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The Linden Girl pt3

When the ache in her head seem to increase, Edge had sent Katrina to lie down on the bed to try and ease it, it had been still light outside when she had finally dozed over.
But now as she stirred from her slumber, feeling uncomfortably hot she realised when she opened her eyes the room was in darkness.

Despite the fact she felt too warm, inside her bones seem to be cold as ice and when she moved her limbs they ached and she found she was shivering uncontrollably.

She tried to swallow but her throat felt dry and raw, she realised something was not right, alarmed she attempted to try and get out of the bed, swinging her legs onto the rough stone floor, her head swam, made worse by the darkness and the unfamiliar surroundings.

Standing up unsteadily. she reached out to clutch the nearest thing available which happen to be a chest of drawers, but in doing so her arm swiped across the top of the drawers knocking over the washbowl and jug that sat on top of it, sending it noisily clattering to the ground making her yelp with alarm.

Edge had been ready to settle down for the night in his makeshift bed in the next room, when he heard the noise, he immediately got up taking the lamp with him to investigate.

He opened the door to find Katrina standing unsteadily by the bed looking down at the jug and bowl she had knocked over, when she looked up at him he could see her face was unusually flushed, a dull faraway look in her blue eyes, as if she could not focus properly on him.

“I’m sorry” she finally manage to croak “I-I don’t think-“ she started trying to take a step forward, but her legs suddenly felt weak.

Realising she was on the verge of collapsing Edge hurriedly put the lamp down on the chest of drawers and went over to her, his arm going around her for support, he could feel how hot she was even through the material of the dress

“Jesus! this is all we need,” he exclaimed in dismay. His hand felt her forehead, it was burning, confirming his worst fears she had a high temperature. The soaking in the river had not been a good thing.

She was limp in his arms now and he swooped her up and lay her on the bed again

“I think it would be best if you lie here and don’t move around too much” he told her

“I think you are right” she manage to reply faintly “I feel so hot” she tugged at her dress weakly, wishing she could undo it and get out of it and into something cool

Edge had disappeared for a few moments, but when he returned it was with a mug of water, he held it to her lips, “Take it easy now.” he advised her holding her head up a little and she tried to gulp it down to relieve her parched burning throat.

He pondered how this morning everything had been fairly peaceful and uneventful in his life, and how quickly the situation had changed when he had encountered Katrina Linden that afternoon, in that short space of time she was managing to turn his fairly tranquil life upside down.

Myra O’Connell was, not a happy woman when her nearest neighbour, Edge woke her in the early hours of the morning. The plump widow muttered in annoyance when she heard the urgent banging on her door, and Edge yelling her name so that she had to get out of her nice warm bed to find out what was going on.

She swung the door open frowning, “Bejasus what has you up and yelling at my door at this ungodly hour, it better be good, or you will feel the toe of my shoe up your arse” she threatened.

“I am sorry for disturbing ye Myra, but you are the only one I could turn to” Edge replied he was a little breathless from running across the field to Myra’s place

He hurriedly explained his situation as best he could about his encounter with
Katrina up until the point he realised she was taking sick.

“She is lying in my bed deathly sick and feverish, I need to go and fetch the doctor, but I wondered if you could keep an eye on her till I get back.. I can’t leave her alone”

Myra, a little dazed from the extraordinary story Edge had managed to hastily unfold, now wore an expression of concern,. “Give me a few minutes and I will be right with you” she told him. ushering him into her small cottage as she went to hurriedly dress.

Once Myra was at Katrina’s bedside twenty minutes later, and putting a cold damp cloth on her forehead and tending to her needs Edge wasted no time on getting on his horse to go and get the doctor.

Dr McCracken, was quite used to getting woke up at strange hours, and greeted Edge on a more jovial note that his neighbour Myra.

But when Edge partly explained the situation to him, he looked troubled. “Young Katrina Linden you say?” he queried “Her aunt Marry was making enquiries if anyone had seen her, she was suppose to return back home with her and her husband today”

“Yes Katrina told me” Edge replied dryly

“Then we must let her aunt know where she is, the woman is worried out of her mind I am sure, young people these days they cause so much trouble” the doctor shook his head on disproval

Edge did not want to have to explain the situation between Katrina and her uncle to the doctor right now, there wasn’t time. And deep down he knew it would be much better if her aunt knew of her whereabouts they could deal with the other situation at a later date.

