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The Linden Girl pt6

It was only when her uncle’s servant had returned to Linden Hall without her, that Katrina confided in Myra the type of man her uncle was, and what he had tried to do, which was why she was reluctant to return. And why Edge felt so protective over her not wanting to send her back.

“But I did not want it to turn out like this” she exclaimed in dismay

“Well its understandable, you not wanting to go back” Myra conceded “But I don’t see how you can prevent her aunt and uncle taking her, they have the law on their side, she is their niece, and is nothing to you”

“I’ll figure out something” Edge replied frowning thoughtfully

Myra shook her head, “You are not thinking straight. Apart from the fact of her uncle, she can’t stay here under your roof. It wouldn't be decent, think of your reputations” she then pointed out, “How’s it going to look you living with a young girl on your own, I know your intentions are good even honourable, but other people won’t see it like that, the local tongues will be wagging, saying all sorts of things”

”Myra is right” Katrina realised “It would be an impossible situation”

“Aye” Myra agreed, “It was bad enough they were talking against you when you came back to Ireland after the war with your Spanish wife in tow, and now you are going to give more ammunition for the local gossips you will find yourself even more ostracised”

“Y’know, I don’t give a damn what they say or think about me” Edge stated

“Then maybe you should give a damn about what they will think of Katrina” Myra replied, “Don’t you think she has been through enough?”

Edge frowned, but didn’t get a chance to reply as the sound of horses hooves drawing near caught their attention

Katrina hurried over to the window, “It’s him. My uncle and he has two of his servants with him.

Edge went to the window to see for himself, “Of course, I had an idea he would not come alone, he is too much of a coward who likes to prey on innocent young women” he remarked dryly

Katrina clutched Edges arm, “Oh please Edge, I don’t want anything to happen to you, maybe it’s would be better if I go with him.. there is no other way” she said in desperation

“Yes there is,” Edge replied with thoughtful deliberation, “You could become my wife”

Katrina just stared at him open mouthed, not sure she had heard right

“Edge grabbed her by the shoulders, suddenly lit up with his new thought out plan.

“Listen to me Katrina, I am willing to marry you and give you my protection, to live under my roof. Our marriage will be in name only, that way no one can say or do anything, and your honour will remain intact,” he explained happily, “I am offering you a way out Katrina, a way where you will have a home and someone to look out for you.. I am sorry I cannot replace the life you had before, but I promise I will take care of you” he stated urgently.

Katrina stared into his green eyes, seeing the sincerity knowing this man meant what he said. But marrying him? She could not get her head around the idea.

The sound of her uncle banging on the front door made her almost jump out of her wits.

“I need you to tell me before I open the door Katrina,” Edge then told her, “I need to be able to face your uncle and tell him you won’t be going back with him, because you are staying with me and becoming my wife, so just say yes”

The banging on the door got louder. Katrina’s mind was in a crazy whirl partly of fear of what might happen between her Uncle and Edge when they clashed, and this sudden marriage proposal he had just blurted out.

Her mind tried to grasp the reality of the situation, could Edge’s plan work? It seemed it was either that, or end up in her uncles clutches, she was aware he would probably make her life even more miserable after this defiance

“What’s it to be Katrina?” Edge demanded urgently, realising there wasn’t much time
she found herself lost in his green eyes as they bore into hers anxiously

Katrina decided to follow her gut instinct “Y-yes” she replied faintly, then in a more certain tone confirmed it, “Yes, I will be your wife”

“Holy Mary mother of God! The two of you have lost your mind” Myra exclaimed not believing the exchange she just witnessed.

Edge was not paying any attention to her and went over to open the door. Katrina found herself clutching the back of the chair as her legs threatened to give way beneath her

Her uncle barged in followed by his two servants, But Edge stood in front of him, barring his way from going anywhere near Katrina

“This little charade has gone far enough, I demand that you stand aside sir, so I can fetch Katrina and bring her back where she belongs” Fredrick addressed Edge.

Katrina is where she belongs” Edge replied smoothly, “And she is not going anywhere with you”

“So that’s your plan is it?” Fredrick eyes narrowed, “Planning on keeping her here are you, and having your way with her?, or have you done that already?” he sneered
“Is that why she is afraid to come back and face us? Has she become your little whore?”

Katrina had never seen Edge angry, but she witnessed it now, as his expression hardened and he swiftly grabbed her uncle by the front of his shirt and pinned him up against the nearby wall almost dangling him of the floor.

The two servants went to move forward, but suddenly Myra was in their way brandishing the poker from the fireplace

“Either of you move or go near him and you will get a clout around the head with this, I mean it” she threatened

Not wanting to take the chance the two men faltered and remained where they stood

Edge had full control of his anger, his expression was that of distaste as he looked upon Katrina’s uncle Fredrick who gaped back with wide eyed alarm

“Do not try and tar me with the same brush as yourself,” Edge stated with icy coldness, “I do not go around molesting young women who have fallen on misfortune, trying to take advantage of them, Katrina told me all about you, and I know your sort. You make me sick. If we were not in the presence of women I would show you what I would like to do with you”

“Y-You hurt me in any way and I will have you arrested and thrown in jail to rot” Fredrick warned, his voice unsteady.

“You would not be worth it” Edge retorted in disgust releasing his hold on him, and n smoothing down the front of Fredrick’s shirt for him, making the man flinch thinking that Edge was going to hit him.

“Now this is what you are going to do” Edge’s tone was light, but the look in his eye told different. “You are going to leave with your henchmen, and you are going to inform your wife that Katrina will not be going back with you because she has found a home here with me, and has agreed to become my bride so there is no need to fret. Then you can go crawl back under the rock you came from”

“This is prosperous!” Fredrick objected he now looked over at Katrina who stood watching the little scene with open anxiety.

“You cannot mean to marry this man, how could you lower yourself?”

“That man has more honour and decency in his little finger than you have in your whole body” Katrina declared angered at her uncle’s words, “And I find it a great honour he would have me as his wife”

Her uncle glared, but knew there was little he could do, much to his fury and frustration, he could not physically drag Katrina away now. If she wanted to marry this uncouth lout, she could. She was not worth the bother.

Pulling himself together with what little dignity he had left he strode towards the door to leave.

“If that’s the way you want it, you can both rot in hell” he exclaimed haughtily
“Don’t ever think you can come running back to me and your aunt when you realise your mistake, as far as we are concerned you are as dead as your father”

“You don’t know how happy that makes me feel” Katrina replied finding the nerve now that her uncle was no longer a threat.

He just sniffed disdainfully as if there was a bad smell, then walked out his servants, hurriedly following him

“Hopefully that’s the last of him” Edge remarked cheerfully as he closed toe door behind him

But the whole thing had been too much for Katrina, who burst into tears of relief.

Edge was over beside her taking her in his arms and holding her, “Now, now, no more tears” he chastised her in his more gentler tone, “after all we got a wedding to plan” he smiled.

some might think this is the end but actually it is only the beginning

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I love weddings

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aww Edge is soo cool! hes a true hero!
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Awww - they're getting married! I love this story so far, annj! Hope you can update again soon!
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I've finally caught up with this story and absolutely love it

look forward to some more
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I might be a bit slower posting after this because the husband is whining I spent too much time on the comp and not with him,

can't neglect the poor dear
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annj Your stories are wonderful! What an awesome action packed ending. Gotta love The Edge Fury! Lucky Kartina


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