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the larry story pt12

Sandra didnt know where Greg had disappeared to, and for once she didnt really care, she couldnt face sitting with the others and had suddenly gained a terrible headache with all the tension, she excused herself from the others to go to her room just wishing that she was far away as possible.

Mike concerned for Sandra walked her up to her room "I mean it Sandra.. Greg has blown it this time this is his last chance..if he doesn't start to behave he is out of the band, I don't care we will find someone else to sing.. but I won't put up with him treating us all like shit.. I don't know what U2 think of us.. he has spoilt everything"

Sandra sighed "I'm sorry Mike, I know most of the time you tolerate him because of me.. I really thought he was starting to wise up.. I guess tonight proved me wrong" she said miserably "I just want to go and lie down and forget all about it"

"Are you going to be ok?" Mike asked in concern

"Yeah" Sandra managed a small smile, I will take something for my headache and lie down.. I will be fine really" she assured him
"Alright, if you need me just call" he told her, she thanked him and give him an appreciating hug, before going into her room.

She was lying in bed after taking some tablets for her headache in a darkened room and trying to relax when there was a knock on the door. Then she heard Larry's voice "Sandra, hi, it me Larry, I just wanted to check you were ok"

Sandra's heart started to hammer in her chest, part of her just wanted to pretend she hadnt heard him.. she didn't know how to face him.. yet she couldnt leave things the way they where after what Greg had done.

She got up and went over and opened the door.
Larry's blue eyes were filled with concern "sorry I didn't mean to disturb you.. only I really needed to see you after what happened and apologise again" he told her

"You don't have to" Sandra replied "I-I would rather just forget the whole incident" she told him "Besides its not you who should be apologising but Greg, and when he is sobered up tomorrow I will make sure he does" she assured him

"I don't care about an apology from him" Larry informed her "I would be satisfied if he would just treat you right"

Sandra felt her face heat up, she could see the sincere open care he felt for her in his blue eyes.. it startled her a little, that she suddenly realised she mattered that much to him.

"I will be ok" Sandra replied "I am use to it" she tried to dismiss it lightly

Larry frowned "You shouldn't be used to it.. you don't have to take that crap from him" he told her

Sandra shifted uneasily "Look Larry it is very sweet of you to worry so much about me.. but there is no need, I can handle Greg you don't have to get yourself upset over it.. I don't want you getting upset over it" she told him

"I can't help it Sandra, and no matter what you say or try to dismiss the way Greg talks to you and treats you, I think you would be far better of with out him"

"You don't understand-" Sandra started to protest but he interrupted her

"No.. you right I don't understand it.. I don't think anyone does.. it doesnt make sense.. its like a form of self abuse that you stay with him you can do better for yourself Sandra.. you could find someone who really loves you, not using you for their own selfish ends"

"Its not the simple" Sandra replied defensively "He needs me"

Larry just stared at Sandra not quite believing she was actually sticking up for Greg, to still think that their relationship was still worth something after all that had happened.. how long was she going to keep fooling herself?

"You don't really believe that do you?" he then demanded in astonishment and feeling a irritated with her "Is that way you stay with him.. because he claims he needs you?"

Sandra felt her face redden.. it was like he was attacking her now and she didnt like it, the look in his blue eyes ripped through her soul making her very uncomfortable "no. not only that.. I love him" she stated defiantly

"Really?" Larry's expression was stony "I find it a strange kind of love.. or maybe you like playing the hard done by little woman, maybe you get some strange kick out of the way he treats you... but that is not love... that is pathetic" he finished sneeringly feeling openly angry with her he shook his head "I am sorry Sandra.. but I am really disappointed in you.. I thought you had more self worth than that" he finished before turning and walking away.

His words cut her like a knife, she couldnt move or say anything just watch him walk away her heart felt like a heavy stone in her chest. She went back into her room closing the door behind her, Larry's harsh words still ringing in her ears.. but it was like she was devoid of any emotion.. she just felt completely numb..empty, which was good that way she didnt have to awknowledge how badly his words had affected her.

When Greg finally made an appearence several hours later he just fell into the bed not speaking a word to her and soon she could hear him snoring. she just lay next to him wide awake and still cocooned in her own little dark place where she felt absolutely nothing and no one could hurt her, not Greg not Larry not anyone she just wanted to stay there forever.

When she got up the following morning she moved about automatically not wanting to think or feel or care. soon she would be home and nothing else mattered. It seemed the U2 members had already long gone by the time she and the Greg emerged from their room. Sandra was relieved the only think she dreaded most that morning was running into Larry to see the scorn in his blue eyes.. she never wanted to face him again.

Unbeknown to her earlier that morning Larry had run into Mike, he was feeling bad about the night before and what he had said he had been mad at Sandra for her blind devotion to Greg.. he wanted to apologise but got the feeling Sandra would not want to see him so when he bumped into Mike he asked him to do him a favour and keep an eye on Sandra for him and to tell her he was sorry.. she would know what he meant"
Mike promised to relay the cryptic message, and told Larry not to worry, he would make sure Sandra was ok.

Larry went away feeling better..not a lot better but a little better.

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This is good, but I'm dying for Larry and Sandra to get together. Sandra just needs to come to her senses and dump Greg - soon!

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I agree Val .....Greg is taking up to much room in this story. She should just end things with him and be with Larry there's a REAL man
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