So he made no objections when Dr McCracken send his servant to inform Katrina’s aunt where she could be found whilst he rode back with the doctor just hoping he could do something to help her. The last thing Edge needed was another woman dying on him…..

Edge paced anxiously up and down the floor, glancing towards the closed bedroom door, Doctor McCracken and Myra were in with Katrina still. It had been almost a half hour before the Doctor reappeared, his expression a little grave.

“She is running a mighty fever right enough, but I have given her something to help combat it, the next twenty four hours should tell if the fever breaks or not, I will call again later to check on her, meanwhile try and keep her as cool as possible and give her plenty to drink” he ordered

Edge nodded and promised he would do as the doctor ordered before seeing him off.
He was grateful to Myra who offered to stay by Katrina’s bedside for another few hours to tend to her.

When dawn broke Edge was feeling a little weary, but did not have time to think of sleep as Katrina’s aunt Mary and her husband arrived, looking considerably irritated and put out.

“Where is the wretched girl and what has happened to her now?” her aunt demanded
“She is more trouble than she is worth” she complained

“Your niece is very sick I am afraid,” Edge replied, hiding his distaste at the middle aged lady who was still trying to look like a young girl with far too much makeup it made her more grotesque. His green eyes came to rest on the weasel face man standing next to her who he assumed with the uncle, and his sympathy towards Katrina grew twice fold.

“And how did she come to be in your care sir?” he demanded his eyes narrowing suspiciously at Edge

“She accidentally fell into the river, and I was able to rescue her, but she was deeply distressed I brought her back here to let her change out of her soaking clothes.. we were going to inform you of her whereabouts and let you know she was safe, then she took ill”

“You took your time about it” her aunt sniffed. “Now look what has happened. She has already become a thorn in my side with her behaviour, if it were not for the charitable kindness of my husband Fredrick, wanting to take her in, I would have left her to her fate, as did her father done with me all those years ago, this really is an intolerable situation”

“I am sure she will be gratified that you are going out of your way for her, and showing her such charity.” Edge’s voice dripped of sarcasm “Maybe with a bit of luck the illness will claim her and she will not longer be a worry to you”

“That is no way to talk to my wife sir” her husband Fredrick objected sharply

“As it happens she cares for her niece as do I, she is just upset at this predicament she is in, it is unsettling, but I assure you sir, that we only have the best intentions for the poor girl” he turned to his wife “Now Mary you mustn’t get upset over this little incident, once we get Katrina home with us I am sure she will settle down, you must not forget your duty as her only living relative”

Edge was not fooled by the man’s false piety

“Katrina is far too ill to go anywhere at the moment, if and when she does get better I think we would be best served then talking about her future” he stated.

Fredrick could not hide his animosity towards this man he considered beneath him, yet talked down to him arrogantly as if he was above his station.

“We have no need to discuss her future with you sir, as her legal guardian we will decide what is best for her” he stated stiffly

“We will see” Edge refused to back down, “When she is under my roof she is under my protection, and her welfare is my concern”

Fredrick blustered, but didn’t dare challenge Edge, sensing a danger in the quiet man, by the hard glint in his green eyes that stared at him with contempt, he had no intentions of provoking him further. He turned to his wife.

“Come my dear, we will return to Linden hall, now we know Katrina is in safe hands. Once she is well enough we will send for her and return home with her and put all this behind us”

His wife Mary was only too happy to leave, like her husband she had no desire to be in this rough mans presence any longer than need be.

Edge seen them to the door curtly informing them he would get in touch and inform them of Katrina’s wellbeing and gladly seeing them of in their carriage he went back inside his house slamming the door behind him, angered at their attitude, and decided the next time he encountered Katrina’s uncle Fredrick, which he knew he would soon, he would be more than ready for him…..

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Alright! That is an Egde I could fall for

I hope Katrina gets better.
Wonderful work annj
Cannot wait for the next pt.

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Great chapter! I could definitely fall for this Edge too!
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wow... Edge is really a heroish type! great writing!
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