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the little stranger pt 18

The Band had to start the European leg of the tour that would have them on the road for another six months, It was arranged for Karen to return to Dublin with Katie.
Despite the fact it was wet and colder than it was in LA Karen was glad to be back in Ireland, it felt like her real home and
another thing, it put the distance between her and Bono.

She wasnt sure how much more she could take with him always hugging her in his warm friendly manner, and it sending her pulses racing.. yet she had to act like it had no affect on her whatsoever.. it was becoming quite a strain, and it wasn't helping her determination to put any feeling she had for him aside, even now that she had gone out with Brian a few times.. he was a very nice guy and she liked him.. maybe now with the Bono out of the way she could do more than like him as she got to know him better, he phoned her every day and they chatted he would not be with U2 for the whole six months but would be returning to his native Ireland in a few weeks time, he was looking forward to spending his time with Karen.

Bono learned about these latest developments from his fellow band members whom he overheard questioning Brian, about his date with Karen one evening just after they finished a concert. It had jolted him.. he had not aware Karen and Brian had been seeing each other, Karen had not said anything to him about it. The thought that she might start dating any one had never occurred to him up intil now, he tried to be philisophical about it, that it was a good thing.

Brian was a good person and more around Karens age.. they would have a lot in common probably, it was time Karen started having a bit of a life for herself instead of completely wrapped up in her job.. he should be happy for her.... yet underneath he wasn't, but he refused to awknowledge those feelings of insecurity
Throwing himself whole souled into the tour, he decided to put his personal feelings on hold.

But when he was on the phone to Karen about Katie, a few days later he couldnt stop himself from wanting to find out more
"So... I hear you finally hit it of with Brian" he remarked what he hoped was a casual tone.

For a moment there was silence at the other end of the phone.. Karen had never mentioned Brian to Bono.. but she guess how he had probably heard.. but she hadnt expected him to remark on it.

"Y-yes" she finally spoke up laughing a little with embarrassment and feeling annoyed with herself for feeling she had been caught out doing something she shouldn't have been.

"I suppose you are looking forward to him coming home at the end of the week.. he seems to be looking forward to spending time with you" Bono then said

"He told you that?" Karen asked not sure whether to feel pleased or mortified.

"Well, not exactly to me personally.. I overheard him telling his mate" Bono replied "I-I wasnt delibertly eavesdropping by the way" he hastily added "I just happened to be there when he mentioned it"

Karen laughed "Oh..I see, well I guess its nice to know he is thinking about me"

"Yeah.. he seems pretty keen on you" Bono replied, suddenly wondering was he some sort of masochist to put himself through this, part of him didnt want to know what was happening between Karen and Brian telling himself it was none of his business.. yet the other part of him needed to find out what was going on.. at the moment this part was winning out but it want making him feel any better either.

Karen wasn't comfortable talking about Brian to Bono, she was desperatly trying to find a way to change the subject, when she heard Katie crying it give her the perfect diversion.

"I have to go Katie has fell, I don't think she is hurt but it scared her" she informed him

"Ok.. I will let you go and see to her, call you tomorrow" Bono replied

"Yeah great" Karen told him and quickly hung up,

She went over to comfort Katie, who hadn't done too much damage to herself, she wasnt sure who was the most shaken, Katie from her fall.. or herself after having the phone conversation with Bono.
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