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the larry story pt9

As Larry promised they did arrive at their next destination before the others. Sandra was glad she felt so weary, she needed a shower and a sleep for a few hours.

She thanked Larry for giving her the ride on the back of his Harley that the experience had made the day more bearable, and on impulse give him a quick hug "Thanks for going out of your way for me today.. you didnt have to, but I am grateful, and for listening to me too"

Larry shoved his hands in the pocket of his jeans and give her a quick smile "No problem", he watched her turn and walk away. feeling a mixture of emotions, he was sure he just felt sorry for her, but when she was in close proximity of him, sympathy was the last thing on his mind he wanted to give her, he had to get a grip.. for one thing she was confused enough with her relationship with Greg without him adding fuel to the fire.. and another after his stint with Kirsty he had vowed he was giving women and romance a wide berth for a while. He didn't need the complications. He decided to head to for the hotel bar.. he needed a drink badly.

Sandra was fast asleep on top of the bed, when the sound of someone banging on the door woke her. She jumped up startled wondering where she was for a moment.. then remembered.. she got up of the bed to go and open the door.. it was Greg, he stormed past her into the room with his holdall.

Sandra tensed, immediatly feeling her nerves on edge. "So you finally got here" she spoke up

"Yeah" Greg replied gruffly dumping his hold all on the bed "Thanks for deserting me" he then scowled

"What are you talking about?" Sandra demanded in bewilderment

"Well we are in the middle of a crisis, and you go swanning of on Larry Mullen's bloody motorbike without a care in the world and leaving me on my own in the bus, I feel like a right idiot" Greg exclaimed angrily.

"It wasn't like that" Sandra replied "I was a mess after all that happened, I just needed space time to myself to think, Larry kindly offered to give me a lift so I could sort out my head, he was trying to help"

"Oh yeah I bet he was" Greg snorted pushing her face close to her's his expression ugly " The only thing he was probably interested in was getting into your knickers.. and I bet you too only happily obliged"

After all she had been through in the last 24 hours this remark send Sandra over the edge with fury at him "How dare you" she snapped and lifted her hand and slapped him hard across the face.

A tense silence followed Sandra couldnt believe she had just done that.. she had never struck him before, it had been a quick reaction to his sordid accusation she could see Greg's face had gone white except for the red marks of her hand where she had hit him he was stunned by her slap in the face but she didnt regret it.. he deserved it

"How could you say such a thing.. after all that has happened to accuse me like that.. you make me sick" she told him with disgust and turned to walk out of the room, but before she reached the door he got there before her barring her way, he grabbed her arm, he actually looked alarmed "Sandra you are right.... I am sorry don't walk away from me again we need to talk"

"I am tired of talking Greg" she replied now feeling her anger dissapating to be replaced with misery that he was drivng her to lose control of her temper like that "I can't take no more" tears filled her eyes and fell unchecked down her cheeks she suddenly felt drained physically and emotionally to talk to argue to fight

"I'm sorry babe" he murmered his voice thick with regret "You should take no heed of me you know what I am like with my mouth.. I just blurt things out without thinking.. I can't help it.. its just when Mike told me you had gone of with Larry I got crazy jealous, espicially when you walked away from me this morning.. it scared me I thought I was losing you.. " he tried to explain wrapping his arms around her and holding her close. she was stiff and unmoving in his arms, so he started to stroke her hair away from her face and then gently wipe away her tears gently with his thumb "I know I have upset you, I am sorry, please let me make it up to you.. I promise this time it will be different, if you want to slap my face again you can, as hard as you like" he then told her

"Don't tempt me" Sandra murmered. despite herself he felt her relax a little

"I will do what I have to to sort myself out I promise Sandra.. just give me one more chance" he then pleaded and kissed her forehead

"Greg please.. don't" she tried to pull away from him to keep her determination not to give in, but he was persistent, not letting her go so easily.

"C'mon Sandra sweetheart, don't do this to me.. I got so much mess in my life.. I couldnt bear you hating me..I love you, I know I am stupid, I envy you cos you are so strong.. and I am the weak one.. but I really have learned my lesson this time.. just give me this one chance to prove it... y'know we are good together"

"Are we?" Sandra asked frowning up at him "Then why are we in this mess now?" she demanded.

"Because I am a complete and utter asshole" Greg replied simply
"Yeah you are" Sandra agreed "And why should I believe you now, anymore than all those other times you promised you would change?"

"I don't know" Greg's brown eyes stared at her with open honesty "I just know I need you, and I don't want to lose you"

Sandra shook her head "You keep saying that Greg.. I just don't know if I can believe you anymore, you have hurt me so much and I always let it go... always give in.. do you know what it does to me??" she was crying again "I don't know what to think or what to believe anymore"

He pulled her closer into his arms again trying to soothe her "Its going to be ok babe, you'll see" he murmered huskily "Don't cry any more I am going to make it better" he kissed her face and then lightly on the lips, when she didn't show any sign of resistence he kissed her again, more insistent this time, feeling herself drowning with the familar feel of his touch, she tried to move away, but he just pulled her tighter to him "Its ok Sandra" he told her again his mouth against her cheek "let me make it better" his lips covered hers again, and Sandra was lost, part of her hated herself for giving into him, but the part of her that needed his love overcame the struggle going on inside her she let out a little whimper of dispair at her weakness realising she could not do without him.

That evening Larry was standing with the rest of the members of U2 in the backstage of the Arena where they were playing that night, He spotted Sandra with Greg, who had his arm around her, he was smiling and talking and squeezing her to him and Sandra was smiling back at him" they approached Larry and the others.
Bono grinned "I see you two lovebirds have made up" he remarked.

"Yeah" Greg grinned back "Just like we should be"

At first for some reason she wasn't sure of Sandra couldn't look Larry in the eye, she didnt know why she felt guilty in front of him, would he censure her for giving into Greg again after all she had told him she wish she could make him understand.. except she didnt quite understand it herself she was annoyed with herself that Larry's opinion should matter so much to her.

In defiance she glanced up at him, his expression was bland and unreadable, she didnt know whether to be relieved or disappointed which she didnt quite understand.. but she didnt want to analyze it too much right now.. she had enough emotional upheaval for one day.

ok folksI am going to have to go away a while to think out what is going to happen next

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''promise this time it will be different, if you want to slap my face again you can, as hard as you like" he then told her ''

Can i do it for her the next time?????? Greg so feels he can manipulate her...he's a stupid ass in deed!!!!!!

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