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the Larry story - the end

Over a month had passed, Sandra sat in front of her dressing room mirror applying her make up, filled with a slight anxiety. Tonight she was attending a Charity dinner dance with Larry. They had been seeing each other as much as their schedules would allow plus talking over the phone when they couldn't, up until tonight they had kept their relationship very private, as far as their friends knew she and Larry were no more than good friends, although they both realised their relationship had gone well beyond that.

Larry had kept to his word in letting her take the time that she needed to adjust and think long and hard if this was what she wanted.. to be with him... she had come to the conclusion she did, but the idea of commitment still scared her a little.

But tonight she was taking a brave step forward to show Larry that he really did matter to her. He had casually mentioned the charity dinner dance, and how he wished she would be there that night with him, but understood if she didnt feel up to it yet, as it would be a very public affair. after thinking about it for a while she told him she would like to be there with him.. but if it was ok if they arrived seperatly.. but they would leave together that night. Larry only too happily agreed.

Sandra was arriving with Kim and Mike who had also been invited. Mike was going to collect her in their and take her to the venue.
As Sandra applied her lipstick she noticed how much her hand was shaking "Get a grip of yourself woman" she scolded her reflection knowing if she didn't her make up was going to look a right mess, she was looking forward to being with Larry tonight, but it was nervous excitment that they would be showing the world that they were a couple and that she found a little bit daunting.

She was glad to have Kim and Mike along with her as she entered the crowded function room, Larry was already there anxiously watching out for her, half expecting her to change her mind and not show up.

But then he spotted her in the sleek low cut long darkblue gown that showed her figure up in all the right places, he felt the familar longing rise in him, he made his way over to her smiling. when he reached her he kissed her lightly on the cheek
"You made it then, c'mon I will escort you to our table" he told her, she smiled and took his arm, Mike and Kim followed behind them grinning like Chesire cats.

"My have we dressed to impressed tonight" Bono remarked as they joined them at the table and he caught sight of Sandra.

"Yeah we needn't ask who she is wanting to impress" Edge grinned winking at her and giving Larry the thumbs up sign

Sandra felt herself blushed and laughed as she sat down just glad to have Larry nearby for support.

As the night went in she started to enjoy being able to be open about their relationship.. she loved having Larry's arm lightly around her shoulder, his fingers caressing the top of her bare arms, exchanging little looks that only they knew and understood without having to say a word, laughing together and being able to get up and dance with him and having him hold her real close and kiss her.. suddenly she didn't care who knew.. she wanted them all to know that he was her man.

Larry was a happy man.. he loved being with Sandra in public and not to just pretend they were nothing more than friends, he was enjoying showing her of and being openly affectionate with her, tonight was a turning point in their relationship, that they both believed it had a chance of working, and the damage of past relationships was finally behind them and they could move forward, he even put up with Adam and Bono tormenting him about losing his lost look.

They left the dinner dance early, wanting time to be alone together, laughing of the insinuating remarks from those around their table who thought they knew why they were leaving early. Larry drove her back to her place where she invited him in, feeling a little jittery after the excitment of the night.

"Well I think we got through it all ok" Larry told her as he kissed her on the forehead "I was so happy and proud having you there with me tonight"

"I felt the same way" Sandra admitted sliding her arms around his waist enjoying the closeness of him next to her "I guess we are officially a couple now"

"hmmm" Larry agreed lightly stroking her back "I like the sound of that" he told her huskily. he wanted her badly but he didnt want to push his luck any further.. he wasn't sure if she was ready for the next intimate stage in their relationship yet, there had been a few times they had come close.. and she had pulled away and he had not tried to force her into anything she wasn't sure about, he was contented just knowing she was starting to love him.

He moved away from her to study her face, he was glad she was looking happy.
"Its been quite a night, you must be tired I get the feeling you never slept much this week with worry" he said

"Well I did do a bit of tossing and turning last night" Sandra replied "But I am too much on a high after tonight to want to sleep yet.. it will probably catch up with me tomorrow then I will be fit for nothing" she laughed.

"As long as you are fit for me" larry replied unable to resist pulling her into his arms again and kissing her

"Mmm" I am always fit for you" she murmered against his lips, they kissed, feeling the passion flare up between them, and when Sandra pulled away Larry expected to see her apologetic look, but this time there was something different in her eyes.

She licked her lips with the tip of her tongue, seeming to hesitate, "Larry I don't want you to go tonight I want you to stay" she told him in a voice small and unsteady with emotion.

Larry felt his heart soar but still couldnt help asking "Are you sure Sandra.. that is what you really want?"

She nodded and smiled "Yes, I have had enough lonely nights in my bed, I can't bear the thought of you not being beside me I need you so much thats one thing I have realised tonight.

Larry smiled warmly at her stroking her cheek "You know how much I wanted to hear you say that... I don't know what the future holds for us Sandra, and I am not going to make you any promises.. but all I know that here and now you are the most important person in the world to me, and thats all that matters right now"

"Yes" Sandra smiled "Right now is all that matters to me too" and she kissed him again to prove it before leading him by the hand towards her bedroom.

The End

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''She licked her lips with the tip of her tongue, seeming to hesitate, "Larry I don't want you to go tonight I want you to stay" she told him in a voice small and unsteady with emotion. ''

U go girl!!!!!!!!!!
I could imagine Larry's eyes popping out of his head lol

''Larry felt his heart soar but still couldnt help asking "Are you sure Sandra.. that is what you really want?"

Do u want her to tease u some more Larry??????to answer ur question?????

Good Job anni....u did well with experimenting on Larry ... I have 2 -3more chapters before mine is done ,I'm hoping I can do it over the weekend but my bros r here so I dont think I'll get a new post in until Monday

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well I all done for a while writing U2 fan fic... but I am looking forward to reading the rest of your story eve.. and other people's stuff
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