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The Linden girl pt13

“I like your friend Paul, he seems very nice, and quite a charmer” Katrina remarked as Edge climbed into bed with her.

“Yeah most of the ladies say that” Edge grinned, ”He has a certain way of charming everyone around him, but especially the women, he loves their attention”

“I can imagine,” Katrina laughed, “But still he is happily married?”

“Yes, has been for the past six years, unlike me he had the sense to marry a woman from the same country creed and class” Edge mused

“How lucky for him” Katrina replied, her tone a little brittle, “And how unfortunate for you”

Realising he had put his foot in it, Edge immediately looked regretful, “I didn’t mean that the way it sounded” he attempted to back track.

“I just meant the situation here in Ireland is so much different from the rest of the world, the way people judge you and react to what you do” he attempted to explain

“I do understand” Katrina replied unhappily “I guess it was hard enough dealing with peoples attitude with your first wife, but at least you loved her and it made it worth it.”

Her voice was a little stiff as she continued, “As for me, it must not be much fun being stuck with a wife people consider out of your class, and whom she didn’t particularly want anyway” she turned to lie on her back to look up at the ceiling forlornly

“Hey c’mon now, I never said I didn’t wanted you” Edge chastised gently, trying to hide the irritation he was feeling that she was being deliberately obtuse. Raising himself up on his elbow he leaning over her, he looked into her face which was trying hard to stare right through him on the dim light.

He was not going to give her the satisfaction of sulking and feeling sorry for herself, especially not tonight

“You know that’s not true” his hands slid across the warm flesh of her stomach, moving slowly upwards.

“If you like I can show you how much I want you right now” his silky tone caressed her senses as much as the touch of his fingers.

And despite trying to remain aloof, when his lips nuzzled the hollow of her neck, Katrina let out a little moan, as her earlier hurt feelings evaporated and melted into heated desire, she arched her body against his, her arms going around him.

When Edge’s lips came up to move against hers his tongue gently probing, sensing her weakening much to his satisfaction he found she only too eagerly responded.


She was still fast asleep curled up against him the next morning when Edge awoke.

It was just starting to get light outside. Making sure he didn’t wake her, he gingerly got out of bed and dressed to go into the other room to find his friend Paul already up and as bright as a button.

Both men strolled outside into the cold morning air, whilst Edge went to check on the barn.

Paul noticed the black burnt grassy turf nearby, and rubbed his foot over it thoughtfully

“I believe you were having some sort of trouble” he remarked lightly, “Is everything alright?”

“Yeah for now” Edge replied, “Just some of the local natives getting restless”

“You will be careful” Paul’s blue eyes stared at him with open concern

“Aren’t I always” Edge replied, “Don’t worry about me, I can still take care of myself” he assured him.

Paul sighed “Things have changed so much for both of us from we came out of the army, I get concerned when I am not quite so close and can’t look out for you.. but you know if you need me…” he left the rest unspoken.

“I know” Edge replied his hand going on his friends shoulder squeezing it with an small understanding smile.

“I like Katrina,” Paul then spoke up as they walked into the barn together, “I had not expected you to get married again.

“Neither did I” Edge confessed with a grin, “It just kind of happened”

“Katrina mentioned something about you rescuing her, that’s why you got married” Paul recalled

“You are a nosy bugger d’ya know that” Edge retorted good humouredly, “I will tell you the whole sordid story, while you help me muck out” he then offered picking up a pitchfork and throwing it in Paul’s direction

Paul caught it, “Aye, you’re a hard man to get anything out of, but it’s a bargain” he grinned

Paul listen to Edge, intrigued by his retelling how he had met Katrina and what had happened with her uncle and how he ended up proposing to her and promising to take care of her.

“Well apart from the strange start to your life together, you seem to be dealing quite well with each other” he then remarked, “I think she is already in love with you, by the look in her eyes” he smiled.

Edge laughed, “I am not so sure, maybe it’s more gratitude, I pulled her out of a desperate situation, and now she thinks she has to go out of her way to repay me, by being the great little wife and pleasing me, letting me believe she is happy”

Paul shook his head chuckling, “Y’know you might be able to shoot at a moving target from a great distance, but when it comes to reading women, you are as blind as a bat”

“Bloody know all!” Edge exclaimed

Paul hurriedly ducked as Edge fired some of the mucky straw they had been cleaning out, in his direction, both of the men laughing. Not caring they were behaving like young boys again and not grown up men.

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yay for the strawfight
You write pretty fast, how do you come up with this stuff?? it's really good!

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the only reason this story is going so fast I have had the whole scenario playing out in my head for over a year, strange thing was I could not write it out with a male character in mind, until I pictured Edge it in it
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oh and he perfectly fits the role
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Great chapter! I love how fast you're updating, annj - gives me something to look forward to every time I check this forum! Can't wait for more.
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annj, you had this awesome story in your mind for a year! I could not argee more Edge was made for this story.
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hooray that Bono is in the story
another great chapter annj

Originally posted by ThoraSEB
I love how fast you're updating, annj - gives me something to look forward to every time I check this forum! Can't wait for more.

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