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the little stranger pt 10

Karen tried to enjoy her shopping trip and trying on new clothes, her wages had gone up considerably from she had started working for Bono so she could afford to spend generously.

But even as she walked along window shopping going into various shops in the busy Dublin City Centre she was still thinking about How Katie and her father were getting along together and worrying if everything was ok and kept expecting her phone to ring, she had been out for more than an hour and decided that her aching feet had suffered enough and decided to return to the house, armed with several shopping bags.

The house was quiet when she entered and there didnt seem to be anybody about. She wondered was Bono and Katie still in the nursery?

Karen left her shopping bags in her room before going to investigate the nursery room further up the hallway. The Nursery door was ajar, and she peeked in not knowing what to expect to see.

She found Bono sitting in the rocking chair, Katie lying in his arms sleeping, Karen realised that as he rocked back and forth he was singing to her softly as he looked down at her, he hadn't even noticed Karen standing in the doorway.

Karen watched holding her breath, she felt a lump rise her her throat, getting emotional watching them together it was a very tender moment, all her worries were dispelled, the way Bono was looking at his daughter it was obvious he was finding that bond with her.

Karen was about to quietly back away and leave them to it, but Bono happen to look up and caught sight of her.
Smiling he motioned with his head for her to come into the room.

"Sorry I didnt mean to disturb you" Karen apologised quietly.

"Its ok, I think I have finally got her over to sleep" Bono replied getting up tentively he placed Katie in Karen's arms "I think you can put her in her cot"

"So everything was ok?" Karen asked.

"Well.. she was a bit tetchy earlier" Bono replied "But I handled it"

Karen could have sworn he was looking a little smug

"I changed her diapher... all by myself I may add"... but didn't go into the details that he went through two disposabile diaphers before he got it right,"... and I think she was teething a bit as well and put that gel on her gums, she was right as rain after that"

"Oh good" Karen replied smothering a smile because Bono was postively looking full of himself

"I think I am getting a handle of this fatherhood thing, its not bad when you get the hang of it" and with that he strolled out of the nursery feeling pleased with himself.

Karen settled Katie in her cot and decided to call Liv on the phone.
"Hey Liv, I am just giving you a ring to let you know that whatever you said to Bono about katie.. well it has worked a treat"

At the other end of the phone Liv smiled "Good thats what I was hoping to hear"

(three weeks later)

The U2 tour bus with the band members onboard was heading up the American highway to their next Gig in Colorado
Larry Edge and Adam where discussing the set they were playing, when Bono bounded up jumping in on the middle of them

"Hey Guys, you wanna see the latest pics, Karen send me of Katie, she looks so gorgeous, you can see where her new teeth have come up when she is smiling"

The others never got a chance to reply, Bono whipped out the pictures and started handing them around "Look at her doesnt she look cute in that outfit.. doesnt she have the smile of an angel"

Larry Edge and Adam smiled and nodded in agreement automatically as they passed the pics around.

"See the way her hair is growing those little curls.. Karen reckons she will be crawling soon" Bono told them proudly

When the last photo had been handed out, Edge looked down the back of the bus "They are great photos Bono, thanks for letting us see them.. hey why don't you show them to some of the road crew, down there I am sure they want to see them"

"Good idea" Bono replied and moved on down the back of the bus.

Larry Edge and Adam let out a sigh of relief. From they had started the tour Bono had a one track mind and it was on his daughter Katie, it was all he mostly talked about, at first the others found it amusing, now it was starting to get irritating

"Some one is going to have to phone Karen and tell her to stop taking bloody photos of Katie.. or he will be driving us crazy before this is all over" Larry spoke up.

"Yeah he is acting like he is the only person in the world who has a kid" Adam grumbled

"Fatherhood has gone to his head" Edge agreed "I am sure I have heard him mention Katie in his sleep".

"I Just hope the novelty of it all wear of soon" Adam spoke up "Or I might just end up strangling him"

When they finally arrived at their destination, that evening they met up with the city officials who were holding a special press conference in the bands honour.

Their Host shook hands with them "It great to have you back, and hope you enjoy your short stay"

Bono smiled "Oh I am sure we will.. hey did you know I have become a father from the last time we played here.. I have a little daughter, her name is Katie.. do you want to see some pics?"

Larry and Edge who were right behind him exchanged looks of dismay and then rolled their eyes.

"Here we go again" Adam muttered with a look of long suffering.

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Originally posted by madamadam
. Cute, though.

Also, I loved this part:

Originally posted by annj
She found Bono sitting in the rocking chair, Katie lying in his arms sleeping, Karen realised that as he rocked back and forth he was singing to her softly as he looked down at her, he hadn't even noticed Karen standing in the doorway.

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