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The Linden Girl pt 5

In a few days time Katrina was feeling well enough to get out of bed. She was determined not to be a burden on Edge anymore than need be, and by sheer willpower and the motherly care of Myra O’Connell who introduced herself to her with a plate of broth she insisted Katrina should get into her, Katrina felt her body start to recover.

Edge had not told Katrina about her aunt and uncle coming when she had been ill, he did not want to upset her just as she was starting to feel strong again, so he had avoided any mention of them. But it was inevitable when they learned from Doctor McCracken that she was doing well that they would be in touch again.

Linden Hall was to be claimed by the bank and they could no longer stay there, and they intended to return to their own home at the other end of Ireland as soon as possible taking Katrina with them now she had recovered.

Neither her aunt or uncle had any desire to step foot in Edge’s home so they had sent one of their servants to deliver the message.

Edge was not around when the servant arrived at the door he had gone into the local town on some business of selling horses, it was Myra, who had been keeping Katrina company, opened the door to him.

Recognising the servant belonging to her aunt and uncle, Katrina froze in the middle of the room where she stood. She had manage to push all thought of her aunt and uncle to the back of her mind, not wanting to think of them. But now there was no choice.

Myra, unaware of the reason why Katrina loathed the thought of being with her relations had cheerfully invited the servant in. When he explained his reason for being there and passed on the message that Miss Katrina was to get ready to go back to Linden hall with him as soon as possible, Myra had beamed, and turned to Katrina.

“There you go dear, it seems your aunt is all set for taking you home with her, you will soon be sleeping in a nice comfortable bed” she remarked feeling sure Katrina would be grateful. After all the young lass had been brought up in more comfortable surrounding, and she felt sure despite Edge’s kindness, the girl would be glad to be back with her own sort, it was only proper.

But the expression on Katrina’s face was far from happiness, and much to Myra’s surprise she buried her face in her hands and burst into tears, “I don’t want to go back with them!” she declared, “I-I can’t.. I won’t,” and with that she fled into the bedroom, leaving the astonished Myra staring after her.

Edge returned a little while later to find Myra pleading with Katrina to come out of the bedroom and the servant standing looking perplexed at the situation he found himself in. He dared not return without Katrina and face his employer’s wrath
Neither he or Myra had an idea what was wrong with the young woman and why she was acting so irrationally.

“What is going on?” Edge demanded staring at the man up and down, making him shift uneasily. He was glad Edge’s piercing gaze turned to Myra for further explanation.

“You may ask,” Myra replied frowning, “I don’t know what has got into the girl, this man, a servant of her aunt’s, came to take her back so she could return home to them, and before I knew it she was in hysterics, and now she won’t come out of your bedroom”

“I see,” Edge replied, “Let me deal with this” he then said and turned to the waiting servant who was hoping this man would finally sort everything out

“You can inform Katrina’s aunt and uncle she is still not fit to go anywhere yet, and does not feel like travelling”

The servant’s eyes widened “Y-you don’t understand. My employers can no longer stay at Linden house it has been officially repossessed by the Bank, the doctor had informed them that Miss Katrina was well enough to travel -”

“Well I say she is not” Edge interrupted him, “You can tell your employers if they do not like it, they can leave without her” he informed him stiffly

The servant opened and shut his mouth, but no words came out. He was too confounded by the audacity of Edge, not understanding why this man was being so obstinate in his stand.

Neither did Myra who was wondering had Edge gone mad, and now interjected.

“What has got into you?” she demanded, “Why are you so set on not sending back to her relations where she rightly belongs? What is going on?”

“I have my reasons” Edge replied, he was not going to go into the details with the servant standing there, “Believe me this is what is best for Katrina” he assured her

Myra shook her head, “This is madness y’know that, if you don’t return her to her aunt and uncle, there is going to be all sorts of trouble, ye realise that don’t ye? it’s the last thing ye need” Myra warned

“You are probably right” Edge agreed nodding, but his mouth was set in an uncompromising line “But my conscience will not let me stand by and watch a young woman like Katrina who has suffered enough from losing all she had when her father died, be sent to a life of hell, which is exactly what would happen if I let her go back with her aunt and uncle”

He now turned to the servant again, “And you can tell them that to if you like, I am sure her uncle will understand what I mean”

Katrina, who had been listening beside the bedroom door, now tentively opened it and stepped out, her eyes red and swollen from her tears, her face pale and drawn she now looked worried and .

“Edge you don’t have to do this, I don’t want you getting into trouble” she told him going over and laying an anxious hand on his arm, wanting him to know she did not want to see him get into serious bother because of her “I will go back with my aunt. It-it is alright” she tried to convince him

“I am glad someone is seeing sense at last” Myra spoke up

“I promised you I would protect you Katrina” Edge replied, “And I intend to keep my promise” he insisted stubbornly, then shooting her one of his smiles added “Don’t worry I can take care of myself, and your uncle if need be, you leave that to me”

“Jesus, Mary and Joseph, save us all!” Myra declared in dismay, hastily crossing herself, realising that Edge was determined to carry on with this folly, and the blessed Lord only knew what scrape he could get himself into before it all ended.

Furious was the only word to describe Katrina’s uncle Fredrick when his servant returned without her. Especially when he informed him that Edge had insisted Katrina was not going anywhere and staying right where she was.

“The insolence of the upstart, who does he think he is!” Katrina’s aunt Mary exclaimed

“Let me deal with him my dear” her husband replied grimly “I have had enough of this nonsense I am going to put a stop to it once and for all”

He had lusted after his wife’s little niece from he had first set eyes on her, he would be damned if this man was going to come in between him and his plans now.

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ooooooh they're gonna fight
this story should be in history books! much better than the shite we have to read!

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Galeongirl, that is too funny
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Originally posted by annj
Galeongirl, that is too funny
funny, but true! and I mean that! I hate history on school... so boring... but your story makes it a lot more fun
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Edge is going to go midevil on some arse! Katrina is so lucky she has The Edge.
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