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the larry story pt7

this is a loong chapter..*phew* but I liked writing it


It was Larry who told Sandra that Greg had left with Tony and Zak, she tried not to show her concern, shrugging it of, but Larry noticed how she started to bite on her thumbnails as an hour went by and there was no sign of them returning.. it was already running late after midnight and seeing they had slipped out without telling anyone where they were going she couldn't even think of going out looking for them.
So in the end she went to her room where she lay tossing and turning in her bed listening for Greg returning, and feeling upset that once again he had broken his promise to her
She was almost drifting of to sleep when there was a knock on her her door, pulling on her robe she went to answer it to find
Mike standing there.

"Did you find them?" she asked "where is Greg?"

"You had better get dressed and come with me.. he is in the local prison cell" Mike informed her

"Yeah seems he got into a fight in a strip club across town, and got himself arrested" Mike informed her grimly

"Oh great" Sandra groaned running a hand through her short auburn hair "Why did I have this horrible feeling tonight would end up
something like this"

Dawn was breaking when the members of Lutra returned to the hotel. all weary eyed and suffering in an strained silence
"Guess there is not much point in going to bed" Greg spoke up grinning wryly, in an attempt to lighten up the mood, but just got a
dark look from Mike "Well we all know who is to blame for that"

"Look how many times do you want me to tell you I am sorry" Greg exclaimed in exasperation "I admit I screwed up. I have learnt my lesson"

Mike just snorted scornfully "Its about time you grew up Greg" and with that he brushed past him and went to his rooms, the others all drifted of to, leaving Greg alone with Sandra.

"Suppose you are mad at me too?" he remarked sullenly.

"What do you expect" Sandra replied coolly "I have heard it too many times Greg, your opologies, your excuses, your promises that this kind of thing won't happen again.. how do you think I feel finding out you were fighting over some stripper... I am your girlfriend y'know" her voice rising higher as she let loose all her vent up anger and hurt

Greg rubbed a hand over his face tiredly "I know I know, I deserve the aggro and I don't deserve you.. I don't know what gets into me Sandra, I think its the pressure of all this touring and the media hounding me, I feel trapped and want to escape, then I end up messing up everything... I am a loser even when I get the fame and fortune I crave for I screw it up.. I-I don't know whats wrong with me." he finished miserably all his former cocky attitude vanishing

"And now you probably hate me as well.. you are the only one good thing in my life Sandra.. I know you won't believe me, but I need you, you are my stability the only thing that makes sense in my insane world"

Sandra felt torn.. she wanted to stay mad at Greg.. tell him to go to hell.. but it was hard when he was looking so miserable and vunerable.. she didnt know what to believe, if he was now telling her his true feelings.. or was it a ploy to get around her. either way she was hardening her heart and not giving into him this time... let him stew a bit longer, then he would realise this time she was taking no more crap from him.

"I don't know what you want me to say Greg.. if you are asking me to forgive you again.. I am not sure I can do that right now...
you have pushed me to the limit... I just can't be around you right now" she informed him in an unsteady voice trying not to break down.
And determind to follow through she did not hang around any longer to give him the chance to work his way around her, she walked away leaving him staring after her like a lost little boy..

An hour later Larry and Adam came out to the back of the Hotel to the private carpark, Larry was going over to His Harley Davidson which was parked there, he decided he would skip the tour bus and take his bike to their next destination, Adam had come out with him to ask a favour to pick up some pasta dish in this small town resturant that he and Bono had fallen in love with they wanted Larry to pick it up on his way on the motorbike
"I am not a bloody takeaway service" Larry grumbled

"But you can get to the place easier on your bike, the road we are taking by bus doesn't go near it" Adam explained

"Ok as long as you are giving me the money for it" Larry then said

"Of course" Adam replied shoving his hands in his jeans pockets eagerly "You wanna try the food yourself, bet you fall in love with it, we came across it last year when we were on holiday out here"

"Yeah yeah whatever" Larry replied holding out his hand for the money, then he happen to glance over Adams shoulder, and noticed the lonely figure which he recognised as Sandra, she was sitting on the kerb her elbows on her knees her hands supporting her chin and staring miserably at the ground in front of her lost in a world of her own she hadnt even noticed them.

