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The Linden Girl pt14

Katrina found she was a little sad to see Paul Hewson go later that afternoon. His lively spirit was infectious, and after the worry and concern from the attack a few evenings ago, it was what they had needed.

“You will come back and see us again, next time I promise I will try not to shoot you” Katrina assured him trying hard not to grin.

“Oh I will be back, I wouldn’t let a little thing like that stand between us” Paul replied, “And of course you will have to come to Dublin and visit us, when you get the chance”

“That would be lovely” Katrina smiled. She held out her hand towards him so they could shake, but he grabbed it and brought it to his lips lightly kissing the back of it, then turned to Edge

“You make sure you take good care of this little lady”

“Don’t worry I will” Edge nodded with a small smile.

She watched as Edge and Paul hugged and shook hands as they exchanged goodbyes, there was a bond between the two men, as close as blood brothers she realised.

With his arm around her waist Edge and Katrina waved Paul goodbye as he strolled down towards the roadway, watching him until he disappeared around the bend, before heading back into the house together.

Katrina was looking thoughtful as she listen to Edge talk about his plans for planting their next harvest soon on the few acres of land beside the house. She had never had much interest in such things before, there had been no need for a young lady to care about farm labour, her only concern had been finding the food at the table to eat.

But a whole new world had been opened up before her now, she was seeing it from a different point of view. Realising the harvest and what they could plant and grow would be what would sustain them hopefully through the year she took a whole new interest in it.

“Is there anything I can do to help out?” she enquired as she scrubbed down the table, and Edge was piling more turf on the fire

He looked around at her quizzically “How do you mean?”

“Well” Katrina straightened up from cleaning the table, “Doing something, helping you plant the crop, I mean now we are married its just as much my responsibility as yours” she pointed out

“I guess so” Edge agreed nodding, “Still I can’t imagine you wanting to get those pretty hands of your ruined doing farm labour” he grinned

“My pretty hands are as good as your hands” Katrina shot back, “Just because, I have never used them for such purposes as farm labour before, doesn’t mean I can’t do it now”

“Edge came over to her, a mixture of amusement and admiration in his green eyes, grabbing her he pulled her to him, studying her upturned face and the stubborn set of her jaw.

“You never cease to amaze me you know that,” he remarked, and despite still trying to look incensed her cheeks reddened, her expression softening.

“And why is that?” she asked

“First you take over my house, then my bed, and now it’s the farm” he replied, “Where is it going to end?” he queried, “Before you know it you will be running my horse dealing business as well, and I will be left sitting twiddling my thumbs”

Katrina threw back her head laughed, then wrapped her arms around him resting her head against his broad chest

“I am sorry, I just want to be part of your life and what is going on around here, because it is my life now” she explained

“Well I suppose I can live with that,” Edge relented, “And if you insist on being so damned useful we will start you of easy” he told her.

She pulled away from him to look up at him enquiringly

“Oh, what do you have in mind?” she asked eagerly

“Come with me” he told her taking her hand and leading her out of the house….


Katrina stood in the barn staring at Edge uncertainly, then looked at the black and white cow that stood patiently in front of them.

“You want me to milk the cow?”

“Well you have to start somewhere,” Edge replied with a wicked grin, “Its not so hard I will show you how” he then said suddenly looking business like

He proceeded to pull up the stool and the bucket putting it under the cow and Katrina bent down to watch him at work. It looked simple enough, and when he had explained the procedure, then asked her if she wanted to have a go she took a deep breath and nodded.

He got up from the stool and motioned for her to sit on it with an elegant wave of his arm which made her giggle. Nervous and uncertain, she let him guide her hands on the cow’s udder so she would know where to put them, he patiently explained the procedure to her once again as he did so, and when the milk scooted out into the bucket, it startled her a little making her jump, then she laughed.

Deciding she was getting the hang of it Edge removed his hands and stood back to let her try on her own, she was hesitant at first, but soon got the hang of it much to her delight, but then in her new over confidence she pressed down on the teats, not quite paying attention and ended up scooting the milk into her face.

