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the little stranger pt 2

He hadn't slept in 42 hours he was a mess... Paul had arranged for a private jet to take them to New York, after Bono had grabbed some clothes stuffed them in a holdall then headed out to the airport. sitting in the plane as it flew to New York his mind was in turmoil... trying to figure out how all this was happening to him

When he arrived in New York the authorties were very helpful and understanding, Bono moved about zombie-like just wanting to get it all over with as they took him to identify Angie's body,

He was just glad Paul was with him, to see her after a year lying on the table lifeless this woman he had known and loved and fretted over for the past 6 years, the only thing that comforted him that at least she looked at peace... he was having trouble holding it together, but he could not breakdown yet, everything still had an unreal quality about it.

The other band members texted him asking him if he was ok.. all he could reply was that he was coping so far and promise to phone them later and let them know how it was going.

There was so many things he needed to know.. so many questions still unanswered.. but the main one on his mind now he turned to Paul
"Where is my daughter?"
"She is with a friend of Angie's" Paul replied... we are going to see her now
Bono just nodded "OK good" he let himself be led into a car

sitting in the back with Paul, his heart thudding loudly in his chest
as he thought about where exactly he was going.

"Why did she do this to me?" he then asked turning to Paul "How could she do this to me. knowing she was carrying our kid and just leave me and disappear like that... why didnt she tell me?"

"Angie was screwed up.. she was screwed up for a long time" Paul pointed out "I don't understand myself how she could do this to you"

"Ok.. if she wanted to leave me fine, I could handle that.. but keep my child from me.. if she hadnt died from this overdose how long before I found out I had a daughter? would I have ever known?" Bono now pondered aloud anger and frustration in his voice.
then into himself wondered was this Angie's way of punishing him. because he had failed her.. he had tried God knows how hard he
tried to show her patience and love and get her drug problem sorted..
he tried to be a good husband, shielding her from the press taking her to the best clinics all over the world to try and help her. He tried to give her what she needed... but it was never enough
no matter what he said or done it was never enough he could not remove the pain of her terrible past that haunted her her only escape was the drugs.

When the car came to a halt Bono was dismayed that the area they had stopped in was not exactly the best part of town.. was this where Angie had been staying all this time? in some run down tenement building.. no wonder she had been hard to trace.. he never would have thought she would be here.. he didnt think she would know anyone who would live here he was beginning to wonder had he really known Angie at all.

His heart was in his mouth as he and Paul entered the building and climbed up the stairs he had his shades on and a cap pulled down so it was hard to see his face.
They climbed the stairs to the third floor, Paul checked the paper the address was on to make sure he got the right number

"Here we are" he said as they came to stand in front of a blue door the paint was peeling and cracked Paul knocked curtly then turned to Bono
"Are you ok?" he enquired

Bono took a deep breath "I think so" he replied.

When the door opened they came face to face with a young woman with long auburn hair, she recognised them straight away and opened the door wider to let them in.

"Hi I am Lisa, a friend of Angie's" she introduced herself she was pale and drawn, and seemed nervous and uncomfortable in their presence.

Bono just nodded in awknowledgment and glanced around the room although the furniture was old and a bit shabby at least the place was clean.

"Is this where Angie was staying?" Bono asked "How did you two become friends?"

Lisa shifted uneasily we met a few years back.. she use to come to the club where I worked as a stripper to score drugs with my boyfriend who ran the club at the time we got talking found we had a few things in common.. but I want to let you know I have given that Job up now and cleaned up my act.. I got myself a proper job working in a cafe.

"I see"Bono responded flatly, was not really interested in Lisa's past or her new future.

Lisa was now nervously wringing her hands "I -I just want you to know that Angie was trying to clean up her life too.. and that the whole time she was pregnant she stayed of the drugs.. she didnt want to harm her baby.. she was really trying to sort herself out.. trying to figure out what to do for the best... but after the Katie was born she suffered terrible depression, she was so over protective and fretting over Katie... I guess the pressure got too much for her"

Tears welled up in Lisa's eyes. "I tried to help her, and give her support, I tried to convince her to get in touch with you to talk with you... but for some reason she was petrified you would make her return to Ireland.. she said she just couldnt go back.. not if she wanted to protect Katie.. I didnt understand what she meant"

Bono's heart lurched.. Lisa might not have understood but he did, there was only one person Angie would fear in Ireland that could hurt her daughter.. just like he had hurt Angie.. and that was Sean O'Neill... Angie's father, now Bono was beginning to see what had tormented Angie to flee and hide but it did not make him feel any better about the situation.

"Where is my daughter?" he now asked

"She is sleeping in the bedroom.. do you want me to get her?"

"Yes" Bono replied very quietly

Lisa walked across the room and disappeared through one of the doors.. she re emerged a few moments later carrying his daughter
in her arms "This is Katie.. she is actually called Katherine Louise" she informed him smiling.

Bono swallowed hard as he rested his eyes on the child, who was awake and staring up at him wonderingly, she looked so much
like her mother it jolted him.. it was like Angie staring at him
"She is beautiful" was all he could say.. his emotions starting to overwhelm him
"Would you like to hold her?" Lisa asked

"Yes, please" there was a tremor in his voice
Lisa put the child into his arms, feeling a little emotional herself "Hey katie, this is your father"

Bono held her trying to take in this was his child his daughter, the baby started to squirm and wriggle in the pink blanket that was wrapped around her and started to cry

He rocked her gently "Its ok sweetheart, shhh daddy's here, and he has come to take you home"

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