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the little stranger pt 17

As Bono suggested they did decided to celebrate Katie's birthday on a small personal scale, with close friends and family.
Liv and her family had joined them to help out with the preperations, Karen was glad of the distraction, concentrating on sorting out Katies birthday she didnt have much time to dwell on Bono.

They were holding the party late afternoon and the guests started to arrive including Larry Adam and Edge with girlfriends wives and kids. Karen was glad Liv was around she was the only other female there she knew well enough, Bonos other friends included actors and other famous faces from the music world and famous supermodels .

Katie was enjoying the fuss and Bono was bragging about how she had took her first steps in fron of him, the presents started to pile up all wrapped in expensive fancy wrapping paper and bows, Katie opened them with the help of Karen and Bono, the Liv brought out the rather large cake with pink and white and pink icing with Happy 1st Birthday Katie on it and one single candle every one cheered and started to sing happy birthday Katie seemed a little overawed by it all and clung to Karen but when it was time for her to blow out the candle karen handed her over to her father and let him do the honours, with Bono's coaxing and help she blew tentively at the candle, Bono blew too a little harder and the flame went out there was more clapping and cheering, Katie decided to join in clapping her hands also,
After that the guests mingled and chatted, Katie was getting passed around like a parcel amonst the crowd, Karen found herself standing around in the background doing very little except clearing up the wrapping paper Bono was occupied with a few of his friends including Liv discussing his latest pet project to do with amnesty international.

Karen decided to take a break and go into the kitchen.. her face ached from wearing a forced polite smile this past hour or so.
She sagged against the sink, she had been on the go from seven oclock that morning and it was now going six in the evening she was tired, too tired to stay in the next room and pretend she fitted in and was enjoying herself amongst all those famous glamorous people who she had very little in common with they were Bono's friends not hers she found herself thinking resentfully.
Bono had hired a few extra staff to take care of the cleaning and serving they arrived into the kitchen armed with plates and glasses.
Karen started to chat with them and offered to help with the dishes.
An hour or so Later Bono came into the kitchen looking for her "Hey Karen I wondered where you got to, Liv said you were in here.. what are you doing"
"Oh I thought I would help with cleaning up" Karen replied as she put plates away in the kitchen cupboard.
"What do you want to be doing that for ?" Bono demanded "Come back into the next room your missing the party.
"Its ok" Karen told him "I really don't mind staying here with the rest of the staff" she finished meaningfully

Bono frowned "Whats that suppose to mean?" Karen had never used this tone with him before

Karen felt her cheeks heat up.. she hadnt meant it to come out sounding petty and bitchy, but it had.

Bono came over to her "You know I don't think of you as staff... not in the way you are implying anyway"

"I-I'm sorry" Karen apologised " I am just tired.. its been a long day.. and I guess I am just a little intimidated
by all those famous faces out there" she admitted which was close enough to the truth

Bono seem to accept her apology, he smiled "Hey, don't you let those people out there intimidate you.. you are just as good as them.. if not better" he assured her.

She blushed and smiled and he grabbed her hand "C'mon, me and Katie have been missing you"

She reluctantly allowed him to lead her back into the main room again, the guitars were out now Edge and a few others decided to entertain. Katie catching sight of Karen made a beeline for her wanting to be lifted in her arms
"See told you" Bono winked

He then got pulled away because they wanted him to sing, Karen sat in the corner with Katie on her knee watching it all.. still feeling the outsider amongst them all. Making her feel that her feelings for Bono were way out of line, she watched him now, one of the beautiful Supermodels had draped herself around his neck laughing as she tried to coax him to sing a song she really liked.. Bono seemed to be enjoying it,
Karen tried hard to swallow down the jealousy welling up inside her. She had to do something get any stupid ideas of her and Bono being together out of her head once and for all.
She went over to where Adam was sitting.

"Hey Adam hows it going?" she asked

"Great" Adam replied "Hows things with you, having fun?"

"Yes" Karen lied.. then hesitiated before finally speaking "Adam remember you said about Brian being interested in me?"
"Yeah Adam perked up at this turn of converstation
"Well I have been thinking about him, and how nice you said he is, and i was wondering if you knew he was still available" karen then said.
"Where you are concerned.. I am sure he is" Adam replied grinning

"Good" Karen replied glancing over at Bono who was still occupied with the supermodel

"I think its about time I got a little romance in my life"

You know what they say.. the path of true love never runs smooth

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More! More!!

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awesome! can't wait for more
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Ohhhh, nice twist,'ll definitely be interesting to see how this goes...

Also, in the last chapter, I loved the part where Katie walked for the first time to Karen and Bono. That was just too cute. .

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