Edge burst out laughing, the cow mooed as if laughing at her too, and wiping the warm milk away from her reddened face, Katrina felt silly

“It wasn’t that funny” she chastised Edge who was still laughing

“Yes it was” Edge insisted chuckling

“No it wasn’t she argued realising he might never let her live it down. To get her own back she scooped up a handful of milk from the bucket and send it his direction, spattering his face in milk making his laughter cease

“Now that’s funny” Katrina laughed

“Why you little-!” Edge exclaimed making a grab for her, she let out a yelp jumping up from the stool and running round to take refuge at the other side of the cow.

But Edge was not going to let her of so easy and came after her, she tried to run away from him still laughing, not sure what he intended to do to get revenge. So ensued a ducking and dodging chase around the bar with the cow watching on disapprovingly at the shouts and the laughter emanating from Edge and Katrina

Katrina attempted to flee out the barn door but knowing she would get away out of his reach Edge made a last ditch attempt to stop her managing to grab her by the waist and pull her back, but in doing so stumbled losing his footing and they both ended up luckily landing on the bundle of soft hay in the corner, both of them breathless and laughing.

“Now for your punishment you little vixen” Edge exclaimed vengefully as he rolled himself on top of her pinning her to the ground so she couldn’t escape.

He manage to get at one of her earlobes, nipping it lightly with his teeth at first she squirmed and protested at his beard tickling her face, but was discovering she quite liked him nibbling on her earlobe and wouldn’t mind if he done it again. His warm breath against her neck and ear was having a totally opposite effect from punishment, she was finding it quite pleasurable,

Somehow it went from playful vengeance to something altogether different as she felt his lips trail down her neck, and her own mouth had turned to kiss his face. With a new urgency her hands exploring just as much as his were. Then their lips found each other and she was lost, feeling the familiar longing for him gather up from somewhere deep inside her. As they kissed his hands seem determined to remove the barrier of her dress,

It was only when she heard the cow making more noises, Katrina pulled away from him a little remembering exactly where they were, on the barn floor, her passion abated slightly and her modesty took over

“W-We can’t do it here” she protested before Edge could claim her lips again

“Hmm?” he looked at her puzzled, his eyes still glazed with desire, then as if realising what she had said, he glanced around him, then looked her in the eye, she couldn’t quite read his expression, but he released her and sat up.

“I suppose you are right” he then agreed, “ I guess this is no place to take advantage of a young lady like yourself” he remarked lightly, but Katrina suddenly felt that there was a distance between them as he helped her up to her feet. He seemed more like polite stranger than her husband now.

She knew it was all her fault, she had caused this to happen. She had been trying so hard to fit in and be part of his life, and for a little while they had been equals, man and woman. Class and age difference had been forgotten, until she had made that stupid remark.

Why hadn’t she kept her mouth shut and not made it seem that the barn floor was not good enough to make love on?

She had no doubt if Juanita had been alive she would have not thought so, and would have happily rolled in the hay with Edge and enjoyed every minute of it, perhaps they had already Katrina realised miserably.

But she couldn’t take it back, and it was too, late the damage was done. Edge was busy brushing himself down, it was like there was some form of invisible barrier between them.

“Why don’t you go back to the house and clean up, I will finish of milking the cow” he suggested, he didn’t sound angry or annoyed with her, but it seemed the moment they had was gone and there was no chance of retrieving it.

With a slightly heavy heart and annoyed at herself, Katrina left him to it, reluctantly doing his bidding by returning to the house.

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Ouch bad remark of her!
milk the cow... htat part WAS funny! It really are the historical aspects of the story that make it much more interesting... we learn and have fun at the same time

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Oks, this is the first time I was a bit taken back by Katrina? Who would turn down a roll in the hay with Edge???That seemed so romantic the way you described it annj
Still a wonderful story
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Great chapter, annj! They were so cute rolling around in the hay! Too bad it didn't end up so happy this time, but I'm sure you've got great stuff for us around the corner!
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This is such a good story, annj! Please post the next chapter soon
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