up to reality here, even when I don't like it"

"To hell with reality" Bono replied "Ok so you can't be Katie's nanny any more I will accept that.. but on one condition"

She just stared at him uncertainly

"You Marry me" he replied.

Karen wasnt sure she heard him right..."Th-thats your solution?" she asked sounding almost hysterical

"Yeah its the perfect solution" Bono replied "We get married you stay in our lives, we can be together"

"B-But we can't get married" Karen stammered finding the whole idea ridiculous and she couldnt believe Bono was serious.. except his expression told her he was.

"Why not? we want to be together don't we?" Bono pointed out.

"Its not that simple.. I mean.. you are famous are Bono and I me.. I am just Karen.. an employee a nobody"

"Oh so just cos I am famous I can't marry who I want?" Bono demanded "I can't remember seeing those rules written anywhere, I am a rockstar.. not bloody royalty.. besides which, you are not nobody you are a sweet beautiful girl who drives me crazy, and I want to be with you and I want to do the right thing by you"
He leaned forward putting his forhead against hers she could feel his breath on her cheek "You do want to be with me too, don't you Karen?" he asked quietly.

"Yes.. oh yes" Karen admitted feeling a fresh wave of raw emotion overwhelm her that she could not deny it

"Then marry me...don't leave, I need you and Katie needs you, its the right thing to do, please say yes" he pleaded desperatly.

"OK" Karen simply replied not quite believing that this was really happening but just knowing the thought of not being with Katie and Bono was too painful to bear. and suddenly what the outside world thought or said did not seem to matter so much anymore.

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Re: the little stranger pt 21

Originally posted by annj

"To hell with reality" Bono replied "Ok so you can't be Katie's nanny any more I will accept that.. but on one condition"

She just stared at him uncertainly

"You Marry me" he replied.

Ok...My first reaction was: "Whaaaaaaaat?? "
Although I wasn't expecting it,I really like Bono's crazy idea.
I'm sure Katie agrees.

*hits the submit reply button and leaves to read pt 22 *
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