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The Linden girl pt7

They were married three weeks later in the local church, Katrina in one of her better gowns she had, which Edge had collected from Linden hall. Not having suit or suitable attire Edge wore his old army uniform and Katrina thought he looked quite dashing in it.

Dr McCracken attended along with Myra, though a few of the locals turned up at the back of the church just for nosiness sake to watch the one time young mistress of Linden hall, who should have been marrying a Lords son, but now instead was marrying a horse dealer.. ‘how the mighty had fallen’ many of the local gossips quoted smugly

Katrina felt more than a little nervous on the day, even though the marriage would be in name only and relations between her and Edge would be no more then companionship without the intimacy.

She could not survive in the world on her own, Edge had offered her his name. And with that name he would protect and care for her, offering her some form of security which she had lost after her father’s death. What he was getting from his end of the marriage was very little she realised a little troubled, as they stood before the Priest taking their vows.

When she claimed to love and honour and obey him, it had a very hollow ring to it, making her hesitate to continue as she looked at him, suddenly uncertain if she could go through with it. After all their marriage wasn’t based on love exactly, they barely knew each other.

But when he bestowed his gentle encouraging smile and she felt the warmth of his hand in hers, she realised maybe it would not be so hard to grow to love him and make the vows real, the marriage real.

Even though she realised she would probably be living in the shadow of his first wife who had died the year before whom she suspected he still missed very much. She had learned a little bit more from Myra the week before when she enquired if Myra knew his first wife.

Myra had looked a tad uncomfortable and shamed faced when she admitted she had not known her very well.

It seemed when Edge returned back to Ireland after he finished in the army he had brought along his Spanish wife Juanita, and their young son David, it seemed the locals didn’t take to well to foreign strangers amongst there midst, and being a superstitious lot they viewed her with suspicion of an outsider who did not belong and she was never really accepted

Katrina was surprised to learn that Edge also had a son, but saddened to learn that a bout of typhoid had first ended his little life, before claiming that of his mother.

Many viewed it as an omen that Edge should not have returned to Ireland with them.
As for Katrina, she almost felt like weeping when Myra unfolded the terrible tragedy that Edge had suffered. She became determined she would do all she could to make him happy so he would not end up regretting marrying her.

And with that thought in her mind and heart, she manage to get through the ceremony to the end and became Mrs David Evans, receiving congratulating hugs from Myra and Dr McCracken

They went back to Dr McCracken’s house for a celebratory meal, Katrina enjoying the food, it had been quite a while from she had eaten so well, and listening to Myra expound amusing tales of the early days of her marriage to her late husband Michael
O’Connell who had been very fond of the drink and warning Katrina to make sure Edge stayed out of the local pubs.

Katrina assured her she would, and Edge shook his head with mock dismay “Ah sure you wouldn't deprive a man of his Guinness now and again. would you?”

“As long as he is moderate with it” Katrina replied primly smothering a smile that threaten to break out, knowing he was teasing her

Edge turned to look at the doctor across the table “Look, we are only married and already she is laying down the law, What’s a man to do?”

“Well you’ve made your bed, you have to lie in it” The doctor chuckled

“Yes I guess I will,” Edge replied giving Katrina a wink.


She recalled the this remark later that evening as she got undressed in the bedroom, realising this was her first night as a married woman and she would be spending it separate from her husband. She felt a little twinge of guilt that Edge was still lying in a makeshift bed in the next room. She wondered what was going through his mind right now.

They had returned from the doctor’s house a few hours ago, discussing the events of the day, But as they sat by the fire the heat had made Katrina sleepy and she had kept yawning she had not slept very well this past week with nerves and excitement of the wedding coming up.

Edge had ordered her to go to bed, and she reluctantly gave in, feeling that after such an eventful day it couldn’t just end with her dropping of to sleep in front of him.

And though she felt a certain contentment knowing her future was more secure and she was safe with Edge, she felt there was something missing that there should be more… but she wasn’t sure what exactly she wanted more of.

Despite her earlier tiredness, she suddenly felt wide awake again as she got ready to climb into bed. It was then she heard a noise, which sounded like the front door in the next room creaking open.

Twilight had descended, it was still vaguely light outside, and as she looked through the bedroom window she saw Edge, he had changed out of his army uniform back into shirt and breeches, at first she thought he might be going to check on the horses, only he went in the opposite direction.

‘Where on earth was he of to at this time of the night?’ she pondered

She wasn’t sure why, but suddenly her curiosity got the better of her and she needed to know where he was going. She spent a moment considering if it was a good idea if she should go after him or not.

Then getting up she hastily grabbed her cloak wrapping it around her and slipping on her shoes and left the bedroom.

Once outside she hurried in the direction he had gone, and soon caught sight of him, hesitant that he might be angry with her following him she lagged behind him, but manage to keep him in sight

He came to a halt in the clearing of the trees and bushes. Getting a little nearer, but making sure he was still not aware of her presence, Katrina found him standing before a roughly made wooden cross in the ground. Realisation hit her that this was probably where his wife and son where buried.

She felt a twinge of regret she had followed him. Watching this little did nothing to comfort her disquiet she had been feeling about becoming his wife in name only.

She guessed it shouldn’t really be surprising that on the night of his wedding his mind was thinking of his former marriage and his first wife, the difference being that he had been in love with Juanita, and even now wanted to be with her.

Katrina felt a strange heavy sadness in her heart, and suddenly feeling like an intruder who had no right to be witnessing this little scene, she discreetly backed away and decided to slip back to the house, before Edge realised she had followed him….

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oh wow.. this might get painful!
your writing is really great! makes me feel like I"m watching it with my very eyes!
would my history teacher accept this as a good story?

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she would probably be too be busy correcting my spelling mistakes I should really not try and write and post at 7 oclock in the morning
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great chapter annj
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Originally posted by annj
she would probably be too be busy correcting my spelling mistakes I should really not try and write and post at 7 oclock in the morning
*snicker* and I shouldn't be reading fanfics way after midnight...
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This is developing quite nice I cannot wait to see what happens next.
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Excellent chapter, annj! I'm loving this story more and more as it develops!

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