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the little stranger pt 16

Karen was having trouble sleeping that night, her mind kept replaying the incident with Bono over and over again in her head, making her toss and turn restlessly. She was trying to convince herself it had been all in her imagination.. the way Bono had looked at her, the way it had affected her.. she blamed it on her in a highly emotional state at the time, this had never happened to her before, she had never experience those feelings before looking into a man's eyes she didnt know how to deal with it.. except try and ignore it and pretend it didn't happen.. it couldnt happen anyway he was her boss and what more he was Bono, the idea anything could happen between them was just crazy.

She punched her pillow in frustration that she could not just put this behind her and close her eyes and go to sleep, wondering how on earth she was going to face him tomorrow?.

Bono wasnt doing any better in his bed.. he lay on his back, hands behind his head staring up at the ceiling, trying to analyze what had happened, one minute he had been wallowing in self pity about his situation, the next thing he knew he was staring into Karens Hazel eyes and had just wanted to pull her closer to him and kiss her.. if she hadnt pulled away when she did.. he might have carried it out.. it disturbed him.

Even thinking about her now, he could see her smiling holding Katie, the times they had sat chatting together the way she laughed at his jokes and how he got silly over his daughter, it filled him with a longing he hadn't felt in a long time.

He was no saint, from Angie had died there had been women in his life, when they threw themselves at him what else could he do.. he was only a man, and he enjoyed their company.. but this was different, this wasnt about a a casual one night fling.

He had come to care about Karen and he had come to completely depend on her were Katie was concerned.. she had become part of his life.. only now it was hitting him how much of a part she was, she had a claim on his heart more than he had realised until tonight.

"Oh gawd I think I am falling in love with her" he muttered to himself in dismay Was he having some sort of midlife crisis?.. he had seen it often enough where the middle aged guy falls for a younger woman.

He found himself comparing her to Angie, she was a complete contrast, Angie had been damaged beyond repair.. but Karen, despite her loveless childhood had come out stronger, there was something still innocent and sweet about her that just made him want to take her in his arms hold her and protect her and give her lots of that love she had missed out on.

But how could he.. she was his daughters nanny, and much younger.. he sense she might run a mile if he confronted her with all this and the last thing he wanted to do was lose her... he wasnt sure how he was going to deal with this yet, except try and act as normal as possible around her

When he finally manage to doze over he slept in fairly late, when he woke up coming out of the grogginess of sleep he opened his eyes feeling that there was something different.. something signifigant that had happened to him.. then he called the events of the night before. Then he remembered what had happened the night before, he sat up thinking into himself.. this was going to be an interesting day.

Karen was out in the Patio with Katie enjoying the sunshine and having an early lunch buttering some muffins to go with her cofee, Katie sat chewing on a peice of toast it was her favorite food at the moment. She wasnt aware of Bono coming out till he spoke and made her jump.
"Morning, or should I say afternoon"

"Oh hi.. you are ok.. its not quite afternoon yet" Karen replied up smiling while her heart was thumping in her chest like a one of Larrys bass drums when he was having a good bash at them, she was dressed in a top and shorts, Bono was trying hard not to stare at her long tanned legs, and shifted his gaze on Katie.

"Hows my sweetheart this morning" Katie smiled and offered him some of her toast. But seem to think about it for a moment that he might actually take it.. she quickly put it back to her own mouth making Bono laugh.

"lucky I am not in the mood for toast.. but I will have a cup of coffee I need it" he then addressed Karen who obligingly by pouring him a cup and hoped he didnt notice how her hand shook as she did so.

After taking a sip from his cup Bono looked thoughtful
"I was thinking about last night"

"Oh?" Karen didnt think her heart could thump any louder.. but now it did she showed great care in buttering the muffin in her hand

"Yeah, what you were saying about Katie's Birthday party"

"Oh yes" Karen didnt know whether to be relieved or disapointed, now she knew what he meant, but hope she looked more composed than she felt, but she managed to look up at him.

"Yeah" Bono continued "I was thinking it should be a reasonably small affair close friends and family"

"Sounds good to me" Karen nodded and smiled, she took a bite of her muffin only with her nerves she swallowed to quick and almost choked. alarmed Bono got up and started thumping her on the back as she caughed and spluttered

"are you ok?" he asked with concern

"Yes" Karen gasped and took a gulp of her coffee to wash down the offending piece of muffin, her eyes watering "I will be ok in a moment" she assured him

"Don't do that again" Bono grinned "You scared the hell out of me"

"Sorry" Karen opologised and started to giggle because of her nerves.

Bono handed her a hankie from the box sitting on the table so she could wipe her eyes "I can't have anything happening to you, I don't know what I would do" his expression had turned more serious his blue eyes resting on her intently,
Karen felt her heart do flip flops in her chest.. she felt her cheeks burning she hurriedly wiped her eyes trying to gather her composure again.

Katie not want to be left out of it all decided to join them, pulling herself up on the playbox that Karen set out she stood unsteadily for a moment watching her nanny was just a few feet away who seemed distressed she decided to find out what was going on
then she tottered the whole four steps to reach her beloved Karen and her daddy.

This was the first time she had walked without unaided and Karen had watched her then suddenly realised what she had done and give a gasp.

"Did you see that.. she just walked all by herself to me" she exclaimed excitedly to Bono
"Yeah" Bono realised "So she did.. she just took her first steps" he was just so happy he had been there to witness it. he stood back a bit and and hunkered down "hey Katie how about walking to daddy" he urged

Karen had been holding onto Katie now gently released her Katie seemed uncertain, but catching on she was doing something that made them very happy she waddled another five steps into Bono's arms.

Bono let out a whoop and catching her he straightened up and whirled her around she squealed with delight
"You are a clever girl" he planted a big kiss on her cheek

He and Karen were so wrapped up with delight of Katie's latest development, for now it dispelled the awkwardness between them that had accourred from the night before.
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