Adam shoved the money into Larry's hand "thanks mate" he said cheerfully and walked back towards the Hotel blissfully unaware that Larry wasn't paying him the least attention.

Suddenly aware of the money he was holding Larry tore his eyes from the forlorn figure of Sandra to look down at it, as if wondering where it came from. then he shoved it in the pocket of his leather jacket he was wearing and strolled over to where Sandra sat.

She was only aware of him when she noticed his black boots taking up the space in the grey granite ground she had been staring at, now she looked up wondering who it was.

Larry could see from her red rimmed eyes she had been crying. he realised what it was about, as soon as he got up that morning everyone was talking about Greg's arrest.. he was wondering how Sandra was taking it.. now he could see for himself not too well.

Sandra sniffed and tried to look composed when she realised it was Larry looking down at her, but she was still feeling so miserable. she hadn't the energy to smile

"Hi Sandra, I heard what happened with Greg" Larry felt a little awkward knowing she was upset.. but decided he couldnt just go on and ignore her.

"I guess everyone has by now" Sandra replied dully.

"What are you doing sitting out here all by yourself.. shouldn't you be getting ready to get on the road again, the bus will be leaving soon" Larry then said

"Don't remind me" Sandra replied "Right now the last thing I want to do is get on that bus.. I just want to go home" she confessed

"I guess thats understandable under the circumstances" Larry decided to join her on the kerb and sat next to her "I have felt like that myself at times on this tour.. but we got to be proffesional, grit our teeth and keep going"

"I just don't know if I can handle it anymore" Sandra felt the tears welling up in her eyes again "I mean its great when I am up on stage.. and touring with you guys has been the best experience ever.. but my personal life with Greg is just so messed up I don't know which way to turn.. I don't know how I am going to sit with him on that bus when part of me just wants to scratch his eyes out for putting me through this."

Larry put his arm around her sympathetically "Yeah its no more than he deserves the stupid ass, you are a nice girl Sandra he doesn't deserve you"

Sandra laughed almost hysterically "Thats what he said too"

"Well must be the first thing he has got right in a while" Larry retorted making her giggle

She hurriedly wiped at her eyes "I am sorry you have to see me in this state, You have better things to do than sit here listening to my whining" she then realised

"It's ok" Larry assured her, then had an idea "Look I am heading of on my bike, need the fresh air, why don't you join me,"

Sandra just stared at him "Oh I c-couldn't" she then said "I don't want to impose on you like that.. it wouldnt be right"

Larry laughed, she noticed how his eyes crinkled up at the corners when he laughed making him even more attractive up close

"I don't mind really... look you said yourself you can't face Greg right now, so if you come with me it will save you that hassle, we will probably get there before everyone else, and it will give you time to sort yourself out for the gig tonight"
he reasoned with her, thinking that riding pillion with him would take her mind of her troubles and maybe cheer her up a bit

"That is so sweet and thoughtful of you" Sandra replied touched by his offer, knowing that Larry was having his own troubles and was
mostly keeping himself to himself lately "You don't have to do this y'know.. I really don't want to bother you" she said again

"Its no bother" Larry insisted "I would enjoy your company" he got up onto his feet and held his hand out to help her up too
She stared up at him feeling sure he was only saying and doing this because he felt sorry for her and she felt bad.

"Are you sure?" she asked "I don't want to put you out"

"Will you just shut up talking and get of that cold ground before your arse goes numb" Larry chided her good humouredly "The seat in my Harley is much more comfortable" he added winking at her

She just laughed and finally accepted the help of his hand to get up realising he wasnt going to take no for an answer.

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"Will you just shut up talking and get of that cold ground before your arse goes numb" Larry chided her good humouredly "The seat in my Harley is much more comfortable" he added winking at her "

LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!! i like that last's so Larry LOL. Good job on that last part , damn that glynn thou
some guys never see what's right infront of them *sighs* ....but on the bright side Mr.Mullen is there as a real good comforter cant wait for more

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I am going to sound redundant, but keep up the good work. The story is really good.

More please.
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