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The Linden Girl pt9

“So your cooking for your husband didn’t turn out quite as planned?” Myra couldn’t help chuckling when she heard about Katrina’s disaster the following day.

“No, not quite” Katrina admitted ruefully, “It was not a success at all”

she discreetly decided to omit the later happening between her and Edge. As friendly as she become with Myra, she was not ready to reveal her innermost thoughts and feelings quite yet with the woman.

“Well I did offer to help you” Myra reminded her.

“I know, and maybe I should have accepted your offer, but I was so set on doing it all myself, and showing of my new cooking skills to Edge. But you know what they say, pride comes before a fall”

“Yeah well you are just going to have to pick yourself up and try again” Myra told her.

“Don’t worry I intend to” Katrina assured her, then found her mind wandering again back to the memory of sitting on Edge’s knee, and the way he had looked at her, it send a warm glow through her body, and she was trying to convince herself she had not just imagined it, maybe it would have been better if she had.

After she had washed her hair and returned to the house, Edge was occupied cleaning his pistol, they had talked, but in a constrained sort of way, neither of them wanting to admit something out of the ordinary had taken place between them.

She had claimed tiredness and had taken refuge in the bedroom. But she had tossed and turned most of the night not getting any sleep. Several times she fought back the urge to go into the next room and talk with Edge about what was happening with them but she could not work up the nerve, uncertain of his reaction.

He was her husband they had been living under the same roof for several weeks now, yet she realised with some dismay, she did not really know him at all.

He was already up and gone when she came out of the bedroom early that morning, she didn’t know whether to be relieved or disappointed.

“Are you alright?” Myra’s enquiry brought her out of her reverie with a start. She found the older woman frowning at her with slight concern

“You were away in a world of your own there” Myra then spoke up, then reached over to pat Katrina’s hand comfortingly.

“Don’t you be fretting about last night and the dinner, it was your first attempt after all, and I am sure Edge didn’t mind that much”

“No he didn’t” Katrina manage to smile, “Actually he said he was glad I just manage to burn the bread and not the house”

Myra chuckled again, “Well he is right there, Edge is a good man. Sometimes I think he does the oddest things, but his heart is good, that’s the main thing.

“Yes,” Katrina agreed picturing Edges gentle smile in her minds eye, lately she was having trouble not picturing his face or thinking about him all the time.


Katrina decided to take up Myra’s offer to help her. Though Myra insisted Katrina do most of the work whilst she just offered her advice, and talked her through the preparation on how it should be done.

It proved a more successful venture, and that evening after Myra had gone and everything done, Katrina spent her time hovering at the window looking out for Edge coming. He seemed to be later than usual, she wondered if it had anything to do with the night before, that he felt he had to avoid her. Her heart sank a little.

But then she seen him come up the path towards the house, she immediately rushed over to the stew pot which had been left simmering by the fire, checking it by taking a tiny taste and almost burning her tongue.

By the time Edge arrived through the door she had the steaming stew in a bowl on the table, and she was standing anxiously to see his reaction.

“Mmm!” His nose went into the air sniffing, then shot her a sly smiled, “Something smells good.

The awkwardness of the previous evening had vanished, almost forgotten as Katrina insisted he sit down at the table to eat

“This time Myra was here to help me, but I still did most of it” Katrina replied, and waited with a certain anxiousness as Edge tasted the stew.

“Well, what do you think?” she demanded

“Hmm” Edge took another spoonful as if giving it consideration, “Almost fit for a king” he winked making her laugh

“Well aren’t you going to have some?” he enquired as she still stood watching over him

“Oh yes of course” Katrina replied, and hurriedly poured herself into a bowl and sat at the table opposite him, shooting him little furtive glances to make sure he was really enjoying it, and feeling quite pleased with herself when he finished it all and asked for more.

Later that evening Edge had gone out, doing his last check on the animals in the barn and stables round the back of the house. A little while later Katrina passed the open door way and found him standing leaning against the wall idly whittling away at a stick with his penknife and glancing up at the night sky seeming lost in a world of his own

Surprised and a curious, Katrina came out to join him, “Is everything alright?” she asked.

He turned to glance at her, “It’s fine” he smiled, “I was just thinking, that all”

“About what?” Katrina asked coming to stand next to him.

“When I was in the army, many a night we spent lying out of our tents, and when it had been a particularly bad battle, I use to enjoy just lying back looking up at the stars, grateful I had survived, wondering what the next day was going to bring, and when I didn’t want to think about the cannon fire and the guns and the blood I would try and count the stars, I use to do it as a child, and it always made me feel I was safe back in Ireland again, and now here I am” Edge replied, “and the stars still look the same, pretty as ever”

“Yeah they are” Katrina agreed also looking into the clear night sky studded with the twinkling lights

“Wouldn’t it be great if you could fly up into the air like a bird to be amongst those stars” Edge then mused, pointing up at the sky with the stick in he had been whittling “I would like to do that”

“I have never thought about it before” Katrina admitted, and stared at Edge wonderingly

“Well if men can make great big cannons to fire at each other maybe they could make a big cannon to fire us to the moon” Edge suggested with a grin

“Katrina laughed, “You do have some funny notions in your head” she told him

“Yeah I guess I do” Edge replied, and went back to whittling the stick “Daft as a brush as Myra would say, and I-” He stopped, suddenly becoming alert, straightening up and staring across into the darkness of the trees and bushes across from them.

“What is it?” Katrina enquired seeing the change in his stance, the tense lines around his mouth.

“I am not sure, but I think there is somebody out there” Edge spoke softly.

Katrina peered towards the direction Edge was looking but could not hear or see anything.

But Edge’s time in the army had given him a keen sense of hearing, and he knew they were not alone.

Taking Katrina’s arm he led her back into the house and closed the door.

Katrina watched as Edge went over to the corner of the room where he kept his rifle and picked it up, he darted a glance out the window as if still believing someone was outside, making Katrina feel suddenly nervous.

“Edge what are you doing?” she asked anxiously

“Listen Katrina, I want you to stay in here no matter what, do you understand?” he ordered her urgently.

Katrina managed to nod “Its going to be alright” he then attempted to reassure her seeing her worried expression, “Just don’t come outside unless I tell you to” his voice was calm and firm.

She watched him leave with the gun, her heart pounding in her ears, wringing her hands anxiously together wondering what exactly was going on.

It seemed like forever but was actually no more than ten minutes when she heard Edge’s muffled shout “Who ever you are, come out now, before I blast your brains out of your head, I know you are there!”

Katrina couldn’t help going over to the window to try and see what was going on, she just made out Edge’s figure standing a few yards away his shotgun poised, then sure enough from the direction of the bushes and trees. She thought she saw some dark figures moving about. The next voice shouting was not Edge’s and was even more muffled from a distance, it was spoken in Irish, she could just about make out the word traitor and scum.

Then there were sounds of gun fire, and from the bushes a ball of fire hurtled through the air towards the house, there was sound of another gunshot.

Katrina let out a cry of alarm, and forgetting all about Edge’s orders to stay put in the house, she flew over to the door, rushing out fearful for her husbands life and praying that Edge was alright…..

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aaaaack he's not gonna die is he???

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OMG! What is happening????

I pray Edge is ok....he is such a wonderful man.
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ah the suspense!

I hope Edge didn't get hurt
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Oh man! I hope Edge is okay... Great chapter! I'm loving the interactions between him and Katrina. Looking forward to more!
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