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the Linden Girl pt 10

At first she couldn’t see him standing at the spot he had been when she had looked out the window But then the flickering flames behind her caught her attention, she turned and was overcome with relief to see the silhouette of Edge’s frame attempting to put the fire out, smothering the growing flames, beating it with his coat

She ran over to him, “Oh God! Are you alright?” she exclaimed worriedly

“Yes I am fine, get some water” Edge ordered urgently

She did so. knowing that for the moment the fire was small and contained but very near the side of the barn, if it caught fire there would be no stopping it.

She went over to the water pump and hastily filled the bucket sitting next to it, to throw over the flames, her heart hammering in her chest.

They manage to put the fire out before it spread any further much to her relief

She was trembling from head to toe after the experience, still frightened thinking what might have happened, she threw herself at Edge clinging to him to feel the familiarity of his warm body which was still very much alive.

“W-When I couldn’t see you, and I heard those shots.. I thought something had happened to you” she exclaimed, “I was so scared!”

“It’s ok” Edge replied, his arm going around her and led her back into the house, “I think they are gone”

“Who were they?” Katrina demanded, “d-did you know them?”

“Not personally, but I have a good idea” Edge replied grimly

“W-Why would they do this?” Katrina then demanded in bewilderment. Looking at the smouldering ground at their feet

“They were just sending me a little message” Edge replied, “Letting me know the score”

Katrina just stared at him questioningly.

Edge sighed, putting down his rifle, he rubbed the back of his neck before speaking

“Earlier today I was approached by, what you would call an Irish freedom fighter” he started to explain, “He wanted me to do him a favour, hide guns belonging to him and his comrades at my place, for a future little venture they had planned. Being that I joined the British army he thought it was time I showed where my loyalties lay now I was back in Ireland” he finished dryly

“I see” Katrina replied, her legs suddenly weakening and she sat down in the nearest chair.

“But I refused, told him to find somewhere else to hide his guns, but he wouldn’t be using my place. He was not a happy man” Edge then went on.

“Oh Edge” Katrina murmured, realising Edge’s stance could have been either viewed as brave or stupid, but it had put him in certain danger

“Don’t get me wrong” Edge looked round at her, “I have no love more for the English than they do, and would like to see the back of them. But I don’t believe violence is the answer, I have seen enough of wars and their so called glory and what it does to men, I want to put that all behind me”

He moved his large frame wearily into the chair opposite her, “War is a nasty business Katrina believe me, and as much as I despise the English rule, I also cannot forget that I fought side by side with English men as my comrades and friends, so I cannot think all English deserve to die” he sat forward looking into her face wanting her to understand.

“The man who was my captain, was an English officer, Captain Clayton, he was a good man, he saved me from getting a flogging, he taught me how to read and write, he got me promoted to a sergeant and we looked out for each other right through the whole damned war, I could not ask for a better friend.. things like that stick in my head.. I will always owe him, and I will never forget how he stuck his neck out on the line for me”

“He sounds like a good man” Katrina replied, “I am glad he was there to look out for you”

“Yes,” Edge nodded with a small ironic smile, “But he is also the cause of me being torn between loyalty to my country and that of my friends” he mused

Katrina moved from the chair to come and kneel beside him, putting her hand over his, as she looked up at him “You follow what your heart tells you to do, even when it is not a popular decision, but that does not make you wrong, I think it shows a great strength” she told him.

“Maybe” Edge conceded, but not totally convinced, “I love this country Katrina, but moments like this, I find myself despising it. Sometimes I feel I should never have returned after the war, it might have been easier, I might still have my wife and child” he finished bleakly frowning into the dying embers of the fire

Katrina, moved by this mans compassion loyalty and pain, reached up to stroke his cheek and look into his eyes, to let him know she understood, that she wanted to help
him in someway to ease his burden. No words were spoken between them, there was no call for them, they were drawn together by an invisible force of needing and wanting something from each other.

And as Edge lowered his face closer, his eyes showing the open desire, and she felt his lips touch hers she met them with a willing response, savouring and analysing the sensation of his mouth and tongue exploring hers, and finding it very appealing, eager to have more, happy to get lost in the heat that was building up between them as she pressed herself closer to him.

Edge let out a little groan feeling the desire rising in him, something he had not felt in a while, not from Juanita. It was then his wife’s face flashed before him and he suddenly pulled away from Katrina, realising what he was doing, and shocked at himself.

“I am sorry.. I should not have done that” he told her his voice a little ragged

Katrina was too dazed from the new found emotion to reply, she could still fell the taste of Edge’s mouth on hers, and the powerful affect it had on her body. She just stared at him in slight bewilderment, not understanding what had went wrong and why he had pulled away.

Gaining full control of his senses Edge rose to his feet, “I had better go and check on the animals and see if they are ok after the fire, make sure they are settled for the night” he then said

“Of course” Katrina replied faintly, letting him escape, realising that whatever had just happened between them had come to an end and Edge had decided to shut himself away from her again.. it left her feeling strangely bereft and cold.

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Captain Clayton?!?! Well now....

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yeah well I had to slip them in somewhere Bono will be making an appearence too
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I'll be waiting for that
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finally they're getting together! the tension in your story is very nice ^^

Sir Bono.... sounds good
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Originally posted by annj
yeah well I had to slip them in somewhere Bono will be making an appearence too
And Larry?
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I don't know where I can fit him in, unless maybe give him a brief mention like Captain Clayton
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Annj!! I love it! Romance and action is the way to go!

Captian Clayton

this story is comming along great
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Can't wait to see Captain Clayton! Great chapter, off to read the next...

Insert something interesting here
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