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the little stranger pt 12

Over the next week Karen noticed that Bono tried to include her more in things that were going on around them, he seem to have decided to take her under his wing from she had told him a bit about herself, she was feeling a bit torn.. not wanting any special treatment from him because he might have felt sorry for her.. but at the same time she was enjoying having the attention and being involved with things.

She found her curiousity growing about the bands performance on stage..up until lately she had never given
what Bono did on stage much thought, but being on this tour with them and catching bits and peices of them performing she suddenly became fascinated with them as musical artists and not Katie's father and his bunch of friends.

She felt a bit weird about letting Bono know this she didnt want to feel she was taking advantage of her position as his daughters nanny and being pushy.. so when she asked questions about the band, it was usually Edge Larry or Adam or some of the road crew who she spoke too.

In the end it was Adam and Larry who decided to let Karen explore this new world she had discovered by approaching Bono and suggesting that on their next gig that they invite Karen along to the concert as a special guest.

Bono thought it was a great idea and only too readily agreed espicially when he discovered Karen had never been to a live concert before in her life.

Finding some one to look after Katie for that one night was no problem.. so when the three of them approached Karen and told her that she would be at the concert with them as their special guest with the best view to watch it all.. she was overwhelmed and delighted.

"You see Cinderella" Larry winked at her "You shall go to the ball"
Karen laughed "You guys are great thank you" she hugged him.

Karen wanted to experience the concert like all the other fans so the let her be out front near the stage where she would get the best of view of it all.

Before the concert had actually started she had been up behind the stage and peeked out to see the stadium soon packed with thousands of people, seeing the crowds there made her feel overawed, every one seemed to be in good spirits.

When it was near time for the band to play Karen slipped down into the front with the other crowds of fans, her hearting beating madly caught up in the excitment of it all.

When the band came on stage the crowd went crazy, Karen was almost deafened bu the females around her screaming out the names of the band with ecstatic delight.

She suddenly felt very aware how lucky she was actually knowing them all personally, and wondered what the fans around her would think if they knew exactly who she was. she decided it was best not to say, and when the band started up playing she got totally engrossed in watching them perform and enjoying it even more than she thought she would.

She was starting to understand what made them special.. Bono was certainly very charasmatic when he was up on stage performing, she seem a whole new side to him and realised how talented he and the others were, they had a special relationship with their audience.. you could feel the bond.

Karen was moved by the whole experience.. it was a night she would never forget in a hurry.
witnessing them performing live was so different than just hearing them on the radio and tv.. it give them a whole new dimension for her.

During the concert Bono occasionally looked in her direction and shot her a quick smile.. once he mouthed to her *are you enjoying it?" she waved and give him the thumbs up letting him know she certainly was.

After it was all over one of the security guards made sure she safely got back stage Karen was still on a high from it all

"God you guys just blew me away.. you were great.. thank you so much for letting me come tonight.. it was fantastic.. you were brilliant"

"So you liked us then" Adam retorted good humouredly

"Oh yes" Karen replied "You have just gained yourself another fan" she beamed

"Good" Bono hugged her "Glad you enjoyed it and anytime you wanna be our special guest again just ask"

Karen laughed "don't worry I will"

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It's SOOOOO good, I really love the turn of the relationship between Bono and Karen!!!

Oh, by the way I just can't picture Larry saying that line:
"You see Cinderella" Larry winked at her "You shall go to the ball"
I just craked up laughing, he's so straight, dead serious....GOD it was funny!!!!!!!
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